Top 20 Best Arms in Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is one of the best SPF games.

Even more than ten years after its release, it still has a large number of active players. One of the best things of the incredibly popular game Orange Box is always the wide range of unique and interesting weapons that are available for each class.

From sniper bows and arrows, to flamethrowers and rainbows, the game is unlimited and contains probably some of the most entertaining weapons in the entire FPS category.

Let’s look at the 20 best weapons TF2 has to offer.

20. Greetings

A comfortable bust, a solemn oath – a dense combat weapon that can inflict a fatal blow on the opposition and at the same time increase the ability of doctors to burn.

By allowing the Medical Class to detect the health of the enemy, you can provide allies with essential information about the health of the enemy team and important information on how to reverse events in combat.

The disadvantage of this huge bust is that it’s an orgy at gun speed, which makes you a less effective killer. But the Doctor was never the best at destroying the enemy.

19. Rainbow

Sometimes you can burn everywhere and throw flames like pies. Maybe you need something a little more colorful to bring back the spirit of things.

The rainbow shows the mysterious side of the pleasure of the cake and the love for everything beautiful and bright. The rainbow is a weapon consisting of different copper horns and tubes.

The rainbow is not visible to most players, so it will surprise them when the bubbles come out of the horns.

The big advantage of switching fire on the rocket is that the has the ability to taunt the , which emits a shock wave that causes damage to everyone in the immediate vicinity.

18. Jarat

The sniper’s jarate is a fun and abandoned weapon that is very entertaining to use and involves a number of practical skills.

Besides the obvious humour of throwing his hot urine into the opposition, Yarate will bring the enemy into a mini-crisis, which means it will be much easier for him to face a cookie or a sniper rifle.

Perfect for keeping the enemy at a distance or fighting him when he reaches a certain distance, qanats should be used generously to compensate for the vulnerability of the sniper class if he doesn’t shoot at the enemy with a rifle.

In addition, qanats can extinguish fires, which is a useful skill to help your allies reach the end of the pyro.

17. Shahanshah

It’s hard to pronounce.

The Shahanshah is another handy weapon in the sniper class that keeps your opponent at a distance in close combat and makes you much less vulnerable when your position in the campaign is threatened.

Double the damage if the sniper is 50% healthy, failures are a weapon that gets stronger when you weaken.

This has the advantage that if, for example, you are near a scout who shoots at you first, you can immediately take your sword and take 75% of your health at once.

That means you don’t have to accept being killed when the enemy approaches.

16. Executive Agency

Improved version – depending on the angle from which it is viewed – from Cannon to Spy.

Unfortunately, the booster compensates for this by reducing the speed of the fire and eliminating the possibility of accidental critical hits with increased damage when firing in stealth mode.

An effective way to increase the damage you can do to your enemies after you’ve stalked them. The booster is a good choice if you notice that the enemy is fleeing the battle looking for medical help… and you can treat them with confidence from your hidden position.

15. Firearm

This is an alternative to the flamethrower with limited reach. The Rocket Cannon is a beautiful weapon that can be used as a cake to illuminate the enemy from a safe distance.

The flare is perfect for taking a sniper out of his comfort zone and out of hiding. It is a very useful weapon to panic the enemy in the middle of a fight.

The torch can also be used to discover masked spies and set them on fire for all the others. The torch is a good tool to have at your disposal, and it will also give you a decisive blow if your enemy is already on fire.

14. Air raid

The first weapon on this list for the soldier class, the air raid, is useful for top-level attacks. This is one of the specialties of the soldier because he is able to jump missiles off the map.

With a few default settings for the main rocket launcher, making it look like it’s not worth using it as a clip and limiting the damage, the air strike is actually very powerful when used in the right direction.

With the size of the magazine for each kill and 65% more shots in the air, the air attack is designed for players who love their soldiers in the air and do the most damage in the air.

13. Crossing Arbalest

The Crusader’s Crossbow is not only one of them, it also has unique properties that can influence the game.

First of all, guns don’t allow you to shoot into the head, which is embarrassing. And has a small ammunition capacity. But this is more than compensated by his skills.

The Crusader crossbow fires healing or destructive bolts, depending on the target.

Automatic recharging when the crossbow is not active is a useful weapon to mix the healing power.

A great way to help your teammates from a safe distance – maybe under the protection of a truck or tower. A crossbow is a good choice for education.

12. Launch unit with sticker

Perhaps one of the best classes in the game, the Staff Bomb Launcher is a powerful launch weapon that miraculously succumbs to the collateral damage and destruction of the trap.

A devastating weapon in the Demon’s arsenal, a bar bomber can easily bring down a group of enemies and prove that the game changes with a few well-placed shots.

Fantastic for family members, as long as you wait for them to arrive. And good for extra distance to get the sniper out of position.

Don’t underestimate the bomber.

11. Nozzles

In fact, it’s just a baseball bat for a class of Scouts, and the atomizer is surprisingly effective in bringing the enemy closer and establishing personal contact.

On the one hand, the Sprayer increases the ability of the Scout to make a double jump by allowing a triple jump, which is very useful to get behind the enemy without realizing what hit him.

During a flight you also get a mini-critical bonus if you manage to make a home run by flying a spray plane.

Although it doesn’t do much damage, the nebulizer more than makes up for its ability to change the course of the game.

10. Brass beast

It is time to have a weapon suitable for the eternally reliable heavy class: the copper beast.

The Mini Cannon is slower than the original, but the Copper Beast is useful because of its capabilities, which means you can do more damage and do less damage than normal.

This is the kind of weapon you want for that last stand in the style of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the middle of the map. The copper beast will increase your chances of reaching the top.

Especially since heavy men have virtually no possibility to avoid a shot, it makes sense to fight with more firepower.

9. Free cannon

The demon’s main weapon already has a large grenade launcher, the loose cannon is a highly developed weapon for the master. But it’s worth it.

By firing cannonballs instead of grenades, the free cannon gives the enemy back to repel and helps the demon hide his greater vulnerability in close combat.

Combine that with a post-impact pitching machine and you could have a very effective way to send those annoying scouts who get too close with their baseball bats and shotguns.

8. Warrior spirit

Here’s a nice melee rifle for the heavyweights. The spirit of the warrior consists of a pair of incredibly deadly gloves with heavy spikes.

If you do more damage than with normal boxing gloves, the warrior-minded gloves are not only scary, but the also gives you 50 healthy seconds if you kill an enemy.

A great way to stay in the fight is to invite the enemy and then tear him up with these nail gloves to give him some health back.

7. Black box

A simple upgrade of the soldier’s rocket launcher. The Black Box has a reduced clip size, but gives you up to 20 health points for each shot.

It is in the nature of the TF2 soldier that one jumps and fires missiles in the hope of making contact with the opposition and causing some damage to their ranks.

The ability to restore health with is an extremely positive and means you can continue the endless battle if you play your cards right.

6. Head saw

There are several ways to create a fantastic ability to overload the medical class.

And one of them has Ubersow’s trust.

Since Ubersau supplies 25% of the Ubersau Bars for every successful hit, it’s not only a powerful melee weapon, but also helps you achieve this powerful power in the shortest possible time.

The increased load makes you invulnerable for a while, which means you can take over your heavyweight (hopefully equipped with a copper beast) and suffer heavy damage.

5. Yeager

An alternative to the long-range sniper rifle is a bow and arrow for the sniper class, which allows you to be effective at all distances and at the same time cause significant damage.

The best option for a mobile sniper who likes to feel involved in the action instead of camping in one place for the duration of the game.

Hunter – a fun weapon to use and has an added visual bonus: the ability to attach miniatures to the wall.

With this weapon, which does not endanger the sniper’s main contribution to the battle and can be used cooler, versatility is king.

4. Spreading gene

Ah, the basic weapon of the Boy Scout class.

A scattered shotgun is essentially a fast shotgun.

Although it may not be the most glamorous weapon, the diffuser is excellent at what it does.

You will be very grateful for the speed with which you disperse grenades as you fly through the air to face the enemy and penetrate their ranks.

If you are able to steer someone (except perhaps the heavy ones) with a few shots in a row, once you have mastered the scattergun, you have the power to take into account.

3. Lifeguard

The Rescue is the first and only weapon on this list specially designed for the engineering class. It is an interesting and useful weapon that will help you narrow down your facilities.

Since the engineer’s main task is to build towers and teleporters to help his teammates, it is logical that he is equipped with weapons capable of repairing them remotely and giving his teammates extra coverage when needed.

That means you don’t have to stand in the line of fire to repair your constructions.

A rescuer really improves an engineer’s ability to influence the battle.

2. Espionage cycle

Turn a spy’s death knife into an ice cube with a spy weapon and kill your enemies in cold blood.

The Spy Chicken is not only incredibly captivating when robbed with a pathetic ice cube in their hand, but also incredibly strong when used properly.

Sneak up on the enemy and support him with these weapons to freeze him completely.

In addition, you will benefit from a certain immunity to shooting, which will help you not to expose yourself to the pierogies and their annoying missiles.

1. Golden frying pan

It is an extremely rare weapon that can be used by all classes in the game.

The golden frying pan should be considered one of the best weapons in the game, but not only for its entertainment value.

Not only does the golden pan have an incredibly pleasant sound effect, it also turns your enemies into golden images when you kill them.

It makes you feel a little more like an elite Medusa. Don’t forget the golden frying pan that can make you and your teammates smile when you go into battle and are ready to take some culinary hits.

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