Top 20 Best GTA V Mods Of All Time (for PC & Console)

Grand Theft Auto can compete for the title of the most fashionable game of the past twenty years.

Numerous mods have been released to improve the game or even change some fundamental aspects of the game itself to make it completely different and new.

And no matter why you want to use the mods in GTA V, there’s no denying that they add a new flavour to the game that wouldn’t otherwise be realised. For this game I have collected the 20 best mods, which you can download for free and install directly, so you can give your chaotic GTA game that individual feeling.

Fair warning: This article doesn’t mention GTA car models, because I wrote a separate article with my thoughts on the best GTA car models ever made (it’s a great list, don’t forget to check it out!) So if you want to download some drugs to order, take a look at this list later.

20. Two Player Mod.

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Is it annoying to need an internet connection and another friend with a computer to play with?

Why is there no local multiplayer in GTA5 like in the good old days?

Well, this mod adds exactly this feature to your game. So you can have up to four players on your own device without having to connect to the Internet or play with them.

Add other USB devices to your computer so they can check every new character you add. Then enjoy all the fun of the game on a separate screen with your GTA-loving friends.

19. Advanced camera settings

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Advanced mode camera settings are something you like to adjust if you feel that the basic GTA V camera simply lacks too many options.

You may even be surprised that the game comes with many other camera settings that you do not have access to. But Rockstar still added them to the game to help with the video recording.

This mod adds many extra options to the camera settings in the set, giving access to all the standard functions that would otherwise be blocked.

18. 4K Map with satellite overview

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This cool mode changes the main view of the map that you can open when you are on the pause screen so that the HD satellite image of the map is displayed instead.

If you’ve had enough of the boring map of San Andreas you’ve seen in the last six years, try this fashionista.

The new map is completely colourful and brings the screen to life every time you open it.

It also gives a better insight into what the map itself or parts of the map should look like without first visiting these areas.

17. Pure N’ Natural

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Originally the Clean N’ Natural modification was developed to add the best reflections in the GTA V cars. Ideally, it should make screenshots much easier and better for both presenters and photographers.

In practice, mod completely changes the way light interacts with certain objects in the game, and the cars will look much more realistic than in the basic version of GTA 5.

Combine this with different models of the above mentioned GTA cars, and you have a complete update of the gameplay for which the game is so famous.

16. Disassembly/assembly

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We all know that something is missing in GTA V, something absolute, due to the fact that pedestrians are mowed down and their limbs and heads are destroyed by shotguns (including heavy weapons).

This mod changes the way the Gore system works in the game by implementing this mechanic from RDR and older versions of GTA. For me, this completely changes the rules of the game.

However, I warn you that this is one of the most terrifying graphic models on the list. Only install if you have enough stomach! I’m gonna get outta here and assume you do.

15. Revision of Ragdolla euphoria

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The Ragdoll system in the GTA V leaves a lot to be desired.

But this free mod offers a quick solution to this problem. With Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul, the game changes the way pedestrians and even your character deal with things that affect their movements.

The balance is much more realistic, the stupid accidents that the characters had with every small collision with the vehicle are no longer there. And the movement is much smoother with this model.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

14. NaturalVision Mod.

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At the beginning of 2020 a new version of this fashion has been released and there are a lot of big changes. They are the most talented members of the moderate community, so there is something you can trust.

This mod modifies the way some visual things work in GTA V completely.

With NaturalVision Mod, everything changes, from basic weather conditions to the operation of lighting in the world of ATMs.

The new game, called NaturalVision, promises to make the game even better. Don’t miss this mod if your computer can handle it.

13. Ripper Realism

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One would think that, since ATM is a completely brutal game in which weapons play a major role, it will have a much better weapons dynamics than it does.

I certainly see that as an improvement in the next GTA screen saver (which will probably come out with PS5).

But why wait when you can download Rippler’s realism and change the mechanics of your weapon now?

This great mode changes the behavior of all the weapons in the game, increasing the muzzle flash, recoil, grenade function after firing and much more.

It does everything to make you feel better when you transform it, it’s all done in the form of a real GTA.

12. Psychokinetic mode

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Of course, it’s nice to be a traditional bank robber.

But wouldn’t it be more fun if you could do it while you’re a divine telekinetic being?

In this way, your character can fly in the GTA V, push and pull things and do lots of things a strong medium can only dream of.

You can freeze people, catch pedestrians, throw them against walls and much more.

If you have a weakness complex, this is the way to free it from stress.

11. Spider-Man Maud

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Spider-Man has probably had enough of New York after so many years, so he comes to Los Santos to fight crime on one of America’s most dangerous islands.

Climb walls, swing between buildings, jump like a superhero and play with the best Spider-Man costumes ever made in this fantastic mod.

It also seems to be constantly updated, which is always nice to see. So you can rest assured that your friendly neighborhood Spiderman will continue to exist for a few more years.

In my opinion, it’s fantastically well done, and today it’s one of the best GTA mods if you’re a fan of the Marvel character.

10. Open for all interiors

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It’s frustrating that the incredible GTA interiors you see in some missions all seem to have left the game once you’ve completed them.

This mod allows you to enter in any interior available in the game and replace the locked doors of all buildings with interchangeable objects. They can be easily opened and closed when entering and leaving any location.

In some buildings there are even pedestrians, although this is more of a coincidence than a supposed fashion phenomenon.

In any case, Open All Interiors allows you to visit (and revisit) certain places that were closed to you during the game.

9. GTA V remastered

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If you are looking for a graphical revision for GTA V, you are on the right list.

This fashion is one of the most complete I’ve seen here. The developers spent a lot of time detailing each street in the game to make it more realistic – and it’s visible on the screen.

The attention to detail in creating this fashion is certainly justified, as the addition of GTA V Remastered adds an extra layer of depth to GTA V. This makes the game really realistic in terms of basic graphics.

8. City review

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This huge mod introduces the game Vice City. Ideal for all classic GTA players.

You can now play in the city and visit Vice City in GTA5 with the legendary Tommy Vercetti.

Keep in mind that the city charts are not as good as those in GTA V, so this can be a good catch for some people. But given that this fashion was created by a small team of passionate players, it is safe to say that they have done an incredible job with limited resources.

7. San Andreas Woud

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The forests of San Andreas are full of fashion (some would call it modpac), a combination of many small improvements and great additions to the forests of each beloved island.

This adds completely new scenarios where machines spawn in the forest, countless new plants, objects and stones, and gives the game a livelier feel with all the variety of flora.

It’s worth checking your mind. There’s not enough for everyone, but I’m a big fan.

6. Single player apartment

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There is no point in buying apartments that are added to the GTA V CSD at once.

This mod changes all that because it allows all characters in the base game to acquire properties that were entered online as DLC.

Over 20 new homes for you, Trevor, Franklin and Michael. Think of the possibilities!

5. Improving the efficiency of maritime transport services

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This fantasy mode changes the way the police work in the game. From their basic movement mechanism to the way they dress, it’s a complete makeover for a cool new look.

Realism Dispatch Enhancer adds many new pedals, modifies the interior of police cars, improves certain copies of police behavior and much more. If you want a customized fit, you’re gonna love it.

4. Tires in Los Santos

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The GTA V doesn’t have the feeling of gang violence that San Andreas contributed so much to the GTA series.

Fashion designers understood this very well and with the Los Santos gangs they introduced gangsterism, which is still going on.

Gangs are now involved in territorial battles and it is no longer safe for you to visit certain areas of the city ghetto. Look out! Look out!

3. The world of diversity

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World of Variety adds many great features to the history of the GTA V game, which was introduced to the online scene.

This adds a whole new variety of layers to to the flow of a GTA V player, making it much more attractive for players who have already spent quite a bit of time with GTA.

Because for me, that’s what the best mods really do: change the original game to make it more fun to play.

The basic game GTA V lacks a lot of variation, which the game then introduced with DLC.

But because Rockstar seems to have neglected the single player in favor of its online checkout, some moderators have taken control to add more features themselves. And this fashion brings a lot of good things together in one small package.

2. Visual V

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NaturalVision can be one of the best graphical improvements made in GTA V.

But given that the current version is a bit outdated, VisualV considers the cake as the best graphics mod that the game can offer in its current state.

The moderators who built VisualV have managed to rewrite many of the game’s features from scratch. Yeah, from the base!

The result is an amazing set of weather, light and sound features that transform the gaming experience into a much more realistic adventure.

1. Large force chamber

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Probably one of the most ambitious mods on the list: Grand Theft Space comes first, allowing players to travel to three moons and eleven different planets in a new scenario that takes them from San Andreas to the depths of space.

Sounds a little weird, I know. But once you’re gone, it’s incredibly exciting.

The mode also doesn’t lose the comic aspect of GTA, as you fight the aliens with machine gun fire if you decide to download the GTS mode.

It’s a truly unique experience that won’t disappoint a true GTA fan.

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