Top 15 Best Warframe Companion (Ranked)

There are many kinds of companions in Warframe. And they are not only different in their form because they have different fans and different skills.

So if you’re looking for ideas for the coolest companions, you’ve come to the right place.

For this article I collected the 15 best rebounds you can do in the game. But before you start, bear in mind that the importance of each of these characters depends on the size of your character and what you expect from your companion.

All these characters can be very useful for in different situations, so don’t judge a book by its cover. Maybe you can try them all if you can.

15. Huras Kubrov

Let’s start the list with one of the best companions you can get if you want to play Invisibility.

Huras Kubrow can make himself invisible, but that’s not all – he can make you invisible too!

As if that wasn’t enough, the Huras can also attack and eliminate unsuspecting enemies, which is even more deadly if they become invisible.

Huras isn’t as useful as Shade (below on my list), but I think it has a better design and serves as an alternative to your favorite cooler looking fan.

A powerful companion who won’t let you down when you want to do tricks.

14. Waska Kawat

If you manage to bite Kawata and infect him with Vaska, he becomes a kind of obsessive version of the traditional Kawata.

Which is basically a vampire version of the ordinary Kawat.

He looks very cool and a little demonic, which is surprisingly unnecessary. The Vasca Kavat also has skills that take health points away from your opponents like a real vampire.

It’s a great fighting partner – especially if you want to drive your enemies into a frenzy and hide on a secondary background.

Concentrate on the attacks and make the most of your Kavat’s abilities as soon as you manage to turn it into a Vask.

13. Carriers

Carrier’s a great soldier. But he’s not as useful as he used to be.

If that list had been drawn up in 2017, Carrier would probably have come first.

But Carrier is still very useful and continues to collect the loot for you (although the void already does).

In any case, he catches a lot of fire and does not die because of his high state of health. And Carrier Prime is also very useful as a combat satellite.

12. Sunica Kubrov

You’re a Kubrows fan, but you don’t like stealth strategies?

You want to fight your enemies and kill them when they come?

So you want to try Sunica Kubrow.

This legendary Kubrow is the equivalent of a fighting dog, and he will accompany you in every fight.

This Kubrow can shoot VIPs and special targets, making it ideal to accompany you on a hunt or kidnapping.

Sunika’s really good guys when it comes to intergalactic space dogs.

11. Sahasa Kubrov

Sahasa is a fantastic companion who doesn’t have much use in battle, but he’s a loyal space dog who will carry and find things for you – especially when missions don’t give you time to do it yourself.

If you want a satellite that’s close to you and collects all that juicy loot, Sakha is the one for you.

These dogs also look very scary, even though they are not too strong compared to the other dogs.

Imagine a giant space dog hiding to give you free healing bullets and ammunition, and that’s basically what you get from Sahasa.

I love them, as you can probably see, but I can’t place them above other companions just because they’re so useful.

10. Baby

Looking for a violent companion? In this case, you might move to Childcube.

This incredible killing machine is equipped with a Deth machine gun and a with three different offensive capabilities that can destroy enemies in an instant.

Vaporize is great and combines all the firepower of your Dethcube in a full DPS character.

I find them very useful in most situations, but maybe that’s because I don’t really care about camouflage.

If you’re like me, try the Deathcube. I’m sure you’ll like it.

9. Tucson

Tucson may be a novice companion, but his early utility makes him one of the best early game characters.

Use his skills to protect you from enemies when you start your war work!

8. Shadows

Shadows like Hurace Kubrow on steroids.

If you want to play Stealth, this is definitely the best companion you can try.

Not only does it help you keep the secret, but it also has a fantastic DPS for a malicious character.

Try it if you want to open fire after leaving Stealth mode!

7. Djinn

I wonder why I put Jeanne on the list.

It may not be the strongest, but it is certainly one of the most useful – especially in the game of the end of war.

This great guy is capable of resuscitating himself after death. That means you don’t have to worry about keeping the hordes of enemies alive.

6. Virme

Virm has only one goal in mind, to keep you alive.

This great companion is not the best in terms of damage.

But if you’re looking for a satellite to help you survive, Virm is your friend.

It numbs enemies so they won’t hurt you and denies any negative implications for your status that might affect you.

Virm is simply amazing and extremely reliable. This makes him one of the best companions in any war situation after a landslide.

5. Adarza Kawat

It’s by far the scariest feline creature I’ve ever seen. But the boy is very reliable.

This fantastic Kavat is a buffer machine that can give all your party members a huge increase of extra critical damage, up to 60%, making it a true top class companion with an aggressive and critical character.

They don’t have much life.

But they have a reflective power that allows you to precisely divert incoming damage to another location!

4. Kubrow Helminth Charger

Okay, there’s a small chance I’m putting this guy at the top of my list because he looks ridiculously cool.

But that’s not all – this spa elbow is designed to do tons of damage and take even more care of your nasty enemies.

The intergalactic hound, who will keep you company and protect you well, is one of the companions I would like to have in my neighborhood, and you can get him if you choose the Helmint Charger.

3. Blacksmith Kawat

This should not result in the maximum benefit in terms of the DAS and the total amount of damages.

But if you are looking for a companion who can help you in difficult situations by crushing you, increasing your XP or even helping you in agriculture, then Smeeta Kavat is worth it.

This amazing creature offers to the fans and serves as one of the best when it comes to looting in the game. This is especially useful if you are in a high quality phase or if you are looking for rare drops.

2. Helios

Helios is really strong. But as an observer, this thing is really weird.

You’ll notice he’s a guard on his own, but he hurts in a fight.

Technically, he can’t even hit people with his fists or anything. But Helios throws himself on his enemies to do useless damage.

This is a fantastic companion if you want to play with a character who does a lot of damage, because he can discover a weakness in the middle of an enemy battle. Talk about a big attack!

1. Lambeo MOA

Use a LAMEBO hat for your MOA if you want a creature that can cause damage to any type of opponent.

Lambeo looks like he has a hat on his head, but believe me, the ridiculous appearance is compensated by the extremely large damage the hat causes.

Try to see how a missile barrage will hit your enemies.

It’s a great thing for your best companion, and I strongly recommend that you drive an offensive MOA next to you.

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