Top 10 New Player Tips – RimWorld Guide

RimWorld is a unique experience. This top-down colony management game, developed by Ludeon Studios, was initially continued as part of Kickstarter’s crowd financing service. Since the release of RimWorld, however, the audience has only increased. Because new players appear all the time, we decided to give a few tips for new players.

1. Carefully select a landing site

Once you have fallen back into your original landing zone, you will be forced to fight for survival. Luckily, you can choose your landing site first.

There are different biomes you can choose when choosing your landing zone. At the same time, not all biomes are created equal. Depending on the biomechanical mechanism you choose, the first parts of the game can be incredibly complex or relatively simple.

For example, the biomechanism of temperate latitudes is considered to be the simplest starting point. After all, this biomeet has the most unfavourable weather and environmental conditions. If you choose the mountain or the plain, you will be faced with more difficult conditions. However, the most difficult biomes are extreme deserts and ice caps.

Do you want an exciting test or do you want to learn the basics with a minimum of difficulty? Select the landing zone accordingly.

2. Kill BoxInstallation

By continuing to play RimWorld, the trajectory and general movement of the enemy units becomes somewhat predictable. Take advantage of that fact.

Seal off your colony with a big wall. Then build a corridor leading to the only entrance to your colony. This is the hallway where you make your killbox.

The concept of the Death Box is to lead all your enemies to a predictable location, so you can unleash the enormous anger with which you arm their path. Put on the guard, the turrets and anything else you can throw at them. It will give the defense of your colony a light breeze when it comes to medium attack.

3. You need more and more snipers

Snipers are beautiful sentries for almost any occasion. If you need fighter jets at the gates of your colony to keep your people safe, snipers can fight enemies that advance faster than most. You’ll also be happy to have a small treasure trove of snipers when the mechanical enemies start to storm your territory.

It is also important to note that mortars can be an alternative to an abundance of snipers. You can use mortars to force enemies to kill boxes.

4. You lose.

Unless you play one of the simplest biomes, RimWorld will probably beat you in the end. This game is complicated.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try new strategies every time you build a colony. Accept problems in new and inventive ways.

Part of the fun at RimWorld is learning how best to bypass the system. It is therefore likely that the system will beat you several times in the beginning.

5. Always take care of the health of the settlers

Maintaining the health of your colonizer is a priority. Luckily you feed your people just enough to heal small wounds.

However, the deeply wounded settlers need a medical bed. Prepare at least one of these beds and make sure she has her own room with lots of space. Finally, you should decorate your colony with as much pleasure and taste as possible. It will help prevent mental health problems in your colonizer.

6. Knowing how to find suitable accommodation

In fact, there are three steps to reach a first agreement. They have to do with housing, safety and then protection.

The first thing you have to do is build dormitories for each of your settlers. Then you must do everything in your power to ensure that you can follow your diet properly. You need a storage room or even a freezer.

Then send some settlers out to eat. In the meantime, start a small growth zone. Always make sure the food comes from more than one source. It is also important to note that you should not allow your settlers to eat raw meat. Make sure you cook every meal.

Finally, build towers around your colony to ensure the safety of your people. After a while you can afford to build a wall and place snipers. In the meantime, several towers should be able to hold it.

7. Be careful when selecting settlers

There are many settlers and each of them offers a unique range of skills. In this context, there are a few points you need to address.

For example, you need a doctor, a gunman and a singer. Make sure that each of these skills is covered at the beginning of the game. They want to avoid the use of unskilled labour for as long as possible.

The inability to transport goods from one place to another can be frustrating, but not as frustrating as the inability of your colony to grow at a steady pace. You also need to avoid arsonists. When you start, most of your installation will probably be made of wood. Having an arsonist on board can easily lead to disaster.

8. Priority of your work

You can assign the work to your coloniser according to the 1-4 number system. Each settler will complete each task marked in one category before moving on to two categories. Once you’ve passed all four categories, your colon will start again.

Luckily, you can arrange your daily tasks for each of the four systems manually. If you want your colon to cancel its task immediately and start working at the top of the list, simply solve the drawing and cross the selected colon again.

Write down your areas of work. Your colon will not perform the task if it is outside its workspace, so you can prioritize it and realize later that it has been ignored.

9. Keep your colon happy.

This advice is probably the most obvious. But it’s also important. Keep your colonizer happy.

The less happy your colon is, the more stress it’s under. In order to tackle this problem before it happens, make sure you have sufficient food, shelter and a clean environment at your disposal at all times. Remember that the sight of dead bodies or the death of a settler will have a negative effect on the happiness of your group.

10. Choose your skills carefully

At RimWorld you can buy new skills to improve your skills during the game. It is important to choose the initial skills for specialisation wisely. Below is a list of some of the most useful primary and secondary skills.

Basic skills: Extraction, cultivation, construction and cooking

Capacities: Social sector, animals, crafts, research and combat.

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