Top 15 Best Daggers at TES Skyrim

Diving steel into the flesh of the enemy brings no real satisfaction unless he falls quickly, which is why every skilled killer carries a powerful dagger.

And the really smart guys keep them ready to take them out if they need to.

The killers hide from the shadows and wait… But what dagger will they wear on their belts? These are my daggers for the best daggers to wear during your Skyrim sessions.

15. Murderer dagger

The Orc dagger is one of Skyrim’s simplest weapons, but it’s a fairly loyal companion that will deter countless enemies.

Orc daggers are one of the most common weapons used by novice murderers and thieves, because they can be found in many different places and offer decent damage.

This dagger can now be found in several places in Skyrim, but can also be bought directly from the many merchants roaming the snow-covered land.

Legend has it that somewhere in the labyrinth there was an orc dagger stuck in the skeleton, but this place is guarded by trolls.

The easiest way to get them is to buy them from a blacksmith or a public goods store. Shh, shh, shh, shh!

14. Eleven Dagger

Next comes an elven dagger, originally made by blacksmiths on the Summerset Islands.

According to the history books, this magazine was designed in Alinor, the capital of the islands themselves.

This dagger is Talmor’s preferred weapon and the most commonly used hand weapon of high elves. It can be found in many places where high elves live in Skyrim, but like the dagger of the orcs it can also be made or bought by ordinary merchants and blacksmiths.

Bandit leaders usually carry elf daggers as a prestige brand, which means you can find them at Dam Assault Bandit and eliminate their bosses. It’s easier to say what happened, but hey, you signed up for this trip!

13. Valdra’s Lucky Dagger

Although Valdras’ lucky dagger is not the most powerful of all steel knives, the born dragon can show his generosity by waving this short sword in honor of Waldra the Hunter.

The fortune dagger can be obtained by helping Valdre, who is trapped in the Moss Mott cave, to free the cave from the monsters that roamed it.

The hunter got stuck in the cave with some of his friends who were killed by the weeds that inhabited the cave.

Ari, a friend of his, gave him a knife before they went on the expedition. And Waldre will gladly pass it on to you as a thank you when the cave is cleared so that the hunter’s friends can be buried with respect.

12. Dagger of Borvira

The Borvira dagger is exactly what an adventurer needs if he hasn’t reached the level needed for an ordinary elven dagger.

The Borvira dagger is a copy of an ordinary elven dagger – it has only one other name and one essential difference that makes it the perfect dagger for the early game: it can be set almost immediately at the beginning of the game to .

To obtain the dagger, all you have to do is start a search for missing students, which you can obtain at Finis Gestor at Winterhold College.

The search is quite short, as it was originally intended to be part of a larger line, but the Skyrim promoters abandoned the plans.

The dagger is on one side of Borvier’s body, so if you find a missing student, you can hold the dagger.

11. Skyforge Steel Dagger

The Skyforge Steel Dagger is a rare and sharp weapon that has the same basic damage as the Elven Dagger, and it can be quite difficult to obtain an item.

Experienced adventurers may encounter a wide range of Skyforge weapons that are not commonplace and need to be found or purchased from certain suppliers.

The Skyforge Steel Dagger is available as a reward for any quest, but the safest way for an adventurer to obtain this precious weapon is to find and buy it from Eourlund Gray-Mane.

He has a large collection of these knives, available and ready for sale. And the low base value makes it pretty easy to return the favor at the beginning of the game.

10. Haematoma

With a name as you know, we’re talking business. The bloody Christmas knife is the first single knife on this list and perhaps one of the most useful little weapons available on Skyrim.

The leech has a rather unique effect: If an enemy dies within three seconds after his attack, his soul will move to fill all the empty soul jewels in your inventory.

The blood slide also has a unique effect that does not appear in the description: It absorbs the health of any enemy that pierces it and easily compensates for the missing base damage.

However, it is not easy to get on all.

You should visit the Scandinavian tomb at Hag’s End and go through all the difficulties that can stop you. The leech is directly on the altar, so shake off the blood stains on your clothes and remove them when you have cleaned the end of Kaga.

9. Northern dagger

The elegant Scandinavian dagger is a powerful knife that can be found in many places around Skyrim after reaching level 26.

It only appears if Dragonborn DLC is installed, because the weapons were not originally included in the basic version of the game.

Although the knife is similar to other weapons in terms of basic damage, its unique and beautiful forgery makes it one of the most sought-after weapons of experienced killers.

The Scandinavian dagger has only one permanent descendant in the game, namely in the house of Grodolf.

Weapons can also be found on the bodies of killed enemies, but here too you need a level 26 or higher. The Scandinavian dagger is also on level 25, but will not be enchanted.

8. Alessandra’s Dagger

So this dagger has many of the characteristics of an ordinary steel dagger, but is much lighter than its analogue one.

In fact, Alessandra’s dagger is one of the best weapons killer , if we consider its weight in one point. Especially for players who like to feel agile.

The owner of this magazine, Alessandra, is the priest of Arcaya, who rewarded her father this faithful companion after finishing his studies.

It’s also a research object, so you can’t take it out of your inventory.

Many Skyrim veterans prefer not to complete the quest to keep their weapons, as it’s very convenient if a player is accidentally thrown in jail – quest items can’t be removed, so you can even keep them behind bars!

7. Mehrunes Razor

This hideous knife is an artifact of Deedric, which can only be obtained by the search that Mehrunes Dagon has undertaken.

Prince Dedric will give you his knife as soon as the Born Dragon helps him to fulfill his wishes.

It is one of the best blades in the game because it has a hidden effect that gives almost 2% chance of instinctively killing any creature anywhere.

As if that wasn’t enough, this incredible leaf has a damaged base of 11, making it the strongest leaf on the list.

To get this nimble little man, you have to fill in the parts of the past, and you have to save &mdashnot – kill Silus to make Daedric Prince happy.

If you don’t execute a man, Dagon won’t give you his razor. You better make it up to me now if you ever want to take that gun.

6. Dagger storage

Kinning was forged by the legendary genius Dwemer, Kagrenak, many years before Skyrim.

The weapon has existed since the earliest times and is considered one of the rarest and most expensive daggers in the game.

It has a unique spell that drains 10 points of magic, health and stamina, but cannot be recharged.

The only way to prevent Keening’s dagger from losing its charm is for the player to wear equipment that promotes destruction.

This prevents the spell from losing its (clever!) charm.

It can be obtained by visiting a specific location during Arniel’s Endeavor quest, such as Broken Helmet Depression, Mara’s Eye Lair or Gallows Rock.

5. Hederick’s Dagger

Deidre’s dagger is one of the many weapons Deidre possesses, but it is also used by those who want to kill in secret.

With a damage base of 11, Deedric’s dagger is one of the most powerful short blades in the game (among a handful of others in this level).

It has a nice design, benign, able to cut any kind of meat in Tamriel.

The Dremora dealer will sell these knives as soon as you reach level 46. And it can also be found as a random drop of dragon looting, as well as in the dens of some high-level thieves.

The Deed Dagger is a powerful weapon and one of the best daggers the killer can carry in the final game – especially if you enchant him with a powerful spell.

4. Stalhrim’s dagger

Stalhrim’s dagger is quite unique, although you can find it scattered around Skyrim if you know where to look.

Still, it is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and even more so if you give this fool some charm.

It can be purchased from some suppliers after the search for the New Stalhrim spring, which is also needed for crafts and daggers.

Glover Mallory and Baldor Iron-Shaper are the two main sellers of the game who sell this rare leaf. It can also be found as accidental prey in boxes.

3. Sacrifice of the knife

This rare black dagger belongs mainly to the followers of Bethia, the devilish prince of deceit and betrayal.

Normally it behaves like a normal ebony leaf, but it is one of the most beautiful and impressive weapons of its size.

With a base damage of 10, this knife can prove its worth in combat and secret murder missions.

It can be obtained by looting the bodies of all Boetia supporters while searching for Boetia’s reputation.

This quest must be completed by having kill all disciples of Prince Derrick, which means you can get several copies of this dagger if you want.

Don’t forget that every pendant carries one of these powerful knives.

2. Dragonfolk

The dragon bone dagger is quite difficult to make because it requires a high degree of forging skills, as well as the presence of dragon bones in the inventory, with leather straps.

It has a powerful damage base of 12, making it the most powerful dagger weapon in the game, right next to the Blade of Doom (that’s the next one, hint!).

However, the Dagger of Stripping is not enchanted and cannot have the same powerful charm as the Blade of Pain.

The main difference between these daggers is that the blade of the dragon is much faster than that of the cannon, and it allows the Born Dragon to strike much more often than its counterpart.

This knife is perfect for assassins and for any warrior who prefers to carry smaller weapons in his quest.

1. Funeral knife

Het Pijnblad is the most recognizable short leaf of an old parchment.

It has also been published in Oblivion and TES Online and is the most representative article in The Dark Brotherhood.

The Sword of Pain was originally an ordinary leaf, but is fascinated by the history of the Upper Scrolls IV by the Mother of the Night herself: Oblivion.

This terrifying knife is the only weapon in that can be upgraded without the use of rods in the mill, and the damage is so great that most killers prefer to use it for any other weapon if possible.

In Skyrim, the Sword of Pain belongs to the leader of the Brotherhood of Darkness. But he won’t be rewarded until you’ve completed some of the Dark Brotherhood’s basic quests.

A reasonable reward for an experienced killer.

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