Top 10 of the best heavy weapons in fallout 4

Fallout 4 offers many ways to bring the 23rd century America to life. I’d like to get to know you. Whether you want to be a secret sniper, a convincing negotiator or a demolition expert, it’s up to you.

One of the most powerful and popular ways to cross the Wasteland is to dress up in large, powerful armour and carry deadly weapons to destroy those who stand in your way.

In this list I’m going to list the best heavy weapons you can add to your arsenal in order of usefulness, versatility and brute force.

There are lasers, explosives, nuclear weapons and even harpoons! Whatever you want, there’s something for you on that list.

10. General public

The tenth place is perhaps one of the most unique weapons in the game.

The Broadsider is actually an 18th century sea cannon. Century, which is attached to a pedestal on 23. It is attached to the 19th century, making it as easy to carry, fire and reload as any other weapon.

The damage is similar to that of a launcher, making it a better alternative to short-range firing, where explosives can also cause damage. It’s also much easier.

The only drawback of Broadsider is that it is difficult to achieve the goal, and the only way to achieve it is to support Captain Ironsides on his last voyage under the U.S. Constitution, which makes it impossible to be on the side of the Trashmen.

9. Corporal ash flame

Sergeant Ash is a unique flame for the Far Harbour CID. One would think that fire damage is quite common, but Sergeant Ash makes up for the knee effect, giving him a 20% chance of injuring his opponent’s legs.

This makes it an excellent option to fight against the great mobile enemies that might otherwise give you a difficult time to fight, such as the Laws of Death. With this effect you can easily paralyse them, so you can easily burn them into a crispy crust or pull them away. The choice of dealer.

The cartridges for this stuff are also quite light and easy to buy.

You can buy Sergeant Ash from Dejen in Acadia.

8. Bakery Minigan

In line with the trend of burning fallow land, we have an ashtray here.

This precisely named mini fire pistol belongs to Fahrenheit, John Hancock’s bodyguard and head of the neighborhood watch.

You can get it at the end of the Great Dig, as a reward for Bobby Nose’s betrayal, or by looting it from Fahrenheit if you decide to side with a meaningless rabble.

This weapon has slightly more damage than a normal mini firearm, but its ability to fire on enemies makes it much more viable. And it’s a great way to shoot a lot of little enemies like myrrhurkas.

7. Cryolator

At the other end of the thermal spectrum, we have a cryolator. This is a low-temperature syringe that can freeze enemies for a period of time so you can concentrate on other enemies or just get the situation under control.

You can also convert your weapon into an Ice Crystal Shooter by adding a modification to crystallize the barrel.

This increases efficiency, damage and range, making the cryolator as a whole a more powerful weapon, especially when compared to some of the others in this collection.

You’ll find the cryolator at the start of your adventure at Camp 111, but you can’t buy it until you’ve picked up the locks at master level. So it’s a weapon you’ll have to get into trouble later in the game.

6. Mass launch vehicles

At first glance, the party launcher looks like any other rocket launcher. But what distinguishes it from its usual counterpart is the effect of the Assassin weapon, which increases the damage to a person by 50%.

The fact that man is one of the most common enemies in the game makes this rocket launcher a fan favorite and with the right models, such as the quadruple tube (increased ammunition capacity) and the targeting computer (rocket house), absolutely unrestrained.

The main disadvantage of this weapon is the considerable weight of the ammunition, so you can’t carry as much as you need for your rocket massacre.

If you want to tear the looters to pieces, you can get party tickets at KL-E-0, a Goodneighbor dealer.

5. CanonFriend of the Admiral.

Admiral Harpoon Gun, who is friends with Admiral Harpoon Gun, shares his unique brand with Broadsider.

In the 23rd century America. That seems a bit inappropriate at the beginning of the 20th century. But don’t be fooled by the anachronism!

Admiral’s Friend assumes the same damage as the launcher, he treats double damage to healthy enemies and kills most humanoid enemies easily with a single blow.

The harpoons he uses as ammunition can also be found, making an already amazing weapon a real option for any seal.

You can only get Admiral’s Friend if you buy it from Allen Lee at DLC Far Harbour.

4. Energy

Aeternus, which means eternal in Latin, is an appropriate name for a weapon that offers almost unlimited ammunition.

It’s true: With this legally purchased Gatling laser you can fire an infinite number of shots under the right circumstances.

To enable this effect, the inventory should contain at least three Thermocore nuclei. The gun seems to consume a cartridge the first time you use it, but you can continue firing without consuming any more.

There are other more powerful Gatling lasers in the game, but an unlimited number of shots certainly makes it the most effective weapon.

Pay attention: Aeternus is only available if you have a Nuka-World DLC.

Just repeat the Love Fight quest until you face the naughty knight in battle. After his defeat, he will release Eternus.

3. Fat

One of the things that makes the Fallout franchise so special is the absurdity and exaggeration it can have.

Step inside the M42 Fat Man portable mini nuclear launcher, a weapon that enables nuclear destruction at the touch of a button.

Few things seem cooler and make you feel more powerful than firing one atomic bomb after another in the general direction of your enemies, of which only the strongest can survive a shot of this thing.

If you feel it lacks energy, you can make it 50% more powerful by making it a Nuka nuclear missile launcher in the Nuka-World DLC.

With the right tools, such as a heavy shooter and a blaster, no one should dare challenge you.

But that’s where the fun starts.

The fat man can be found in various places, such as in the arsenals of the castle and Fort Hagen.

2. Final solution

Unlike the Aeternus, this Gatling laser is not meant to make you fight endlessly, but to kill all as fast as possible.

The final verdict shoots 50% faster than a standard Gatling laser once installed in the buckets of mode.

Combine this with very high base damage for automatic weapons, and this monster will dismantle everything a wasteland throws at you in no time.

You can only get this weapon by taking it from Arthur Maxon, either by disarming it somehow, or by looting his body after the search to crash the airship.

1. Big boy

At the top of that list is Fallout 4’s coolest and most powerful weapon.

This mini heart caster has the highest damage potential in the game with the right bonuses and mods.

How did he get there?

Instead of a mini core, it starts with two.

Yeah, the only way to make a portable cooler for nuclear destruction is to double the charge.

And that’s exactly what the Big Boy rocket does. In addition, it uses only one cartridge per double shot and is compatible with Nuka-World DLC’s Nuka-Nuke mode, making it 50% more powerful. Seriously, that thing’s an animal.

You can buy a Big Boy from Arturo Rodríguez in Diamond City for a very high price – about 14,000 bottle caps without any charismatic bonus. Wastewater management is not cheap.

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