Top 15 Best Skyrim Followers (Ranked)

The world of Skyrim is huge and leaves every player alone. It’s a game that gives you a lot of options so you can do almost anything you want in your adventures.

But let’s face it, it can be a little boring to walk alone, no matter what. These adepts can be true saviors when searching difficult areas, and they can help you with their unique skills.

Each pendant has its own advantages, from the way you speak to the way you behave on your travels. Basically, everyone can find an ideal companion in Skyrim, which makes this game even more interesting. So let’s look at our best options!

15. Brlina Marion

We’re keeping an eye on this list with Brena Marion, a student from Winterhold College.

As a powerful mystic, who can be very useful in the fight against inferior enemies, Berlin stands mainly in the shadows. You can ask her to become your follower once you have helped her with the experiment that is part of the awkward finding.

Born from the Dragon can also marry Brlyn if he has the Mara Amulet.

Don’t forget she’s part of the Winterhold College quest series, so you’ll probably meet her when you arrive.

Fire spells such as Flame and Lightning of Fire are used in Brelina during battle. It can cause significant damage to enemies, but does not have much power, so be careful when attacking more powerful enemies.

Besides, she’s not the melee type. You can provide them with weapons, but Breelina will always attack with spells.

14. Barbasa

If you’re a dog, Barbas is your accomplice.

Barbasa is a supernatural being that is currently taking the form of a dog. You’ll find him on the road near Falkrich.

Barbasa is fun, but also very useful, because its bite is strong enough to kill the weakest enemies immediately. Don’t be afraid that Barbas will be killed in the middle of a fight, because he has a few tricks up his sleeve to heal.

If he does a lot of damage, Barbasa will run away from the fight, hide somewhere until the bar is full and come back immediately.

This is a big advantage, because your satellite can’t just die.

Unfortunately he’s not skinny and will run around, so sneaking up on his enemies is a big no-no, while Barbasa is your accomplice.

But there’s one amazing thing: Despite the fact that he talks and barks noisily all the time, the enemies don’t worry. Think of something!

13. Hardened

Sometimes it can be very useful to have a warrior as an accomplice. Inghardt has to be sure.

She is a fearless northern warrior with many advantages, such as the attraction of heavy armor and ambidextrous weapons.

You’ll find Ingyard in Fort Dongard, but you can’t hire her as a follower at the moment. Instead, you must complete a quest called The Prophet and return to it.

It’s a good thing: She’s not afraid of vampires, unlike the other guards at the fort. So if you’re the Ingyard vampire, he’s the only one talking to you.

Although she can inflict heavy damage on the enemy, Ingjard can be a bit slow because she has heavy weapons that require a lot of effort.

This makes them very vulnerable when fighting agile and fast opponents, because they will use their lack of speed to their advantage. Because Ingyard is a northern region, it has no problem with the cold and is 50% frost-resistant, which can certainly be useful when travelling.

Ingyard won’t break the law for you, because her morals are good, so don’t try to force her to commit crimes.

12. Teldrin Sero

The first thing you notice about Teldrin is its unique harness.

Teldrin Sero is a mercenary who can become your accomplice for 500 gold. You can find him at the Raven Rock Retching Setch Hotel.

He also seems to love his armor, because even if you give him the best item, Teldrin will always wear his chitin helmet, which protects his whole face. He’s an experienced killer who prefers fairy weapons.

Teldrin is a universal fighter who will use both weapons and spells with one hand.

In a typical fight he alternates between melee and spells. If you are injured, the Teldrin can recover quickly, which is a good thing if you are in serious trouble.

He can also create Fire Atrons, which forces him to immediately switch to the magic of destruction.

Teldrin is a fascinating character who will help you make a conversation during your trip. He’s had a few adventures already and he’d like to tell you about them. Even if you decide to fire him, you can hire him at any time and often free of charge.

11. Anneke Craig jumper

If you’re a thief or a warrior, Anneke Crag-Jumper is an incredible follower who can complement your style of play.

She’s a northern archer who loves adventure, so Anneke will be happy to join you. You can find them at the Carrefour des eaux noires.

Anneke can become your follower if you complete the quest Kill the leader of bandit . But I have to say that sometimes you have to talk to her a couple of times before she introduces you to this investigation (what a hassle!).

Her fighting skills are good, and Annecca prefers to wear light armor, so she’s fast.

It’s a beast with a bow and arrow and a one-armed weapon. Of course there must be a weakness, and Annecca has hers: She’s not very good at sneaking around.

But Anneke’s amazing mind and her willingness to have many adventures with you should be enough to make her a believer. She’s talkative, but certainly not boring. Annecke sincerely wishes for more excitement in her life, which is always refreshing.

10. Erandur

Erandur may not be the life of all parties, but he is an expert in magic and will be a faithful disciple of the Born Dragon.

He’s a Dunmer healer and you can find him at the Windpeak Inn, which is in Dawnstar.

He belonged to a sect, but those days are over. Erandur still thinks about it and often mentions his friends who are gone now.

If you want to make Erandur your disciple, all you have to do is complete the Waking Nightmare Survey, and that’s it. Silence! Silence!

As a healer he first attacks from a distance, using both fire and fire extinguishers. However, Erandur is no stranger to melee, and he is very useful in battle.

He prefers to use a sledgehammer to fight face to face. On the other hand, players who are looking for a fully developed follower to communicate with them and their environment may find that Erandur is not ideal for them.

He’s rarely funny and usually talks about death, but he makes up for his dark conversations in combat situations.

9. Aela Hunter

The Hunt Aela is undoubtedly a rare breed.

She is a northern werewolf who refuses to be treated for lycanthropy, although that is her option. This party member is in Jorrwasker.

She is an extraordinary archer, which can be very useful if you prefer to play close to the ball. Aela wears light armor and sometimes uses one hand, depending on the situation.

It is important to note that their stealth capacities are exceptional. But he’s not the best tank and doesn’t know what to do with the shield.

Because she’s a thief herself, Aela will let you be completely immoral. She doesn’t mind if you steal or kill people.

Don’t order her to break the law, because she’ll refuse to order on the spot. If you want this rebellious werewolf to become your disciple, you’ll need to complete the main line of companionship missions.

You can also marry the Aele Huntress, so you can buy the same armor she wears so you can get together. How cute!

8. Carcass

Being a Northern Lycanthrope and a very skilled warrior makes everyone a very valuable follower, and so is Farkas.

He is part of the Compagnons and is indeed a member of the circle with other experienced fighters.

Farkas spends his days in the town of Yorrvaskr, which is located in the windy district of Witherun. Considering that he is a fierce warrior, every dragon girl should be happy to have an adventure with him.

If you want it to be your satellite, you must perform the basic tasks the satellites provide.

Farkas is very noble and will not tolerate you doing anything unethical as long as he is your disciple. He wears heavy armor and prefers a one-handed weapon. However, if you are looking for a chatty companion, Farkas may not be the best choice.

He doesn’t talk much and sometimes seems boring. You can also be disappointed that Thrace doesn’t turn into a werewolf as often when you hire him as an accomplice. It’s a damn shame.

7. Mjöll Lievitz

Lieutenant Mjöll is a very colorful character, and you’ll soon like him.

She has her heart in the right place and does everything she can to be as honest as possible. Once you meet her, you’ll notice that she hates the Thieves Guild and the Black Family.

Mohel is first and foremost an adventurer, and she has travelled a lot. She loves to talk about the things she came across on the street, and you will hear a lot of interesting stories if you choose Mjoll as your disciple.

Mjolle hangs around with Aarin in the mistakes at the Bee and Barb and Aarin hostel, so that’s where you’ll find her.

She can be your successor as soon as you find her Grimsever sword. The lioness fights with bow and sword so she can be useful in the fight against stronger enemies.

Mjöll is as cute as a tank, because you can’t kill her, but remember that she can stop in the middle of a fight to improve her health.

But don’t worry, Mjoll will soon resume his role and keep pushing back some enemies. You can also make Mjöll your wife, but she comes with a package – Aerin. Two at a time, as they say.

So make sure there’s enough room in your house, because Aeryn will stay there.

6. Pavillon d’Argis

Stoical and strong, Argis The Rampart is a true North, both a nice companion and a fierce warrior who will accompany you on many adventures.

You’ll meet him at the Vindrel Hall, that’s in Marcart. He could be your housekeeper if you become Tane Markart.

Given Argis’ abilities it is not surprising that he prefers heavy tanks and one-handed weapons.

Argis the Bulwark can face any enemy in the game and will be a real protection for your character.

You can also marry Arigsa Bulwark if you want a strong companion with a great appearance.

Don’t forget to put on Mara’s amulet and talk to Argis. Only then will you open the door to marriage. Even though he is not a developed character who can communicate with the world around him like some other fans, Argis has a great dialogue, and he will entertain you throughout the game.

However, I must point out that Argis Falschbort treats you like a good friend and if he loses his life on your travels, you get a small inheritance from him.

5. Eola

Eola is one of the most disturbing characters you’ll meet in Skyrim, as she’s actually the leader of the cannibal cult that lives in the Reachcliff cave.

Eola, who belongs to the Breton breed, is a very skilled fighter who alternates between magic and close combat.

It can be very practical in many situations, especially because it can sneak up on the enemy. Eola can also raise the dead and use them in battle, which is certainly an advantage.

Eola prefers light armor and one-handed weapons, so remember that if you want her as a follower.

They’re very easy to recruit. All you have to do is clean up the Reachcliff Cave, and when you’re done, you’ll be asked to join Eola’s cannibal cult, and that’s it.

Don’t forget to kick Aeola out of Reachcliff Cavern when you’ve successfully completed your adventures, as she will automatically resume her position as Cult Leader.

If you decide to send her out of the cave, she’s in danger. And you don’t want that for your friend, do you? I mean, she was a cannibal, but still.

It can be eaten by animals as it requires long walks in the forest, so make sure to leave it in a safe place.

4. Jenassa

Jenassa is one of the first followers you will meet during your adventures in Skyrim.

She’s a mercenary, and you can find her at the drunken hunter’s lodge in Witherun.

If you want this experienced shooter in your neighborhood, you can recruit her for 500 gold pieces. As we said before, Jenassa is cute with her bow and arrows. He can wear heavy and light armor.

But if you recruit her, you’ll find she prefers to wear light armor. The Jenassa can also have two weapons at the same time, which is very practical. She also picks up arrows along the road and all kinds of arrows that are useful to her. It’s one of his best skills!

The Jenassa can use different types of weapons, including bows, one-handed weapons and shields. She really is a capable follower who will help you reach your character’s level from the beginning.

She’s also a fierce fighter who can attack almost anyone you meet in the game. But she has no magical powers. Moreover, you can even marry Jenasse if you want!

If you choose to do so, she can remain your disciple and also your wife. As soon as Jenassa is your wife, she opens her shop and gives you 100 gold a day.

3. Cicero

Cicero is both irritating and incredibly interesting. So if you’re looking for a follower who can deliver some of Skyrim’s strangest and most entertaining dialogues that will keep the game fresh, Cicero should be your travel companion.

Cicero is dressed as a joke, which is promising. And he’s obviously suffering from some kind of mental disorder, but I think it’s a weird look… I find that perfectly understandable, because he is also the guardian of the mother of the night, who is a corpse in a coffin. The Mother of the Night is in charge of the contracts of the Dark Brotherhood, so this man has every reason to be a little excited.

If you still want to take Cicero as a pendant, there’s a gift waiting for you.

People born in the form of dragons can do this by saving their lives. You can recruit him as soon as you complete Sith Ave ! Quest .

Cicero will be at the exit of Dawn’s sanctuary. He’s a dangerous killer who can conjure up magic and possess weapons with one hand. Notice that his cute cuddly pants outfit, which suits him well every time he starts to dance, has no protection, so you’ll have to arm Cicero as soon as possible.

2. J’Zargo

G’Zargo is without doubt a follower of the highest level. He’s a Hajjit who’s currently a student at Winterhold College.

Very arrogant but curious, J’Zargo is well on his way to becoming a brilliant wizard.

However, he always knows that there are many things he needs to master. This is more than clear when you see how he constantly competes with his classmates at Winterhold College. So the fact that J’Zargo is near you is very valuable.

So how do we get to him? The procedure is very simple. You can easily find G’Zargo at Winterhold College. Then you have to do the work he gives you. If you’re wondering why J’Zargo is at the top of the list, there are several reasons.

Above all, J’Zargo has the healthiestfollowers. Secondly, he knows the magic of illusion, reconstruction and destruction.

On the other hand, tanks can’t appreciate J’Argo’s talents, because he might not do much damage to enemies, which could be a hindrance to business.

1. Serums

No wonder the purebred vampire is at the top of the list.

Serana is an excellent supporter who takes care of your safety and entertainment. As one of the last of its kind, Serana will often talk to you about the weather during your travels, which is somehow charming.

Like a real vampire, she’ll cover her head with a hood to protect her face when you’re both outside. Serana’s recruitment process is simple: Just cross them in the game. Since she is the central character in various search lines (for example Awakening, where you meet Serana in Dimhollow’s Crypt), this shouldn’t be too difficult.

One of the advantages of choosing Serana is its necromantic power.

She can raise the dead and make them fight at your side.

She tends to use spells in battle, but as soon as Serana leaves Mana, she turns into a hand-to-hand warrior.

Serana’s spells will vary depending on your level, so she will transform with you. Plus, Serana knows how to surprise people and does it better than most Skyrim fans. It’s a good choice.

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