Top 15 Best Arms in Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a wonderful game with a world full of seemingly endless places and challenges to explore.

When Aloy enters dangerous areas, it is important to have the best weapons to be ready to face any enemy.

Whether you take to the skies as you fight the Stormtroopers or in an epic duel against Thunderjaw, it’s crucial to know which weapon will give you the best advantage in whatever.

These 15 weapons are my best choice, and they give the a wide range of advantages that give Aloy a head start in almost any combat situation.

15. Crack breaker

You deserve the tear-cleaner because of the secondary occupation of the hunting grounds.

Used for a single purpose: removing armour from the vehicle at a short distance.

It is not the most versatile or adaptable weapon, but it is effective in squeezing to quickly create a vulnerability.

Because they’re melee weapons, they have to be preserved for certain battle scenarios.

After all, these weapons are designed for one purpose, but they are very effective in what they are made for.

14. Arch Karia Wars

A normal bow is used to fire elementary shots with different effects on enemies depending on the chosen mods and arrows.

Carja’s warbow is especially impressive because he has 50 controls and 2 extra mods.

Carja Kriegsbogen can shoot electric arrows and ice arrows, which carry elementary arrows. And although battle bows don’t do much damage, they’re – and – weapons, because you can switch between elementary effects while playing remotely.

13. Shadowbow

Either way, the hunter’s bow is Aloy’s weapon. This is the first weapon you start the game with, and it can be upgraded if you find other items to work with.

But the archer is the best version of this reliable weapon.

Thanks to its versatility, this bow with 80 handles and three slots in various modifications is so well equipped that it is needed for almost every stroke.

It causes both significant damage and additional damage when removing armour from heavy vehicles. I bet that bow is a mandatory weapon for Aloy.

12. Shadow rattles

A classic Rattler is a weapon that looks a lot like a shotgun.

It’s perfect for close combat, with low accuracy. The trade-off in accuracy is the ability to fire multiple shots that quickly cause damage.

Your version of the shadow is now available as soon as you reach the meridian.

Shadow Rattler offers 100 controllable locations and three fashionable locations with additional stop signals added to the previous electrical plans.

Despite its low accuracy, this weapon, when used correctly, can be very effective in saving Aloy or quickly inflicting damage on multiple enemies in close combat.

11. Banuca Arch Master

Frozen Wilds is a DLC that can be added to the base game, allowing you to explore additional areas, complete missions and battle even more complex machines.

To meet these new challenges, Frozen Wilds also includes a new weapon that has its own advantages.

And here’s one: Champion Banuks onions. This is an updated version of the traditional combat arch of the basic game.

The Banuk Champion arch has a unique covered mechanism that allows you to hold the target longer without compromising the integrity of the shot.

What’s more, these Banuk options have a higher basic statistic than other arches, making them, despite their rarity, powerful opponents in the list of the best weapons you can buy.

10. Net Shadowbow

The original sniper arches are weapons that cause serious damage over long distances with slow execution times and small amounts of ammunition.

This type of weapon is similar to a sniper weapon and is most effectively used at a distance.

After upgrading to Sharpshot Bow you will receive 20 processing slots and three fashionable slots.

It is the perfect weapon to fight enemies from a distance, with three different arrows to choose from.

9. Shade floodlight

Slingshots are used to slowly fire weapons that shoot explosives at cars. Mostly catapults.

These weapons do a lot of damage, with additional effects depending on the bombs you have.

The Shadow Blast Sling is one of the best weapons in the game as it can carry up to two different types of grenades plus additional mines that explode when the enemy is within range, making it ideal for catching or defending.

Shadow Blast has 40 adaptations and is for sale at Meridian. It’s definitely worth adding it to your inventory.

8. Arch Banuk Powershot

So this weapon looks a lot like the original Sharpshot bow.

But the Banuk Powershot Bow is a more powerful weapon that does a lot of damage remotely, with long straps and little ammunition.

The Powershot arch can only be purchased via DLC Frozen Wilds, so it is quite rare and difficult to access.

With higher basic stats and the shooting that goes with every Banuk bow, this weapon is definitely a strong contender to get a pretty high score in this list (maybe even higher, but there are so many other powerful weapons to consider!).

7. Shade Tripcaster

One more introduction: The Tripcaster is a useful tool for setting traps for unsuspecting enemies, giving Aloy a clear advantage in any battle.

The tripcaster defines the line of motion between the two points as an invisible line. It inflicts damage every time the enemy passes by.

For example, the more powerful Shadow Tripcaster has three fashionable slots and 30 manageable slots.

This special Tripcaster has the same stock as the smaller versions, but is equipped with an extra fire wire which, when activated, causes considerable damage in case of fire.

These weapons are very effective for setting traps or just for surprising larger machines.

With the right place and time, you can build the wires and trap the enemies directly.

6. Housing companies

The Ropecaster Lodge can only be unlocked when the whole hunting area is filled.

This pulley is especially the best version of the in the , because you can get much more out of each rope, so you don’t need as much hardware as the other versions.

If you manage to get your hands on this weapon, you’ll notice that it has 70 controls and three extra slots for extra effects.

With this handy tool at your fingertips, you can make much larger enemies more accessible, so you can do effective damage without running the same risk.

5. Air Capsule Valve

It’s definitely the best version of an explosive noose in the whole game.

The Lodge Explosion Harness has the same advantages as the Shadow Explosion Harness, including additional short-range bombs that detonate as soon as the enemy is around.

Please note that these weapons can only be purchased after the hunter’s quest has been completed.

The difference between the two weapons is that the wigwam is almost twice as big as the shadow version.

This small difference gives the Lodge Blast Sling the ultimate advantage and a very useful weapon for eliminating enemies with highly targeted damage.

4. Improved hierarchy

These weapons can only be purchased through DLC Frozen Wilds.

The Ice Boat is a unique weapon that causes damage to the ice thanks to the function of the Ice Launcher, and the Ice Gun that comes with an improved version of this weapon.

This weapon has a score of , a very effective , because it can cause significant damage with an ice gun, but can also freeze enemies and cause basic damage with an ice thrower. It’s like a triple threat, waiting for almost a quadruple threat.

Note that it is a melee weapon, but it is well equipped to take this list, and it is worth to follow it through the game.

3. Shadow warfare arch

Each rainbow is powerful, but the rainbow of shadows is definitely one of the most powerful weapons you can work with.

This combat arch has a total of 50 controllable slots and three different mode slots.

In addition to the elementary arrows offered by other bows, the Shadow Warrior’s bow has a destructive arrow that offers additional advantages.

If the machine is completely damaged, it will fight at your side for a short time.

This is a unique tool that can be useful in situations where you have many machines running at the same time.

2. War chest

Now I have to say that the Lodge War Arch is in second place, because it has many functions and it really activates basic attacks.

It resembles the arc of the Shadow War in almost every respect. The only difference is that the fake war arch causes a little more basic damage with each arrow.

The two battle arches are impressive, but the small advantage of the extra damage increase is enough to take second place in our lodge variant.

1. Enhanced attack soldier

This unique weapon can only be purchased with the Frozen Wilds DLC, and is definitely worth testing.

Although these weapons are part of the DLC package and are rarely purchased, they are simply too powerful to be ignored.

This weapon was given to Aloy by the shaman, and it allows you to pull dangerous electric bolts on any machine that crosses your path.

This attack soldier can absorb a lot of damage and knocks to machines and removes the narrowest machines with relative ease.

Due to the spectacular damage these weapons can cause with little cost or compromise, they are undoubtedly the best weapon on the horizon: Zero twilight. Scare her by all means, if you’re patient.

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