Top 20 Best Companions of the Fallout 4

Having the right person nearby, wandering through the desolate American landscapes of Fallout 4, is essential to your success as a Warehouse Survivor.

The dangers are numerous, and the enemies are waiting at every corner. Comrades are a gift from God in a world as dark as hell.

The search for the right companion to accompany you on your journey can take quite a long time – especially if you’re new to the game or if you’ve been playing with the same companion for a while (dog meat players keep an eye on you).

If you want a refreshing environment and some tips for the new Fallout 4-satellite, read on!

20. Quito

Cheeto is a born survivor.

He lost his parents when he was a very young child, and was raised by his ears in the Nuki world.

As such, Cheeto has become a strong and cute character. And although he is not a regular companion, he is still one of the best companions.

Cheeto, known by the full name of Marcosito, helps you during the safari adventure by killing a whole series of alligators running around the village. I’d call that a real blue boyfriend.

19. Pearl

De Parel is a merchant and temporary companion who works at camp 118.

The robot was originally designed as a Miss Nanny, with one purpose in life – to take care of the richest residents who lived in the warehouse.

The Pearl first asks you if you’re a law enforcement officer.

If you choose to confirm, the pearl becomes a companion and begins a quest called Brain Death. It will stop following you as soon as the task is completed.

18. Automatron

Machine guns are generated satellites that you can make at any point in the main plot, as long as you have the necessary materials to make them on the robot workbench.

The machines can be designed, upgraded and adapted to your own needs.

For example, the Automatron can be made to talk like a man or a woman, and its armour can be upgraded and perfected so that it can fight alongside you. Cool!

Different types of parts can be added to the robot, making it more or less suitable for certain tasks. Only a survivor can choose the games that are most profitable for him!

17. Ada

Ada was part of the Jackson Caravan, a community of merchants who travelled throughout the Commonwealth hoping to find goods and trade with the remains of civilization.

It’s an attack robot with many performance changes that easily make hell one of the most powerful companions in the game.

You have to help her kill and destroy the robots that stabbed Jackson and his trailer if you want her to become your companion.

16. Luggage rack measuring device

Porter Gage was born to be a thief.

He grew up with his parents on a small farm where he committed numerous thefts. And he saw his parents just give in to the demands of criminals without a fight.

Initially Gage was angry and ran away from home at the age of 12, but later, when he was 16, he joined the thieves.

Gage grew up to be a powerful warrior and a useful companion who knows how to roam the desert lands of America. It’s an optional Nuka-World companion, but it’s definitely the one you need on your team.

15. Old Longfellow

Old Longfellow is probably one of the most injured players, because his life was nothing more than a permanent injury.

He lost his fiancée to Atom’s children. Not to mention the fact that some poor woman threw away her unborn child.

Longfellow is a bodyguard and general shadow figure that you can choose as a companion, which gives the game a darker atmosphere but brings a lot of useful skills.

14. Travis Miley

Travis Miles may not be your usual companion, but that kid’s cute.

He is a radio presenter for Diamond City, but he has a personality that lacks confidence.

However, you can change this by completing the search for the trustworthy man, which will also change his interactions on the radio.

13. X6-88

If you want to work with the X6-88, you must first join the Institute and do research on the crushing of mankind.

So it is not a mandatory satellite, but an optional satellite. And, of course, it’s worth a look.

This synthesizer increases your energy by a total of +20 when the affinity between you and the X6-88 reaches its maximum. It is designed to be used in fairly risky situations, and that’s what makes it so valuable in combat.

12. Deacon

Deacon is the most mysterious companion you can have in this game.

He works for the railways, but apart from him little is known about him.

Deacon himself has endorsements, but he pretends to lie about most of them.

Railway officials even claim that Deacon is the legendary John Dee, the only survivor of a railway raid that took place years before Fallout 4.

It’s an excellent companion if you like secretly committing murder, as it increases the stats by a generous percentage once the maximum similarity is reached.

11. Kate

Once you’ve left the combat zone, you can ask Cait to accompany you as a regular companion.

She’s a drug addict, but she’s in a pretty strong mood.

You’ll find Cait as a caged fighter in the combat zone, where all hell breaks loose and looters attack the area.

After the rescue, the owner of the combat zone allows you to continue your contract with Cait and to keep him as a permanent companion.

She will fight bravely and always offer useful help – even if she is not yet completely free of her mental dependence. But I say: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’ll forget about her if she can save me a few times.

10. Preston Garvey

Preston Garvey is a brave soldier serving as a senior officer of the Minuteman organization. He wants to keep the peace in what remains of human civilization.

In fact, he was one of the peacekeepers responsible for the evacuation of some of the survivors of the Quincy massacre and is therefore considered one of the most respected members of the organisation.

He can become your companion after you have rescued him and the other survivors from the imminent danger of the first encounter.

It has a very cool bonus that can also be used in battle groups. It increases the power of your attacks when there are three times as many of you in battle.

9. Robert Joseph McCready

McCready, an assassin.

This mercenary also has a very sad past (I noticed a pattern here).

His wife was killed by ghosts and he had to come to the Commonwealth to try to find a cure for the disease from which he suffered.

You may have heard of RJ MacCready when you played Fallout 3 because he’s actually a character in the game. His Fallout 4 bonus increases your V.A.T.S. shot percentage by 20%!

8. Curie

Curie is a medical combat robot that can be maximized after the nearby Emergent Behavior search.

It will cure you from 100 pints if your health drops below 10. And like most of Fallout’s floating satellite robots, she was originally Miss Nanny, who was adapted to serve a better purpose.

It’s always nice to have a healer by your side, that’s why Curie is so high on the list.

7. Code value

Kossworth is one of Fallout 4’s most popular companions. In fact, you can buy it if you have enough parts for it.

Originally it was Mr. Comfortable and Kodsworth will be your companion after completing the Out of Time Quest mission. The ability to withstand damage makes it one of the best companions to stay close together during the main story.

As you may know, Kossworth was with your family before the war.

So if you happen to run into him during Fallout 4, you’ll find the robot after 200 years of separation!

6. John Hancock

John Hancock, the faithful spirit. This man is the mayor of the district, but he can also become a companion if you perform all the necessary tasks.

He’s not a bad guy at all, but he accidentally became a ghoul after taking an experimental drug somewhere at the beginning of Fallout 4.

As one would expect from a spirit, the spirit strikes critically with radiation damage.

He became mayor without any election, but most citizens recognize him as their leader because he has proven to be more reliable than many people in this place.

In fact, many residents of Goodneighbor visit him when they have problems, because he usually helps as much as possible.

If you want an inspiring presence at your party, Hancock is your friend!

5. Nick Valentin

Nick Valentine is a synthetic detective who lives in Diamond City, where he also has his own office with his assistant.

This man is incredibly effective at hacking terminals, so he will do wonders for you if he becomes your companion.

Valentine is also remembered as a detective who lived long before the war, so he knows how to avoid a lot of useful things. Some of these things are his unique martial arts that you’ll find quite impressive.

Valentin is a very decent man and is accepted in society because he is so helpful and because he is friendly with his peers.

4. Wright Wright

With Paper Wright, you can experience twice as much as and convince all NPCs in the game, at least if you get maximum resemblance.

As you can probably see, he’s one of the damn pros.

Did you read the Publick Occurrences newspaper when you visited Diamond City? Well, it’s completely under Piper’s control!

She will do everything in her power to find out the truth. But the problem is, it’s gonna get him into a lot of trouble.

She’s in charge of calling the mayor because this is a synthesizer no one knew about before her investigation. So if there’s anyone you can count on to deliver the absolute truth, it’s Piper.

3. Strong

A stronger will pass on some of his skills to you when your health drops below 25% and he gains extra strength, which increases his damage in unarmed combat.

However, the basic skills of a strong man are his ability to use heavy weapons.

By the way, Strong is a pretty well behaved super-mutant. You don’t see such a personality every day, so you have to take an interest in it from time to time.

He can be locked up by other super-mutants who are about to kill him (and his mentor). Saving his life brings him eternal gratitude, and he will obey your command.

2. Meat for dogs

I think dog meat is everyone’s favorite companion for most of the game.

This loyal dog companion helped Detective Nick Valentine several times and was also part of Preston Garvey’s group on their way to Concord.

It is one of the cutest dogs in the world, and most players tend to like dog meat from the early stages of the game.

It also has the advantage of being an attack dog, allowing it to cling to certain enemies and shoot them with greater precision.

1. Paladine dance

With Dance you can do much more damage to unnatural creatures such as hostile supermen, synthesizers and ghosts.

He deserves first place on that list because of his supernatural power, as well as , his amazing storyline, and his ability to help you enormously with a Fallout 4 scenario.

He proved his independence from his youth when he opened his own shop in Riva Town. But he soon rose through the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel as soon as it began recruiting new members.

Dance will be a trusted companion who will share blood and steel with you when the search for Shadow of Steel is complete and you join the Brotherhood.

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