Top 15 Destruction Spells of Skyrim: The Ultimate List

Destruction spells are an important offensive skill for magicians. They are divided into 3 categories, which are called Offices: Fire, frost and lightning.

These spells can be purchased through spells obtained from suppliers near Skyrim, or stolen from safes. Most of these destructive spells are best used in combination with other skills to do more damage, or in combination with real strategy.

It is important to know at an early stage which spells have the highest priority, so that you don’t waste your gold. Not to mention the fact that it can be difficult to keep magic, as it seems to grow slower than compared to other skills.

Your playing style can influence your dragon from birth, and combined with the best destruction spells in your arsenal, you’re sure to destroy the enemies in Tamriel’s dungeons.

15. Painting

This firewall lasts 60 seconds, and enemies in the affected area get 8 damage points per second of fire.

It is best used by combat mages and melee fighters, because it surrounds your birth dragon with a strong aura of fire. It is fair to say that the damage is a bit low, but if the enemy is already on fire, he will suffer even more, which can be repaired quickly.

Note that this spell is a skill of a level 50 practitioner, so it will take some time to achieve it, but it’s probably worth learning.

To get the coat, you can talk to Faralda at Winterhold College.

14. Icy Cape

Like the mantle of flames, this frost wall lasts 60 seconds and continues to amaze with its powerful frost spell.

It causes the same amount of damage to enemies from 8 damage points per second to all enemies within range. This spell is quite simple, but very effective for melee samples.

To get the Frost Cloak, you can also talk to Faralda at Winterhold College or get the Court Magician when you reach level 50 of the Magic of Destruction.

13. Fluidized Bed

This unique spell is the best choice for Destructive Mages and Melee Warriors because it is less elementary.

Just like the previous two, this spell inflicts similar damage and works the same way, except that it can make your enemies float in the air and create a real distance.

The wormhole the attackers reject surrounds your Born Dragon. It takes 60 seconds and is a skill of an achieved level.

You can buy them from Talvas Fathryon once you have reached a high enough level to use them.

12. Ignition

The combination of Ignite and Flaming Mantle can quickly increase the level of destruction.

It melts the enemy and fires grenade shots in the direction of the enemy.

It can also take a good 15 seconds, allowing you to use more spells to increase the damage as it happens. In general, it is considered to be the best combination for magic users who still function at lower levels.

You can acquire this ability by wearing the ring of ahzidal arcana, which you will find in Kolbjorn Carrow. It’s a little hard to find, but it’s worth it.

11. Ice spiral

The Aisy spear is very harmful to health and endurance.

That is probably one of the reasons why it is a very popular spell used in battle. Then why do we only have 11? Places on the list?

Indeed, a spell can be quite difficult to use to make contact with the enemy, especially with small or fast moving targets. It is also an expert level skill, and it can be quite difficult to reach level 75 in destruction (far from impossible!).

To get Icy Spear, you can visit Faralda at Winterhold College or find it as a skill book in different boxes.

10. Non-woven

This magical rune sets a trap on the ground that explodes when the enemy is near. Think of it as an ice mine.

Compared to the Lightning and Ash runami, this rune has a score of , highly recommended because it has the effect of slowing down the enemies, making it ideal for a classic ambush.

This type of magical runes is best used when dealing with enemies in hibernation or behind closed doors. Throw it as close as you can and watch the game unfold.

9. Chain flash

The Effect Skill (AoE) can best be used to destroy large groups of enemies faster.

Chain lightning strikes near enemies and bounces back into the area to also attack some distant enemies.

It is useful for dungeons with hordes of enemies and causes severe damage to the enemy’s magic statistics, making it an excellent tool for fighting groups of users of the spell.

Compared to the fine spear, accuracy is not so important here, because even if he misses an opponent, he bounces into space like a super ball. It is also a skill that is easy to acquire for a follower, so it is worth learning it at an early age.

8. Fireball

The Fireball has a huge range of over 15 feet and handles about 40 damages on each impact.

After the jet, send hellfire at your enemies. Especially good for something weak you can shoot at. Although this spell of destruction appeals to the crowd, you have to be careful with it, because it can also affect your followers if someone is close to you.

To receive Fireball, you must have reached at least level 40 in Destruction, and game sets can be purchased or randomly received in Black Falls Barrow.

7. Flame

It’s a short-range spell that passes through enemies and covers a fairly large distance. You can hit multiple opponents at once, and damage jumps if your opponents have already been attacked.

I’d add flames to Fireball if you had magic, because it’s a damn good combination.

Although this is a starters spell and does much less damage than other spells, it also has a low usage, which means you can send spam until the whole field is cleared.

Not to mention the fact that using a lot of magic increases your destructive power, which of course is an excellent exercise for a wizard trying to ascend.

6. Storm wall

With the Storm Wall you have a spell that can do a lot of damage and can be hit remotely. It hits 50 rounds per second on every enemy it crosses.

It costs 145 wizards, but it can clear the field quickly. And the good thing about the storm wall is that it does not harm the born dragon or his followers.

I’d also say the best way to do this is to combine the chain flash. You’ll be amazed at how absurdly powerful these spells are when used in combination with other skills and high magical levels.

Storm Wall is an expert knowledge of our good friend Faralda, once you reach destruction level 70.

5. Freezing walls

Like the wall of the storm, this spell is cast on the ground to create a real wall of frost.

This pigeon looks scary and causes 50 points of damage per second. And like other elementary spells of this type, it is best to use them in combination with another freezing spell to increase the total damage caused by the combination.

Note that this is not something that dissolves quickly. You only pay about ~130 magics per second that this wall is on Earth. Enemies trying to defeat him? I hope they like ice cream.

You can get the Frost Wall at Faralda, but you can also try your luck by digging into the coffins and looking for random prey.

It may not be the best offensive annihilation spell, but it’s a good spell to balance the attack and defence structure of your magic.

4. Flame wall

I really prefer these defensive spells, and that’s the main reason why I should take fire and freeze. Both are so useful that they help in different scenarios.

Despite the fact that this spell is very similar at the end, it throws a wall of flames that inflicts 50 damage points per second and devours your magic.

But if you’d rather have fire than frost, don’t hesitate to avoid it.

3. Snowstorm

It’s a terrible freezing spell that does a lot of damage. You probably know this name from other role-playing games like Final Fantasy, and it’s just as powerful (if not more) here on Skyrim!

The only disadvantage is that the blizzard can also damage the spell, so make sure you leave the area as soon as possible after casting the spell.

A blizzard above all sends a huge ice storm into the area and absorbs everything in its radius. I mean, look at this seriously.

This influences the overall stamina of the opponent and affects his speed of movement. But even to buy a Blizzard, you need a level 100 master of destruction.

2. Fiery Storm

This infernal firestorm causes 100 damage to enemies within a large radius of the fire.

This spell is cast with both hands, and the casting time is actually quite difficult here. That’s one of the drawbacks of Firestorm: During the throw, this can make you vulnerable.

But 100 points of damage in all directions is undoubtedly an annihilation spell that is part of your arsenal.

Once you reach destruction level 100, you can continue the Firestorm spell. To get it, talk to Faralda, and once you’ve been invited to begin the search for the ritual destruction spell, do it and boom! Firestorm at your service.

1. Storm

This incredibly powerful skill produces a continuous stream of lightning strikes that produces 75, damage per second at health and half the magic.

If you use this spell, you’ll kill powerful dragons in seconds, making it number one.

As with Fire Storm, you’ll need both hands to cast it, and you can’t get it until you’ve completed the quest to break the ritual spell (but after that you’ll have to buy it).

Even during casting you can be interrupted by attacks. In most situations, however, a scream followed by a spell charge can be used to complete a turn.

This is probably one of the most difficult spells to use well in battle. But it’s also one of the strongest when you’re up against a horde of enemies in almost every region of Skyrim.

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