Top 10 Most Valuable Items in RuneScape Old School (OSRS)

Have you ever thought about the most expensive things at the old RuneScape school? Like us, we have collected the ten most valuable items in the game, along with their estimated price.

Although these prices can fluctuate over time, most have found a stable range in the game at this trading stage. Of course, the rarity and strength of a thing is very important, as is its cost.

10. Mental Shield Arcanum

Approximate price: 140,000,000 HORSES

Like the shield of the Spirit of Elisha, you create the shield of the Secret Spirit by attaching a sign, here the sign of the Secret Spirit, to the shield of the Blessed Spirit. It has the same defensive values as the base shield, with an extra +20 bonus for a magical attack.

9. Birth Robot Kit

Approximate price: 140,000,000 HORSES

Generic robots peaked at almost 400 million horsepower, but over time their costs have steadily decreased. But with 140 million, it’s always interesting to make that list. To receive a set you can exchange it via the Grand Exchange employee.

8. Jacket for elderly

Approximate price: 195,000,000 HORSES

With almost 200 million bp, the raincoat of the 3rd millennium B.C. requires the same values as the cape of cutting skills + 1 extra prayer point.

7. 3-year axis

Approximate price: 390.000.000 HORSES

Axe on 3. Century is no better than the Dragon Axe, because it has the same cutting speed and special attack speed, but certainly costs much more. It takes 65 attacks and 61 engravings to equip them.

6. 3 Old long word

Approximate price: 460,000,000 HP

Long 3 is the strongest and longest word in the old RuneScape school. So he’s putting a lot of money on the market. The only way to get it is to pass the elite and the masterful Treasure Way at a decreasing speed of 1/488,750 and 1/313,168 respectively.

5. 3. Onion.

Approximate price: 490,000,000 HORSES

The senior arch needs a range of 65 to win and gather some strength. It has the same attack velocity as the longbow. Last time it was sold for almost 490 million bp.

4. Elysian sign

Approximate price: 650,000,000 HORSES

Given the value of the shield of the Elysian spirit, it is logical that one of the most important elements, the Elysian seal, is also very valuable.

The chances of getting the mark as Corporal Beast are only 1/4,095.

3. The Shield of the Elysian Spirit

Approximate price: 685,000,000 HP

The Elysian Ghost Shield is one of RuneScape’s most powerful old school shields, hence the high price. It has better seal and distance control statistics than Spectral Spirit and electromagnetic shielding, but its passivity, which gives it a 70% chance of reducing all standard damages by 25%, makes it particularly powerful.

To make an Elysian Spirit Shield, you must first receive an Elysian letter of recommendation from a dead animal and then attach it to the shield of the blessed spirit. Either you need 90 prayers and 85 blacksmiths or you pay 1,500,000 GPB to Father Langley to do it for you.

2. Pickaxes 3. Age

Approximate price: 930,000,000 HP

The second most important is the 3rd century Picax. Like all equipment in 3. Because of its rarity it was very expensive in 18th century RuneScape because it was only available in the most difficult stages of the treasure hunt.

It has exactly the same values as Picaxe’s dragon, but it’s lighter. It usually exchanges hands between mercenaries and collectors who want to own all varieties.

1. Twisted onion

Estimated price: 1,000,000,000 hp

The twisted bow is the strongest bow in RuneScape’s old school, and also the most valuable item sold with 1 billion gp. Unlike most fixed damage weapons, the damage from a twisted bow is proportional to the enemy’s magical level – the stronger the enemy, the more damage he causes, up to a maximum of 89 dragon arrow damage and 99 series of counts.

To get twisted onions, you can fill Xerica cameras, which have a 2.38% chance of falling. Like most items in this list you can also buy a twisted bow at the Grand Marché.


Here they are, the 10 most expensive things of the old RuneScape school (OSRS).

You will notice that most of the most precious objects date from the 3rd century. Although they are very beautiful and are among the rarest items in the game, the outfit of the 3. At the beginning of the 20th century, the class was not always the strongest. The following points are the best in their class statistics:

The amulet of 3. Age is an attack on an ISI magician.

Hut 3 – Attack of an ISI wizard.

3. Vamb – Magic BIS protection

Chalk point 3. Age – BIS crush protection

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