Top 12 Best Fantasy Star Games Of All Time (Ranked)

Developed by SEGA with Sonic Team, the first Phantasy Star, released in the late 1980s, shocked the world of role-playing games with its colorful graphics, complex combat system and body story.

This series is a favorite of the lucky ones who grew up on SEGA consoles such as Master System and Sega Genesis.

And although it is not much talked about today, it is one of those franchises that has shaped the role of the game industry as we know it today.

After major changes over the years, the series began to pay more attention to online games, and in 2020 the large-scale MMO Phantasy Star Online 2 was released in the West.

To remember the original spirit-based adventures and bring fans into the world of PSO2, I decided to evaluate the best games in the franchise, including all those released for Western markets.

12. Fantasy Star Online III: K.A.R.D. Revolution (2003)

Let me be clear: I do not like console games, especially older games like GameCube that did not have built-in online functionality.

Not only will the player population always be absent, but you also need to have an extensive periphery and generally only know about polishing.

PSOIII suffers not only from these limitations, but also from gameplay – it’s an overly experimental card game that’s broken with everything we knew about the series.

I can only imagine what kind of frustration this game must have caused to uninformed customers over the years. Of course the best titles, which in my humble opinion should be tried out. Next!

11. Fantasy Star Online I & II (2002)

Despite their enormous superiority over PSOIII, the two original episodes of Fantasy Star Online still suffer from the same constant limitations.

This version of the GameCube and Xbox serves as an expansion pack for the original PSO, including new monsters and quests in the all-new Episode II, as well as the original content that is now called Episode I.

Among other things, this version supports split-screen multiplayer, so your friends can crack the online slash with you from the same console.

10. Fantasy star 0 (2009)

Phantasy Star 0 on NDS has a surprisingly similar gameplay and fights with PSO, despite the limited layout of the buttons, but with the most beautiful graphics possible, even on a handheld console.

In addition, there are many single-player campaigns that can be tested from different angles depending on your character’s race.

Without a doubt one of the best action role-playing games on the NDS list.

It must be worth losing.

9. Universe of fantastic stars (2006)

Though designed for online gaming, the PS2 and XBOX360 power supplies also offer a solid solo campaign with a fully-implemented story.

And that was the first online name of Fantasy Star.

The 100th. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the peace treaty between the three planets, an apparent meteor shower announces the arrival of EED, an invasive alien monster species. You have to stop them.

The gameplay is essentially an ordinary travel OSP with different parameters.

In fact, the game looks like a graphically modernized OSP, which is now accessible to a single player.

8. Universe of fantastic stars: Ambitions in the lamp sector (2007)

The Illuminus ambition is a criminally underestimated extension of the original GPO.

Not only are the graphics clear and the story much more interesting, but there are also pre-edited tracks that rip and tons of newcontent.

In this respect, the developers made a mistake by putting their work into an already crippled horse, but if you get a version of the Xbox 360 power supply – which allows you to download the Ambition Lamp for free – you won’t be disappointed.

7. Fantasy Star Online 2 (2012/2020)

Although PSO2 is an eight-year-old game, it will not be globally released outside Japan until 2020.

There is no reason to worry about outdated images or content.

Since this MMORPG has been a great success in Rising Sun Country , the developers update it year after year.

In the middle of the plot – the oracle, a space agency that colonizes the furthest corners of the universe using special technology.

Many Japanese consider this to be the best experience to be a star of the imagination so far.

But most of us will have to play it ourselves and make a decision.

6. Fantastic Star II (1989)

The second part of the original series was released a year after the release of the original Sega Genesis, with massively updated graphics and sound thanks to a hardware leap from 8 to 16 bits.

The game follows Rolf, a government agent who has turned into a rebel to destroy the brains of his mother’s terraforming AI.

This brain has been malfunctioning for some time due to the influence of the Dark Force, the first villain of the game 1000 years ago. It’s insane, isn’t it?

This deep and fascinating story was one of the many draws in the game.

The IPSP is far from perfect, because of the labyrinthine dungeons and the introduction of the back: the game seems more difficult than its predecessor. But it is an absolutely entertaining game and ideal for people with nostalgic memories.

5. Fantastic Star III: Generations of destiny (1991)

The third part of the original series was – at least at the beginning of the story – a small deviation from the heavy and fantastic aesthetics of the first two races.

You see, the game goes back to seemingly dark times… but it doesn’t.

But this is a turn I don’t want to ruin for you.

One of the most amazing moments of the game is that the story includes three generations of characters.

And you can influence who will be the next main character in by choosing which one you will marry each time.

This fight, as well as a fight of elves and stars, earned him the applause of the critics and a great love of the fans.

4. Portable Fancy Star (2009)

Although the word universe does not appear anywhere in his name, the portable Phantasy Star module is in fact the third installment in the universe saga and a direct extension of the ambitions of light.

Now that the terrorist threat from the Illuminus is over, the rebirth of the EED is plunging the world into chaos once again.

And it depends on the android Vivienne and the character of the player whether he can solve the problem.

The gameplay is a more advanced version of the GPO battle, and the graphics of the game are even better thanks to the clever use of GPO hardware by the developers, allowing the game to support up to 4 players in co-op play.

3. Fantasy Star Portable II (2010)

The quality of the game has only improved with the release of PSPII, the fourth installment of the saga of the universe.

Thanks to their extensive experience with the PSP architecture, the developers now have even better graphics with beautiful textures and effects.

He keeps playing like a charmer, and it’s longer and harder than his predecessor.

If you have time, I suggest you play these games one after the other.

2. Fantastic Star (1988)

Although the franchise follows the dark but profitable path of MMO games, Phantasy Star began in the 1980s as a revolutionary role-playing game franchise that stood alongside other giants such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger.

It served as an introduction to the planets, races and legends of the series, all of which have been passed down through the history of Alice Landale.

It’s a woman who wants revenge after her sister was murdered by a corrupt monarchy.

Each figure has a certain personality and a fully revealed history, which was surprising by the standards of the time.

If you make the right reading decision, I recommend the improved version of Phantasy Star Generation 1 for PS2.

1. Fantastic Star IV: End of millennium (1995)

In the final years of the Sega Genesis, Fantasia Star IV was ignored by most critics and users, preventing the success it deserved.

Not only did it have many more side-quests and gameplay features than its predecessors, but the sprites were just great and the soundtrack was even more realistic.

At the end of the day she completes the original saga. As the protagonists fight the dangers of the world in the turmoil 1000 years after the destruction of the maternal brain and try to defeat the Dark Force once and for all.

It is also the first time in this cycle that the detailed interaction between the members of your party is presented.

It is currently considered one of the best franchise games and has a strong argument for the title of best 16-bit role-playing game.

And I think that’s exactly why she deserves that spot on my list.

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