Top 15 Best Sea of Thieves Outfits

Most games see progress as a matter of time. The more hours you spend in the game, the more effective the weapon is, the further into the story you get.

In the Sea of Thieves, a rare navigation and predation game, the developers decided to go in a different direction.

They’re all the same, with the same weapons, the same ships and the same armor. A controversial choice in a controversial game.

The course of the game is purely cosmetic. You can unlock skins for your weapons, ships and of course outfits for your character. Cosmetics show other people what you’re made of. They’re proof of the adventures you’ve had and the trials you’ve overcome.

This bold choice allows players to choose their outfits based on appearance rather than specific statistics, and allows them to focus more on creativity and self-expression rather than simply having an advantage over those who don’t have time to go out and clean up the Seven Seas in search of loot.

To celebrate this wonderful creative climate and inspire you to dive into the world of pirate mode, I have chosen my 15 favorite outfits in the game.

Whether you want to show your colors or hide your true face, it will help you understand how to do this.

15. Marine kit

Arr, buddy!

This outfit says it by default to everyone you meet in the endless seas.

There are no more pirates than that. Everyone has had access to this kit from the beginning, but some hackers never get out.

You’ll never know whether you’re a landowner or a captain. There’s never a dull moment at sea.

14. Black dog kit

If you’re looking for something a little more dignified, this black captain’s suit might be just what you need.

It has something to do with a pirate who dresses in black and never seems to grow old.

The nice thing about this outfit is that, given the neutrality of the individual pieces, you can also use it as an addition to other outfits if necessary.

Black suits everything and makes this outfit an enrichment for anyone interested in pirate fashion.

Unfortunately, this game is only available to a group of people who have pre-ordered the game.

13. Full imperial sovereignty

This armor can lock up your chest, but it won’t protect you from anything.

The decoration of the emperor is inspired by the armour of conquerors such as Hernan Cortés, as can be seen in the characteristic hat.

If conquering new lands and destroying ancient civilizations is your thing, then this is the outfit you’re looking for.

You can buy each set in the general clothing store.

12. Set of weeping handrail posts

This costume is only for real barnacles!

For those who have known the depths of the sea and lived a fairy tale.

Nothing says as much about the experience as the sea creatures that literally grow on your clothes. I’m 100% sure it smells like success.

This set is one of the most unique on the list, and I love it as much as Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Unfortunately it was only available for a limited time at the Wreckage Curse event, when you could buy it from the duke for a few duplicates. But maybe you can find them if you look hard enough.

11. Chief AdmiralKit

It is not uncommon for military crews in the golden age of piracy to rise up against their command and become pirates.

The equipment of the Executive Admiral is similar to what a recently converted captain could wear.

The blue and red shiny material carries the dignity of the army and will undoubtedly promote order and discipline in your team.

Of course you don’t have to follow it to the Royal Navy, because you can buy it at General Clothing. Don’t ask them where they got it from.

10. Bone crusher set

If your goal is to sow fear in the hearts of rival teams, then this outfit is just what you need.

Every bone that adorns your coat and hat tells the story of a triumph and tells you the fate of those who dare to resist you.

It’s a very special and grainy outfit that identifies you as a force to be reckoned with.

The bone crushing kit was only available at Duke during the Skeleton Thrones event.

If you don’t understand, you’ll have to find another way to intimidate your opponents.

9. Squid Kit

These clothes are dark and scary, and are suitable for members of the sect of the sea gods.

This is for those who have not only won, but have also become octopuses.

If you want to mix with the crowd without showing your cult tendencies, you’re in luck, because the different parts of the decor are easier to combine with different outfits.

You can buy octopus clothing in the general clothing shop.

8. Solemn Admiral

In every group of people, in every period of history, there is always someone who loves red so much that every garment shows it.

If you are that man, then this royal dress, worn directly by the captain in the red coat of unknown means, is the answer to your prayers.

It is clean and tidy, and you can buy it for a reasonable price at the general clothing store.

You don’t need a military career to get it, but to have it available, you have to reach a reputation of 49 in the Commercial Alliance. Buckles!

7. Sealing set

If you like red, but want something more subtle and suitable for a salt seal, then this is the right option.

It is designed for blood stains that mix with the fabric and save you time you would otherwise spend washing.

It’s the perfect combination of true pirate style and good fashion sense, for the brave who think it’s worthless to do something if you don’t do it in style.

And you can buy it at General Clothing.

6. Stray dog kit

That’s what happens when you take the last one to the laundry room and find out that yeah, the red one’s just dry blood.

Who would have thought that?

But don’t worry, wearing a white suit doesn’t make you any less intimidating.

There is something dangerous about white things that makes them particularly disturbing, like the white whale Moby Dick.

No matter how majestic you are, you will never be forgotten by those who cross your path.

To buy this impeccable garment, you must first earn the reputation of 49 with the Order of Showers and then buy it in the general clothing store.

5. Forgotten axle protection set

Every man and woman is as strong as the fires they forged.

And you’re the strongest of them all.

This outfit will let others know that you are not afraid of the heat, but that you will take it with you.

The orange accents give this all-black kit the right colour. But remember, they keep you at bay, so don’t wear them for reasons of secrecy.

To buy it, you need to get a Master Devil’s Voyager award from the Forsaken Shores update, which is for sale at General Clothing.

4. Record Pirate legend

If there are people who prefer to hide under the cloak of an ordinary sailor in order to preserve the element of surprise, then there are also people who prefer their prey to know what awaits him.

This brilliant and artistic outfit makes you a true hero of the Seven Seas.

Not only does it have channels that would be 50 percent inappropriate, but it probably also has the coolest eye patch in the whole game.

Only the most famous pirates are allowed to wear the legendary kits. So you have to reach a legendary reputation of 50 people with at least three different companies to buy this sumptuous outfit.

3. Phantom Kit

A pirate ship is lost in a glass of fog.

His crew swims slowly, fearing what might surround them without being noticed.

They finally see the light. Everyone is happy when they turn to him at full speed. It’s too late when they realize it wasn’t a lighthouse or a friendly ship, but you, dressed in that phantasmagoric black suit with neon reflections.

The stories of their fate never reach the coast.

You will not find this outfit for sale in Athena’s Fortune cache until you have earned the reputation of a 10-year-old Athena’s Fortune employee.

2. Parrot kit

This colorful outfit is one of the most creative and fun things to wear. It replaces the dark, grainy style of most outfits with something brighter.

Maybe you could pass a parrot as a pirate to confuse your rivals?

You can buy this crazy outfit at General Clothing.

1. Mixing and matching

The truth is the best outfit will always be what you do for yourself.

What kind of pirate are you? What’s your story? What do you want others to think?

These are all questions your clothes can answer.

One of the most entertaining aspects of the game is to express yourself in your own style, and I suggest you try it.

Who knows, you might end up in pirate mode!

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