Top 15 Most Stylish Hair Modes For Fallout 4 Characters

Sometimes the first thing you can judge about a man’s hair is his hair. It can be seen from afar, it frames his face and it is usually consciously used to make others understand what we are all talking about.

Thanks to Fallout 4’s advanced engine, we can easily adjust every corner of our character’s cheekbones for hours to get a clear picture of who we want to play for.

However, our thoughts are simple and the hair on the head of our only survivor will say much more than the fine 2-degree tilt of the outer eyebrow could ever say.

Although Bethesda is fully aware of the crucial importance of personalization, the speed with which they create new hairstyles for their character-creating engines will never be enough to satisfy the voracious masses.

This is where the fashion designers come in.

To help those who urgently need a haircut, I have compiled a list of the top 15 hairstyles for Fallout 4. Prepare to kill.

15. Unlock all hairstyles at the beginning of the game

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We start our evaluation with a very simple but very useful module.

With the Ayvis-Modder you can now choose the hairstyle that best suits your Sole Survivor from start to finish. You have access to 14 male and 8 female options that you normally need to unlock during the game.

Did I mention that it will also unlock the other sex hairstyles so they can be used by any Sole Survivor?

In the beginning of the seventies the role of men and women made sense, but this is 2287 and the situation has changed.

14. 512 Individual hair colors

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Once you’ve done that, I suggest you expand your repertoire of hair dyes to match your new, hairless hair.

The Derpsdale creator strives to make the process as simple as possible by simply letting you choose from an extensive selection of 512 different hair colours.

This truly enormous amount is obtained by combining reflections, textures and different shades of the same colours to increase variety and meet very specific needs.

If diversity is what you’re looking for, it doesn’t get any better than that.

13. Collection of Zella hair dyes

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At the same time, the infinite variety often leads to the inability to choose just one of them.

A smart alternative would be something more curious, like the collection of Cella hair dye that Jtesmer charges.

This fashion adds numerous texture replicators to dyed hair to give you a wide range of colors that truly stand out from the vanilla options.

Some even contain natural eyebrow colours, underlining that they are dyes and not unnatural hair colour, which makes them extra-layered.

12. Realistic hair

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But it may not be the hairstyle or the limited color palette that really polishes your outfit, but rather the shiny texture that can make these guys feel like they haven’t washed their hair in months.

Of course, most of them probably aren’t.

This fashion from the inventor of Shred66 is designed to solve this problem and give the hair a much more natural look by improving the texture to 2K or 4K, depending on what you prefer and how much V-radius you can accentuate.

With a few adjustments and a simple increase in pixel density you will notice the improvement immediately. If you didn’t used to feel like your vanilla hair was in trouble, that’s definitely the case now.

11. Many more hairstyles for women

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Sometimes, instead of developing a detailed solution, you just throw resources and manpower at your problems and hope they go away.

In this case more than 100 new hairstyles for women, as well as the addition of all hairstyles for men and a set of hybrids of different parts torn from the vanilla varieties.

Just like the 512 extra hair colors of a few upside down mods, this NexusMods add-on for Rbddc12 is designed to solve the problem of insufficient hairstyles by turning the pancakes upside down and giving you too many choices.

10. Many other men’s hairstyles

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Even more important than adding more than a hundred hairstyles for women, the same goes for men.

The modding community rarely gives our boys the attention they deserve in their hair, but prefers to pray at the altar for the top of hyper-animated women’s hair.

With this fashion, which includes about 150 new hairstyles, including hybrids, we finally get the variety we’ve always wanted.

9. Much more facial hair

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As if it meets the needs of any player, the Mud Rbdcc12 also offers advanced facial hair care options.

Playing with vanilla doesn’t vary much in terms of beard and moustache, and has a lot to do with styles that no one would wear if their lives depended on it.

With this change, which adds more than 100 new options, it will be difficult for you to keep the volume at that five hour shadow.

8. Extra hair colors

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If 512 different hair colors are a little too much for you, think of the distilled appeal of these 82 new shades of mane for your character.

In addition to selecting the most attractive hair colours and maintaining a wide range, Eraston has also managed to find interesting combinations of shades and textures.

And yet they all somehow manage to seem natural and alive. This is hair you can see on the street – provided you meet someone who has perfect hairdressing skills.

7. Aniseoactristic hairdresser

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If you’re not looking for variety, but rather elegance and volume, then Aniceoaktree’s Hairstyles is the first place to look.

Fashion includes ten custom hairstyles, ranging from a very natural men’s hairstyle with a comb to a spiral falcon’s tail worthy of a fascinating Victorian lady.

There’s even something in there that can only be called Braveheart her for men, and if that doesn’t justify his place in the rankings, I don’t know what it would mean.

6. Salon desert

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Desert dwellers have been deprived of shampoo and conditioner for too long and this is easy to see on their hair.

Thanks to NexusMods’ custom limousine, you don’t have to accept it anymore.

Give the inhabitants of the Commonwealth beautiful hair with Wasteland Salon, a trend that adds a little more contrast and variation to the hair texture.

Vanilla hairstyles and all other hairstyles using standard textures will look slightly less light and flat. This breaks the homogeneity and gives your hair a livelier look.

5. Smooth style –Packaging

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Another great fashionista who works well with Wasteland salon is Sleek Styles, a hairstyle with a minimalist approach.

Instead of being the center of attention, these hairstyles try to blend in and give personality to the character rather than capture it.

In addition, her average haircut is perhaps the best vanilla haircut in the whole network.

4. Horsetail haircut

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In the past, the hair on a horse’s tail was strictly limited by his behaviour in the real world. The tails move, they swing, and it was hard to reproduce them in the game.

Fortunately for us, times have changed, and now presenters like Azarikov can offer us the wonders of animated cocks with realistic physics – 32 to be precise.

Although this is one of the least touching hairstyles, my favorite hairstyle is the ponytail dreads feared this way, which looks completely natural.

3. CC Hair colour enhancement

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Sometimes it is not creativity or inspiration that is needed to achieve greatness, but the ability to make optimal use of the available technology.

The creator ClearanceClarence photographed real hair, placed it in Photoshop and found a mid-tone to combine the colors. Then they used it to create a gradient that implements this change.

The result is natural, vivid images that can enhance almost any hairstyle.

2. Imports of hair from Sextravaganza

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By opting for quality and detail rather than quantity, Vermillion offers us six new short hairstyles that were originally introduced in the old Skyrim way.

Considering how much time the Skyrim modding community has spent improving the look of the game, it’s no wonder that some of Fallout 4’s best looking mods are ported directly from The Elder Scrolls V.

They are perfect for cyberpunk headhunter Sole Survivor and anyone trying to make Fallout 4 the most stylish game ever.

1. KS Hairstyle

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The combination of a refined and exaggeratedly stylish design with the wonders of hair physics comes from KS Hairdos, another hairstyle is worn directly from Skyrim.

Of course you have to be willing to throw all the realism out the window, but this mod, which comes with Oeliza, gives you access to almost 725 complex hairstyles that are slightly more important in the post-apocalyptic Commonwealth than in northern Tamriela.

Whether it’s diversity or just quality, no other mode in Nexus comes close.

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