Top 20 Best Fallout 4 Graphics Modes for Enhanced Visuals

After trying Fallout 76, I did what most fans of the franchise would have done: I quickly removed the game and downloaded Fallout 4 to wash the bad taste of my tongue.

But as I walked through the desert and looked at the same old textures and the same hazy color palette, I realized – I was stuck in the Commonwealth for at least another six years. And I had to spice things up a bit if I wanted to have fun.

I spent days in Nexus looking for elements that would make the game clearer, more attractive and, in some cases, just different.

During this time I found many great mods – ENPs, ReShaders, and improved textures and effects in abundance.

Of course, I didn’t set them all up to build my perfect game, but I decided to share my discoveries with other visually impaired people so they too can build the Fallout 4 of their dreams.

So without further ado, here’s my best selection of the coolest graphics mods you can put in your game.

20. Pippboy Shadow

Highlight this mode.

We start our list with soft but smart adjustments to increase the effect of your character’s presence in the environment, so that the lights of PipBoy cast shadows.

It is much more realistic and exciting, but not because the environment seems more realistic.

But by giving the brain feedback about their actions.

The wasteland is no longer a canvas, but a three-dimensional space in which you live.

This also applies to lighthouses, so learning about dark areas will be a whole new experience.

19. ReShadeAircraft

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The user of NexusMod’s ZorkyTheDude is a fan of Michael Scorsese and especially loves The Aviator and his cinematography.

This fashion tries to bring exactly that into the world of Fallout 4 by emphasizing red and blue by saturation and giving Heathlands a stylish new look.

It won’t make anything more realistic and maybe it won’t be better.

But it’s definitely a great way to get things moving if you’ve been playing Fallout 4 for a long time.

18. Clear clouds and fog

Highlight this mode.

You know what people never talk about? The sky of Fallout 4 and its clouds.

It’s because they’re not remarkable, and this fashion is here to change that.

Thanks to the modern mangacluba, you can now replace the boring old vanilla clouds with something more realistic and give the air above the Republic depth and grandeur.

Perhaps the most important thing is that this mode changes the fog to make it denser and more realistic.

17. First-person dive settings

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One of the most experimental modes on our list is the immersive first-person setting by the Apple user, a mode that promises to greatly improve the first-person camera… after all problems have been solved.

It works by replacing the first person’s camera with a custom third person’s camera, so you can see your legs and hands and cast a shadow instead of using your hands to become an ethereal will.

You’ll feel like your character has mass and exists in the world of Fallout 4. And until you come across one of the flaws of fashion, you’ll feel even more immersed.

16. Improved pre-installation for abandoned sites

Highlight this mode.

Some people prefer mods that represent small improvements without sacrificing the spirit and originality of the game.

Such an option comes from the hand of the moderator of Raz3d, who built this ENP to make the Wasteland somewhat lighter, in contrast to the standard set, which looks blurry.

I mean, yeah, it’s the apocalypse – but that was over 200 years ago, you know?

15. Light water

Highlight this mode.

Water is one of the things that cannot be neglected in Bethesda.

I’m sure the developers are doing their best with what they have, but it still seems infamous and elementary compared to their other graphics performance.

This way of manga club users promises better reflection, better opacity and an impressive overview of Commonwealth waters with a moderate effect on performance.

After the installation you will notice that the water no longer looks sticky blue and that the transition from water to land is much less dramatic.

14. Light ENB

Highlight this mode.

When I spend a lot of time playing the same game, it usually has to be visually stimulating so that my mind doesn’t fade away.

That should always get my attention, and that’s what I do best with my eyes.

So when I have a game that I like to play, but the visuals are just as blurry as in Fallout 4, I’m always looking for a way to solve the problem.

Thanks to the NexusMod CoolWave101z user, Wasteland can look much more attractive and even fantastic, with brighter colours, lush greenery and sparkling water. It’s not realistic, but it makes the Commonwealth a beautiful place.

13. Vogue ENB – Realism

Highlight this mode.

If you prefer an atmospheric wasteland to a clear picture, then Vogue ENB might be what you are looking for.

The creator of GameVogue focused on improving diving by changing the depth of field, improving color correction and adjusting anti-aliasing.

With this mode the night is darker, the textures are much sharper and the color palette is more realistic.

Best of all, it has little effect on your PFS.

All winnings are almost free.

12. Advanced illumination and FX

Highlight this mode.

Another change you should consider in your quest to make your Fallout 4 game more affordable is Anamorfus’ Enhanced Lights and FX.

In this way, all light sources and their effects are reconstructed, increasing the number of shadow light sources and making the darkness so strong that a flashlight is needed.

These changes provide a more complex and realistic experience, while creating a better atmosphere inside.

11. Visible galaxy 4K

Highlight this mode.

Sometimes something as simple as changing the composition of the sky can turn a boring night of discomfort into an exciting experience.

This mod is a 4K port of stars and galaxies for Skyrim, and it simply replaces the texture of the night sky with 4K images of the Milky Way.

It is not only beautiful, but also more realistic: 200 years after the end of civilization, artificial lighting and air pollution would have been virtually non-existent.

10. Drop 4 Improved colour correction

Highlight this mode.

If you’re not afraid to stray away from the artistic direction of vanilla, take a look at ChaosWW’s Enhanced Color Correction.

It tries to make the wasteland brighter by improving contrast and colour quality – in other words, it makes the game less blurry.

I’ve never seen a suit in a vault that looked so blue.

The characters also look healthier due to the fine red hue of their skin, and shadows and reflections have a greater influence on the appearance of the game.

9. Dark nights

Highlight this mode.

There’s a reason why many mods on Nexus recommend installing Darker Nights from Unforbidable – it’s amazing and it’s worthless in terms of fps.

It just makes the Commonwealth so dark at night and indoors that the use of a flashlight is justified, as opposed to a vanilla night, which is actually a constant full moon.

Of course, this can be a small change.

But it can greatly enhance your experience by making the night more important and reminding you of the dangers lurking in the darkness.

8. Ultra interior lighting

Highlight this mode.

Once you’ve focused on the dark nights, it’s time to turn your attention to the lights.

One of my favorite mods for improving lighting is Ultra Interior Lighting from Gargorias, which takes full advantage of the possibilities of the engine for an unlimited number of shades and adds much more to any interior, usually by hand.

Of course, this will have a negative effect on performance, but if you have the resources to manage it, it would be stupid not to.

7. Ultraviolet Outdoor Lighting

Highlight this mode.

Even better than our previous plan – Ultra Exterior Lighting, which does the same with the outdoor areas.

This will delight you on dark evenings as it makes this vacant plot a much more exciting and realistic place to explore.

It is amazing how much work Gargoria has done to manually replace light sources with shadows, and the number of people supporting this trend seems to show how well they have done their job.

6. Ultra low graphic tool

Highlight this mode.

There was a time when my imperfect qualities didn’t allow me to play many great games. Fortunately, those dark times are over, but I’ll never forget that fight.

To help everyone who is going through the same thing, I would like to highlight Lyzik’s Ultra-Low graphical tool.

Instead of maximizing the fallout, it’s minimized if someone gets it through their toaster.

Reduced shade quality, disabled crosses, stupid short painting distances and impeding after-treatment effects are the means to significantly increase productivity.

It’s a small price to pay for a Fallout 4 experience on a $150 laptop.

5. FO4 Vapour suppression

Highlight this mode.

Thanks to my poor gaming experience, I have become an expert in finding the most effective graphics settings to combine the best performance with the best look.

In Fallout 4 it can be as simple as adjusting FO4 to eliminate the blur of Lasagna theories.

Simply put: In this way we eliminate the fading effect imposed on anything far enough away and while driving.

This could make Wasteland look like a video game. But it is a reasonable sacrifice to make the game much clearer without losing perspective.

4. -amplifier

Highlight this mode.

Another option for those who have exactly the recommended specification or just below is the Enhancer, which promises to improve graphical accuracy at a very low performance cost.

It comes from Looping, known for its photorealistic mod Commonwealth, and just optimizes the textures and adjusts some parameters to make the game more natural and a little more colorful.

3. Photorealistic Confederation

Highlight this mode.

But after all these years, it is possible that your system goes far beyond what is needed for vanilla failure and that you want to push your system to the limit.

This is where the Photorealistic Looping Commonwealth comes in, using custom shaders and custom finishing options to make the wasteland as realistic as possible.

The aim of fashion is to keep your screenshots indistinguishable from real photographs, and this is achieved in many ways.

It also includes an in-game user guide and a configuration interface.

2. FS – Textures to improve water quality

Highlight this mode.

And if you still need to save some resources, you should give the WET module a chance to take your water experience to the next level.

Water Enhancement Textures by SparrowPrince is a sophisticated book that uses textures derived from real water simulation to improve water quality in the game’s pools.

This gives them movement and fluidity, which usually forces them not only to look realistic, but also to let go of their jaws.

At the same time, the fog structure, fog and spray patterns and waterfall patterns are improved, with stunning results.

1. Super Loyalty Suite

Highlight this mode.

Some mods are so amazing that it’s hard for them to stick to a single game.

This is the case with Uber Fidelity Suite, one of the most valuable graphic mods in the history of The Witcher 3… ported to Fallout 4 by a Xiorantha user.

Fashion tries to stay true to the art direction and style of Fallout 4 and at the same time push everything to the limit.

It will drench your game with a graphic precision that can’t be achieved in any other way, and it will open your eyes to a whole new world of details you’ve never known.

This makes your game very cinematic, but because it is designed for a real game, the effects go beyond the beautiful view and reach the fire of battle.

You’ll definitely need top-of-the-line equipment to check it out.

But once you have it, you can never go back to vanilla.

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