Top 15 Best Fallout 4 Armor Mods (All Playstyles)

As any Fallout fan will tell you, the vanilla features won’t take you very far.

I mean, of course, wearing a suit in the warehouse and a random armor can be enough to guide you through your first game. And there’s enough alternative armor to keep you busy for a while.

But eventually the Raider game gets old.

They’ll always need more.

Fortunately, people have understood this, and the mud of the Bethesda games have had many years to perfect the art, to take care of each of your desires.

If you’re looking for the perfect armor to make you feel like the avenger, or if you just want to make the game a little riskier by swapping all the outfits, someone only has one change for you.

15. Safety shield Wault-Tech

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Among my least favorite changes in fallout aesthetics after New Vegas are the changes in clothing related to the safes, especially the protection of the armor.

The mud ThatSpartacusGuy seems to be in the same camp as me, and they made this mud to give some more courage and realism to the Vault Security Armor.

He just takes the new Vegas-style Sierra Madre Security Armor and adds it to the game.

This cool armor is quite adaptable, starting with the stickers on the front.

14. CBBE Reproduction of weapons and miserable clothing

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Look, personally, I don’t like turning my Fallout 4 game into a Playboy magazine.

But a lot of people reading this are here for this reason, and I owe it to my audience.

That’s why I present TyronJam’s CBBE Skimpy Armor and Clothing Replacer, which simply transforms a pair of vanilla outfits into highly revealing versions of itself to better showcase the Beautiful Bodies edition of Caliente.

It’s sexy, it’s a little fucked up.

And it’s everything you ever wanted in the same package.

13. Stowage suit belt

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Seriously, we have a mod that, rather than completely destroying the jump like the previous one, actually makes the game easier than before.

Mud SpiffySkyTrooper discovered the absence of a metal belt to match the storage suit.

As with Fallout 3 and other franchise recordings, this is a terrible conflict in the continuity of Fallout. To remedy this, they created a new game from scratch and tried to imitate its artistic direction.

The result is this smooth metal belt that shines like a diving belt.

12. HN66S SIRIUS.12 Attack

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And if you want to cover your waist with a shiny metal belt, why don’t you go all the way and protect your whole body?

That is what the SIRIUS Assault Suit of HumanNature66 is all about. It gives you a full set of legendary robotic tanks that enhance your figure and at the same time make you look very dangerous.

Look at those killer heels!

You can also wear a normal harness over it. That makes you almost untouchable.

They are a work of art and are only allowed to look.

11. Thin suit

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Speaking of things that make your character stand out…

You can’t really play Bethesda without people trying to turn your characters into bombs, and what better way to do that in Fallout 4 than to make your standard outfit much more expressive?

It’s just a standard suit with enough subdivisions and sexier textures to make your body look like it barely fits you.

This is necessary if you have a CBBE body mod, and it is also the basis for many others.

10. MGS Armour of the beautiful animal body

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Continuing the band of impenetrable overalls, the Beastmaster Corps’ Metal Gear Solid 4 is now available in Fallout 4 thanks to a more modern Xarenth.

It may not be the easiest outfit to wear, but it looks like what the institute can imagine, so your dive should be safe.

This is just one of the many crazy women rock costumes that have been adapted in the game, and one of the best.

Experience your favorite moments in SGM4 from a whole new perspective.

All we need now is a male osmokamo suit…

9. Short-term Commonwealth

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Nobody in the Commonwealth wears shorts?

It can be a post-apocalyptic desert, but sometimes it has to be hot!

To correct this unimaginable look of the developers, the Modder DeserterX 16 offers new delicate outfits with shorts.

Not only can you spend the summer, but you can also show off your legs, which are tinted by the fact that you have never used Fast Travel before.

From now on, Fridays can be an ordinary Friday every day.

8. Tactical combat swimming

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And if you want to make the most of the summer experience in the Wastelands, you need to get your hands on the Jmanumber1 tactical combat suits.

It’s tactful because… Well, you’ll probably confuse and distract your opponents while keeping your weapons and other equipment at hand, which means you can shoot easily and have a lot of influence.

Having a belt with your gear and a helmet makes half-naked walking much more exciting.

Add a Paracord watch and a Paracord bracelet and you have a Lara Croft.

7. Powerful X-92packet converter

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Instead of covering yourself with protective clothing, why not make it more durable?

This is a fancy sold by DeserterX’s Power Suit Courser X-92, which makes you look like a modern combat synthesizer developed by the institute to counteract the Power Armor.

Fashion includes bulletproof vests, eyewear, the new PipBoy and special thermonuclear cores that will crush you in incredible beauty.

All this gives you a chance against everything from the Key of Death to Super Mutant, without having to wear a bulky Power Armor.

6. Hidden shield

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The choice between function and mode has always been a challenge for role-playing fans, especially in games with as many features as Fallout 4.

With this mode from the creator of Nisas, you can make your protective armor completely invisible, so you can endure the hard life of the wasteland without losing your appearance.

You’ll be 100% safe on a chip.

5. Pre-war cybernetics

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On the other side of the visibility spectrum, we have pre-war cybernetics.

If there were robots before the war, why weren’t there cybernetic implants?

Modder Niero offers cyberpunks the opportunity to go to the Wasteland with fully customizable cyber shielding. Including robot hands and the like.

In addition to colour selection, the player can add a variety of gadgets and other modifications to its cybernetics, from flamethrowers to simple firmware updates to enhance functionality.

It’s complicated.

But that’s what makes it so good.

4. K-9 Armour – armour for dog meat

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Few things are as cute and touching as a K-9 cop wearing his cool dog Kevlar vest in the fight against crime.

Thanks to this mode of the productive maker FadingSignal, you can now register dog meat with your personal police and equip it with beautifully designed and very practical straps that protect it from the dangers of work.

In addition to adding or removing extra back and side protections that give the dog meat extra weight, you can also choose the colour and decorative stains you want on the tape.

That’s what I call a good boy.

3. Eli’s Weapons Collection

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Like many things in life, a fashionable harness is usually as good as as comfortable.

Instead of Nexus looking for a bunch of outfits you’ll be tired of in a few days, why not install this package with a truckload of looks designed by Elianora Modding Sebrite?

With 50 new sets of legendary armour and 20 different accessories, you’ll never want to have cool new outfits again.

2. Black Widow’s Armour and PipBoy

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As you progress through Fallout 4, as well as Skyrim and other Bethesda games, you become a true force of nature that kills and wins wherever it wants.

To truly realize this irresistible fantasy of power, you need equipment that anyone within a mile can recognize.

This is exactly the that DeserterX offers with the Black Widow armor, a completely black and dark Grim Reaper look, complemented by the black PipBoy.

This is not only the most desperate armor of a mercenary, but also a fashion that includes a quest where you take the cloak of the Black Widow and enter the World of Souls to fulfill the wish of the original owner.

1. Shield upgrade

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But if you’re looking for the biggest explosion in the time it takes to set up a mod, Armorsmith Extended is the cheapest one you can find (and the explosion costs $0, so it’s definitely a bargain!).

This Gambit77 mod is one of the most approved mods of Nexus because it greatly improves the amplification system.

You can now wear any garment under armor, any hat or helmet will be compatible with bandanas or gas masks… the entire mud system has been redesigned to be more adaptable – and that’s not even half of it!

This should have been the game all along.