Top 15 best weapons in the Thieves Sea

The liberation of the pirate’s paradise in the open sea from thieves took place on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It will take place in March 2018 and is expected to be very controversial.

Although the game has an attractive concept, lush graphics and solid gameplay, you can not help but think that it is a little …

There wasn’t much to do, except for a few searches and of course mapping the seven seas.

A year and a half of playing and everything seems totally different. If it was time to play in the sea of thieves, now is the time.

And to celebrate this wonderful game (and get your pirate groove), I’ve included my 15 favorite gun skins in the game. Read on, seals!

15. Cracked defensive baton

Few things can make the blood of a pirate as cool as a simple reference to the octopus.

It is a constant fear, deep inside, that her joyful journeys can change the tragedy at any moment as soon as those sinister tentacles appear on the screen.

These weapons are based on the use of that fear for your own good.

Fill these rats with lead zinc as they desperately watch the octopus beak decorating the barrel of your Blunderbuss!

For a large amount of gold you can buy this monster at the Morrow’s Peak Outpost.

14. Ebony silica gun

Some of us prefer elegance and suppleness to pretension and splendor.

For us it’s an Ebon Flintlock cannon. A black pistol with silver accents that would have been Deathly Daly’s favorite weapon.

This weapon has the peculiarity that, although not explicitly mentioned, it gives you a small advantage over other weapons, because it actually has iron targets that help you aim better.

Unfortunately, these weapons were only issued to players who had observed a certain flow of developers shortly after the release of the game. So if you haven’t got it yet, there’s little hope of getting it now.

13. Original pirate game from Captain Bones.

As a reward for the players who trusted them and combed the seven seas of the Stone Path, which was the first year of the game, the developers made this amazing glass skin available for a very short and limited time, just before the first anniversary of the game.

You always said Captain Bones had a big mouth.

Again, it’s not something you can buy right now, but keep your eyes clean…

12. Yacht eye range

In this list, between the many large skins and the absurd, the hunting bar is an option for the conservatives among us.

Looks like a sniper rifle used by a Russian soldier in World War II. Wood and steel, that’s all.

You can remove these grounded devices from the Arsenal if you wish.

11. Leg crushers

Do you like renewable resources? Then it’s a mistake.

Just grab that bone stick, shoot the skeletons and make other weapons out of their bones.

This scary design is one of the most unique on the list and the scariest in the game.

Unfortunately it could only be bought during Duke’s Powder Skeleton event. But maybe some of them are still swimming somewhere.

10. Fabulous flintlock

This decorated flintlock gun is very popular with many people. But only the most famous pirates can get it.

To get this royal looking gun, you have to win the legendary Sea Dog Award by winning 100 times in the arena.

It’s available in Athena’s Lucky Hideaway, which you can only access as a pirate legend, so you have to become one too.

These weapons are among those with infallible targets. In this case, the angular shape of the barrel can help center the shots.

9. Ferryman Cutlass

This handle seems to come from a fancy game like Skyrim or something… but no, it was sharpened by the smuggler himself to keep intruders away from his ship.

You can only get this black and gold leaf if you buy an Xbox controller for promotional purposes from Sea of Thieves.

It may not be easy to find, but I’m sure ingenious pirates like you will find a way.

8. Eye of initial crew

This rich man’s eye may not look like a cage. But it makes sense.

As his description explains, the bottle he sees was smashed against the hull of a metaphorical ship, the sea of thieves, to celebrate its launch.

This unique weapon could only be bought by paying a gold coin to the armoury between the 1st and 15th centuries. May 2018, shortly after their release.

7. Sovereign Firearm

This golden gun may not have the most refined design, but it reminds me of the good old days at Call of Duty and shows our jewellery, which is a real eye-catcher. Well, we had a lot of trinkets.

If you want to survive the glory days and let your opponents suffer from PTSD, you need sovereign firearms.

These weapons can be purchased with gold from the former Tower Outpost and the Tower Outpost.

6. Parrot flint

Nothing says a pirate like a parrot. And that’s why this flint was modelled.

If you want to raise your pirate title, but don’t have time to tame the parrot and teach him the mariner’s jargon, you can simply buy this weapon at the gunsmith’s workshop.

5. Notorious sealing class

This Cutlass knows for sure that everyone within a 500-mile radius knows you’re nearby, given the visibility.

It is also one of the most detailed projects under the glasses.

His royal colours and golden accents, as well as a small plumage, really give him a lot of personality.

If you are thirsty for a bad reputation, you can buy these weapons from the Sea Dogs for a large amount of gold after reaching the reputation of 45 and being promoted through many PvP battles in the arena.

4. Axis-eye cut-off range

Eye of Reach can see enemies from a great distance and remains relatively hidden.

But with Forsaken Ashes Eye of Reach and its flamboyant orange accents on the visor and barrel, you’ll inevitably be spotted a few miles away.

There is always a price to pay for showing your jewelry.

To obtain this incredible wealth of eyes, our favourite, it was necessary to obtain the title of Devil’s Cartographer during the Desert Beach event and then pay 15 doubloons to the Duke.

3. Legendary gold shot

My favorite skin for a musketeer should be this luminous, sumptuous weapon.

Gold, silver, emeralds, everything. He’s got everything!

One of the coolest trinkets on this musket are the chains that surround the barrel and give the weapon a very solid look.

But it’s expensive. How chains can slightly obstruct vision when the visor is pointing downwards.

These weapons were only available without any problems until March 2019.

It can be purchased after reaching reputation level 50 of three of the different companies that you can communicate with in the game. Now you’re gonna have to get along with another nice man.

2. Beautiful Sea Dog flintlock gun

This beautiful feathered cannon resembles the heavenly pirates.

It is very delicate, elegant and very different from other flint skins.

Contrary to some of our other large collectives it is now fortunately for sale.

To obtain this fantastic weapon, you must get a thank you from the Sea Dog faction for killing 200 pirates in PvP arena battles.

Once you’ve done this glorious feat, you can buy them, like most other weapons here in the Arsenal.

1. Legendary cutting blade

My favorite weapon in the whole game belongs, not surprisingly, to a family of villains.

The black leaf with gold accents bears the imprint of a true legendary pirate that you will have to become if you want to buy it.

It can only be bought in the sanctuary of fortune in Athens, which is only accessible to legendary pirates who have recognized Shanti from the legends.

However, before you can do this, you must also obtain the status Legendary Seal by putting him in first place at least 240 times in the arenas.

It’s no small task, but it’s worth it if you want to carry this badge of honour with you.

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