Top 15 Slowest Pokémon in all regions

Clearly, Pokémon’s abilities are determined by their statistics.

Every statistic is important when creating strong Pokémon, but they can still be useful even if one of their statistics is incredibly low. In this case, I’m talking about the snails of the group: the slowest creatures you’ll ever see in any area of these games.

And these 15 Pokémon prove that even though they’re super slow and lag behind their comrades, they’re still able to hold their own in battle.

15. Super

Super may look like a Pokémon that needs speed, but it’s not.

The standard speed of the Wupers is only 15, which means that they will probably never use the small pulse they have.

It should also be noted that Woopers tend to stay in the mud at the bottom of any body of cold water, so it is not surprising that they maintain this desire to remain motionless during the fight.

14. Pine

Pineko has no real limbs. Sorry, boy, but it’s no shock Pineco doesn’t have the fastest speeds in the game.

Pineco will hang from the branches of the trees and wait for the insects to come closer so that they do not have to accelerate in their natural environment.

They compensate the lack of speed with a strong 90-fold defense by making their protective cover thicker with the constant addition of tree bark.

13. Silk scarf

Silk is a necessary cocoon that arises during the evolution from pre-purity to beauty.

These Pokémon won’t last long because they only need to be developed in three stages.

During this period Silcun will live in the branches of the trees and cover itself with silk, which is used to keep enemies away.

This rest period saves energy, so exercise is not important to them. With their big eyes they can look for predators where they can protect themselves with their moderate defense statistics. But it’s all worth it to be incredibly beautiful one day.

12. Cascade

Just like Silcone, Cascun behaves like a cocoon for Wurmple, but only becomes a Dustox.

Movement will only risk the evolutionary process, so Cascun himself will not move at all in the battle. Even if they were attacked!

Because the danger of attack is so great, this creature often hides under large leaves and foliage, using the surrounding leaves as extra camouflage.

These two Pokémon Cocoons lose their slowness as they grow in their respective development, but without the dedication of Cascun and Silkun’s slow life, these guys wouldn’t have made it.

11. Rye rola

In Roggenrol there are bodies that are as hard as steel because they were crushed underground and had practically no chance to move.

Although they have legs for mobility, they are not used to higher speeds. Like Wooper, these guys only have 15 speed stats.

But you have excellent hearing. It’s used to keep the ears open for anyone who might want to attack.

Although they may be useful in battle, don’t expect them to attack first.

10. Mushroom

The mushroom will use its unique head, similar to that of the Pokébales, to attract people, prey, and fellow Pokémon to grassy areas.

Because they have the ability to attract others, they never had to move. And as such, they have one of the slowest speeds of any Pokémon.

These cute little mushrooms jump or roll when they need movement, but rarely need to be controlled during the 5 km.

9. Morell

The Morell has the same properties as fungi, but tends to move more often in order not to deplete the plant nutrients in the environment.

They consume minimal nutrients at night and spend the rest of their time slowly searching for a new home where there is more food.

Although their roots resemble feet, they are accustomed to rooting themselves in the ground during movement, which is a laborious and slow process.

Despite his greater experience of changing locations, Morelull has the same slow speed as Foongus.

One advantage is that they release crown spurs in case of danger, so that their mobility in battle is not so necessary.

8. Gas sand

Sandygast’s bodies consist of sand castles of beach owners, which have not been destroyed.

Since they can only live in sand, Sandygast has no fixed needs or opportunities to move around.

Despite their lack of mobility, they manage to build a reputation of strength.

Alolan Sandigast is considered so scary that putting your hand on your mouth is considered a brave gesture to prove that you are not afraid. So I wonder if speed really is a necessary statistic when it comes to intimidating enemies.

7. Stakataka

These crazy Pokémon are considered ultra-beautiful and are among the toughest Pokémon in the world.

Their ultra-beast status allows them to travel through wormholes instead of relying on their own physical activity.

Their enormous weight explains why they don’t need speed to stay productive, because they tend to stand still most of the time. The staccato shakes your whole body when something is above you, but you only have 13 gears to start with.

6. Locking clip

The Trapinch builds nests in the sand that the predator is waiting for, making it very easy to find food.

They can ride without water for more than a week, so they like to stay in their nest for a long time, even if they tend to move a little.

Their speed is quite low at 10 points, despite their development, Vibrava, with an impressive 70 points.

While many of the slowest Pokémon have high defensive values to compensate for their inertia, Trapinch doesn’t. Although they have moderate attack statistics that help them in battle, which is a good plus.

5. Bonsley

Bonsai trees are known to have stayed in one place for a long time and use their resemblance to the bonsai tree as a disguise.

They have developed impressive defense statistics because their desire to stay put can cause problems if they are in a warmer environment where they are not so good at hiding.

Even after they have become a boat carpenter, they continue to camouflage themselves as much as possible and stay close to the trees so that they cannot be seen.

4. Ferrous oxide

Ferrets have sharp spines around their bodies to protect them from predators. One shot and you learn to leave Ferrosead alone.

They can often be found on cave walls, where they collect minerals with their peaks, so that no movement is necessary for the survival of these species.

If necessary, Ferroseed burns spikes to distract his enemies and make them roll slowly. This is complicated by their excellent points. But, well, that’s why you probably want one of these guys on your team.

3. Pukumuku

Pyukumuku will travel for a while looking for a comfortable place, but as soon as they find it, they will try to stay there forever. If possible, even come back to him when he’s moved.

Even if they have exhausted all resources in their favourite place, they will starve to death because they don’t want to move. Note that this design is based on the sea cucumber, so it makes sense.

Once the beaches are washed, the swimmers throw the pukumuku back into the sea, allowing them to escape hunger and return to their natural habitat.

2. Nipple

If you imagine a turtle moving slowly, you can probably imagine the same speed as the sleeve.

The shell can store berries in the shell, which are converted into a nutritious liquid and therefore do not need any food.

Impertinence also has a rather timid character and hides in rocky areas and only appears when absolutely necessary.

It was a close conversation between Shuckle or Slowpoke, but you’d be surprised to hear that Slowpoke isn’t that slow. I mean, compared to a sandcastle and a sea cucumber.

1. Münchlax

The arrival of Munchlax at the top of our list is not surprising, because both Munchlax and Snorlax are known for their lazy lifestyle.

They both like to sleep or eat most of the time.

Munichlax likes to look for new dishes, but this is the only time they do it voluntarily. That sounds a lot like Moustache Jr… which is basically the case.

Munchlax’ lifestyle gives them impressive HP statistics, so it’s hard to get them into battle, even though they’re probably the slowest to attack.

But if you keep this man on your team long enough to evolve, you’ll get a tank that can take down almost anything.

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