Top 15 Smartest Pokémon Of All Regions (Ranked)

Pokémon as a franchise has been around for over 20 years, so there are lots of little creatures.

Since Pokémon is clearly smarter than your real pet (not counting Psyduck, of course), you might wonder which one is smarter.

In this list, I will consider the main games as a tip to explore the smartest monsters on your team. However, other media (primarily Anime) will be highlighted if they show Pokémon that actually belong to this list.

And as a warning, I won’t take the maker of the bait, because it’s too easy.

15. Beech wood

In general, psychic powers are associated with a fairly high level of intelligence.

No wonder my first choice on the list is clairvoyance. The Pokédex recording for Beheeyem allows these guys to manipulate and communicate memories by blinking their fingers in different combinations.

It’s fair to say that you have to be very smart to create false memories, especially when bihim decides what to keep or not to keep.

This Pokémon also shows a sign that I really like this list: Complex Communication.

14. Reunification

Reuniclus consists of several partially separated cells and is a great Pokémon.

His hands are an extension of the gelatinous substance that makes up his body, and within them are spherical organelles that greatly increase his mental strength.

According to various Pokédex recordings of various games, he controls and strengthens his hands with paranormal abilities. And it can also form a brain network with other creatures of the Reynic job. Cool, huh?

It seems that these organelles could be small brains or nerve glands that he uses to fight. Since he has a lot of brains for the body, this guy is somewhere on this list, but in the lower half because he is limited in his communication and probably not as smart as some of the other cookies listed below.

13. Malamar

It’s a strange record, but it’s deserved.

Malamar is the evil genius of the Pokémon. And not only because of their despicable intentions, but also because of their intellect.

A Pokédex claims to possess the most complex form of hypnosis of all monsters, which probably requires a high level of intelligence.

But even if you consider the anime series, there are episodes in which Malamar plans to conquer the world. They are also plans at different levels of complexity.

To be honest, that’s more than I can say for some people.

12. Dragon Stone

Our first, fully developed, pseudo-legendary favourite Pokémon is also the first non-psychotic entry on this list.

Not only does the dragon always turn out to be a strong, reliable and compassionate companion (both in games and in anime, think of Lance Dragonite). But they also turn out to be very intelligent and even emotionally astute.

Such complex emotions are certainly a good indicator of intelligence.

But the Pokedex protocol also says that his intelligence is at the same level as a person’s, so we basically have our baseline for the rest of the list.

11. Darqai

Another surprising choice, because Darkrai is generally remembered as a Nightmare Inducer, not necessarily an intelligent Pokémon.

But I’ll give you two reasons to reconsider this man: First, in Anime, he showed himself to be both compassionate and able to communicate with people. Not to mention the strong emotions that probably indicate intelligence.

And second, for you purists, play there, in the IV. A kind of illusion performed by Darkray in the city of Canalave, actually in conversation with the protagonist. I’d say you have to be damn smart about it.

10. Lapra

Given the importance we attach to communication, it is not surprising that Lapras is narrowing this list.

Lapra is known for its understanding of human language, because it’s the oldest Pokémon to have such a description in the Pokédex.

But beyond that, the Laper also has a lot of empathy for human emotions. So you could say that they also have a strong emotional intelligence.

9. Lucas

Perhaps the most sensitive and emotionally evolved Pokémon of all, Lucario-san has a well-deserved 9th place.

He not only fully understands human language, but also has the ability to feel the aura of all things.

According to the original pokedex file of this little man, a well-trained Lucario can detect the feelings of a creature half a mile away.

You have to be smart to try! Imagine not only being able to process other people’s emotions, but also to interpret their origins.

8. Oranguru

Our first generation VII Pokemon on the list. Hey, hey, hey, hey!

I’m sure curious readers will complain that it’s too low on the list, but listen to me.

Our reliable little encyclopaedic device tells us that Oranguru is very smart and usually also compares the delay with reason (spoiler warning: this is an even higher choice in this list).

But we also know that Oranguru throws Pokéballs at other monsters and gives them teams. There’s nothing more terrible than Pokémon being his own trainer. Those of you who remember Mewtwo Strikes Back will be relevant.

7. Latios

So it’s definitely a powerful Pokémon, but what makes it smart?

As we saw in the previous Pokémon list, Latios understands human language and emotions.

But what this man puts above all else is his attention to detail in his communication skills. He is able to place certain images in people’s heads to convey a message. It’s really unbelievable!

6. Latvia

Not far from his colleague, Latias is one of the smartest Pokémon and is on the same level as Latios.

Like her partner in Latios’ crime, this little lady understands human language and emotions, but she slows down communication a bit more.

While Latios puts images in our heads, Latias communicates telepathically. It mainly makes us put thoughts and words in our heads.

And as if that weren’t enough for you, you remember Pokémon 4ever and how Latias went all the way to the human without us knowing exactly where it was happening at any point. It requires real brainpower.

5. MW

Created as a clone of Mew, Pokedex dictates that Mewtwo is a powerful creature who thinks only of revenge and struggle, incapable of compassion.

However, I will resist for the rest of my life, because since I first saw Mewtwo in the movie, I have learned an important lesson about life. This is one of the best and most moving monologues I have heard in my youth.

And lately he seems to agree with me, as this year in Detective Pikachu Mewtwo shows compassion.

Even if you agree with me or not, you have to admit that Mewtwo shows a very high level of intelligence and communication in these movies and even in the original games. After all, it’s an original legend.

4. Delay

As we approach the top five, we can start talking about the fact that these Pokémon are playing in a different league.

You can bet that Slowking will be the last Pokémon to descend to Earth, because all the other divers on this list are simply stratospheric.

But Slowking puts him at the top of the list because Pokedex mentions this man’s high level of wisdom. But also because Slock’s shell injects a special poison into his head with each yawn, making him smarter. It sounds crazy, but believe me, you just have to look at it.

A good picture of the intelligence of the creature is given by the film Pokemon 2000, in which Slocking was one of the wisest characters in the cast and could speak perfect English.

3. Uxie

The legend Pokemon Uxie is considered a creature of knowledge.

Pokedex says he gave his intellect to mankind because he actually created his concept. Well, in the world of Pokémon at least.

That’s why Uxie is considered the smartest Pokémon in the discussion.

However, I believe that creating intelligence does not mean exceeding its limits, because often a student of any subject can surpass a master.

And in my opinion, the following two final decisions have definitively changed the balance.

2. Metagros

When it comes to pushing the boundaries, the Metagross has four brains, which certainly puts it at the top of the list.

The last phase of the Beldum evolutionary line forces this creature to merge for evolution, so that two Beldum’s form one Metanga and two Metangs form one Metagross.

Fused together, these advanced forms retain their entire brain. So if you have an account, Metagross 4 has a fully functional brain (at least according to the pokedex registry).

This makes it smarter than a modern supercomputer, because it can perform complex calculations in seconds. However, this is not sufficient for the domain to eventually select this list.

1. Alakazam

Alakazam’s Pokédex input to Pokémon Red and Blue is his brain can perform better than a supercomputer. They say his IQ is 5,000.

Therefore, it can be said from the outset that it can easily be combined with any Metagross function.

However, I would like to say that this is beyond them, because his brain is in a phase of endless growth, which allows the alakazam to remember everything and to continuously expand its knowledge base.

If you have an IQ of 5000, the ability to outperform a supercomputer and combine perfect memory, I can safely say that Alakazam is the smartest Pokémon of all.

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