Top 10 Star Ocean Best Characters: Integrity and Unfaithfulness

As the fifth record in the Star Ocean series, integrity and infidelity have done much to update the franchise for new generations without compromising the old fans.

In traditional JRPG games, the stunning graphics, 60 frames per second frame rate constants and wide landscapes make the game truly distinctive. But the characters in the story and remain true to the traditions of the genre.

I mean, of course, the combat system is fantastic. And a smooth transition to the confrontation without the burden of a screen is a big step forward compared to other games.

But true fans of the Sea of Stars always want unforgettable characters at their party and throughout the plot.

It was the occupation of the stellar ocean: Are honesty and perfection as good as the rest of the game? Let’s take a look at my selection of the best characters in history and find out!

10. Hana

We don’t know much about Han, except that she’s one of Victor’s companions at the Royal Chosen One.

She clearly comes from a wealthy family, but that doesn’t define her.

She chose to live in the army rather than in research, mainly to escape the advantages and prestige that inevitably secured her family ties. That makes her a respectable character in my book.

But the main reason she made the list is her beautiful design.

It’s the right balance between softness, freshness and charm!

9. Relia

A super cute guy with an overly elaborate clothing design – nothing new in the world of JRPG. But the Tri-A’s have adapted the archetype excellently.

Unlike many children in the JRPG, Relia behaves like a small child.

Her amnesia probably helps in this area, but the way she deals with Fidel and Mickey is particularly fascinating.

The fear she shows in the face of her own mysterious powers also makes her very credible.

8. Which winery

No JRPG franchise is complete without a permanent character who somehow manages to make his way through each period and geographical location where the game takes place.

Welch, the ingenious inventor, is Star Ocean’s answer to this request.

This version differs slightly from the others and puts more emphasis on its capricious character. But the heart of his character remains.

She is a feathered blonde, a bit crazy, who likes to flirt so much that Victor feels uncomfortable and actively avoids visiting her shop.

She’ll teach you all about crafts, cooking and forging. So you have plenty of time to get to know them during the game.

7. Daryl Kamuse

In the beginning it is difficult to imagine Fidel’s father as a more than vague figure of a legendary swordsman. But at the peak of the game it becomes clear that he is a respectable , despite his tense relationship with his son.

He expected a lot from Fidel, and as many parents are inclined to do, he encouraged him strongly and rarely congratulated him in the pursuit of greatness.

It could ruin their relationship and hurt Fidel. But he’s undoubtedly managed to make an honest man out of Fidel.

6. Anna Patriciani

There are many strong and powerful women in the Hong Kong SAR. But Anna goes even further, because she is both a master of martial arts and a true intellectual.

His personality is a wonderful mix of intelligence, shyness and a strange detachment from reality that makes you look at the world through his eyes.

She also loves cats who really cheat when they write hieroglyphics. I mean, who doesn’t like a cat lover?

5. Victor Oakville

Victor was chosen as king because of his remarkable martial arts, which he demonstrates with sufficient scope and powerful movements with katana and long words in combat.

His military uniform reflects his serious and pragmatic personality.

But like most things in life, Victor is more than he seems at first sight. Despite the fact that he is so strong and respected, he shows an uncertain side that is always interested in improvement. He’s also a little superstitious, and sometimes just weird.

He even challenges a cat to a duel for a point!

4. Fiore Brunelli

Dedicating your life to science and research doesn’t mean you can’t be sexual.

That’s exactly what Fiore seems to say with his incredibly revealing clothes.

She is always very conscientious, a side that becomes clear when you learn that she keeps the spare parts for her outfit in different sizes to adapt to weight changes. Talk about dedication.

This scientist from the Royal Institute of Oral Science in Langdauk has learned that she can use both her intellect and her feminine charm to achieve her goals.

This dark and mysterious personality fits perfectly with her witch adornment and dark abilities.

3. Emmerson T. Kenny

His conception may resemble that of the priests, but he is far from being a holy man.

Emmerson of the Kenny clan, known in the legends of the Indian Ocean for his military skills. Skills Emmerson shares.

He saw a lot of things during his military career and probably did a lot of questionable things.

He has a wisdom and self-confidence that comes with age, but he has not lost the playfulness of the eternal bachelor, and he has no choice but to flirt with any girl who arouses his interest.

Emmerson is a versatile character, and that’s what makes him so good.

2. Miki Savior

One of the best features of the game is now the emergence of characters who feel more mature than usual in the genre, such as Mickey Sovster.

Despite the fact that she plays a beautiful childhood friend of the main character, she is also, as it were, the mother of the party.

He supports other characters in difficult times, as you can see in many of their personal actions.

Being an orphan herself, she probably knows what it’s like to have no one, so she tries to help people in need.

1. Fidel Kamuse

As the son of one of the world’s most famous heroes and politicians, Fidel was put under great pressure during his teenage years.

Instead of becoming a quick teenager, as most JRPG protagonists do, Fidel grew up under pressure to become a skilled leader and a strong swordsman.

It’s probably useful that we meet him in his early 20s, not in his teens.

After focusing on a more mature protagonist, part of his story becomes Relia’s father and through this process he understands his own father.

Not only is it unique, but it also highlights how JRPG stories can have a lot of depth and how you can keep them interesting for older fans.

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