Top 10 Most Relaxing Nintendo Switch Games (Updated 2020)

Sometimes you come home from school or work and all you want to do is relax with a good relaxation game. You don’t want to overload yourself in a multiplayer game or play a little too intensively.

Don’t worry, we were there. That’s why we’ve put together the best Nintendo Switch games for you to relax and unwind. Have fun!

1. Captain Toad: Treasure hunters

Captain Toad: The treasure hunter…

  • Captain Toad: A treasure hunt game originally released for Wii U…
  • This version contains new levels based on the different atmospheres of Super Mario Odyssey…

Captain Toad is a super fun and stress free game for a change. Regardless of your age, you will probably enjoy jumping in different places and avoiding danger.  The colours are bright and vivid, with cute characters and enemies that will put you in a good mood no matter how bad the day is.

What makes Captain Toad so relaxed is that you can play at your own pace. You don’t have to finish all your attempts or buy all the gems. As long as you collect the star’s main objects, you can go to the next level.

The other factor is soothing background music. Listen to that intro music!

You can finish the game within 15 hours if you know this type of game, but for $40 it is cheaper than a majority game. There is also a good trade-in value because you can try to take all the items you have collected with you.

If you like puzzle games and Mario games, Captain Toad should be in your driveway.

2. Grid

Grey is a hidden gem on the light switch, one of the most relaxing and entertaining game experiences I have ever had.

In this game Gris explores the world around you and solves environmental puzzles and platform series to move forward. Unlike most other games, there is no death or danger in Grey, and the puzzles are challenging, but not enough to make you tear your hair out.

Clearly, the creators of Gris wanted you to enjoy the game as an art. Everything in the game, from the drawing to the music, is beautiful, and the plot combines all this so that your emotions are carried away in a penetrating and haunting way.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath

Whether you grew up with Zelda or whether this is your first encounter with a Zelda, Breath of Nature won’t disappoint you. If you’d just bought a game for Sweetch, it could have been.

The breath of wild animals offers a global openness. You can get lost for hours and discover places of interest. If you see something on the map, you can somehow explore or climb it. Seriously, you can climb a snowy mountain and surf.

There’s a crowd in the game, but after a while it’s not so tense anymore. You can also buy Sheikha’s armor so the monsters will ignore you. Instead of fighting, you can spend your time preparing meals, solving temples, making potions, weapons and armor, or completing sideways quests – all to relax.

As with many of the games presented here, the music gives a great atmosphere to the game and closes everything nicely.

4. Azu

Abzu sends you on an underwater adventure where you make a peaceful journey. The game consists of interacting with the marine environment and enjoying the landscape. There are no fights, no health barriers or anything natural.

You can discover and ride a variety of animals, including blue whales, turtles, sharks, manta rays and even dolphins as they jump out of the water. Find places to meditate and you will be able to follow the game in a spectacular first-person perspective.

The graphics are phenomenal and the music is relaxing. If you’re interested in marine life, Abzu is definitely worth a visit.

5. Travel number

Wandersong is an eccentric little merry-go-round, where you walk and sing like a bard to defeat monsters. With the Joy-Con joystick you can select different angles of inclination with the steering wheel to guide the bard on his journey. You don’t need a sense of rhythm or any kind of music theory to play.

Wanderson is hilarious, and you’ll probably laugh and giggle at the absurdity of some situations. The story is pleasant and the soundtrack brightens up the atmosphere considerably.

You should definitely do it if you’re a fan of cold games.

6. Stardy Valley

One of the most popular games in the world, Stardeve Valley, now also on the counter.

If you’ve never played this game before, Stardeve Valley is a simulator of growing pieces of life. And yet it’s much more than just agriculture. You get into a new life and befriend the citizens, observe their birthdays and special events, hunt for treasures in the mine and do everything to bring the city back to life.

You have complete freedom to play the game as you like, that’s why Stardew Valley is as great as Chill picking me up. It’s just like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, except there’s more to do.

For something similar to the Stardew Valley, you can also try cattails. This is a cat simulation game in which you play for a cat that is looking for food, exploring the fauna and flora and befriending other cats. They can even get married and raise kittens like in Stardeve Valley. It’s as much fun and relaxing as it is absurd!

7. World directed by Yoshie


The fictional world of Yoshie – Nintendo Switch

  • Explore each scene and discover more secrets as you sneak through the scene.
  • Overcome a variety of enemies and obstacles such as zombies, skeleton, Wookie, Monty…

Krafted World Yoshi is an adventurous platform game designed just for the eye. Your goal is to explore each level, find secrets along the way and overcome obstacles and enemies. The graphics are incredibly cute, and you’re going to put a lot of pressure on yourself not to smile when you look at Yoshi on the screen.

Although this game is certainly suitable for children, it is ideal for all ages. The game does not take itself seriously and is a valid challenge without oppression. Yoshi’s Crafted World is definitely a great game to relax.

8. Demining vessel

Minecraft – Nintendo Switch

  • Discover tons of community creations and share adventures with friends from all over the world….
  • Mojang 2009-2018; Minecraft is a brand of Mojang Synergies AB . Number of players: …

The list of Sweetsch relaxation games would not be complete without the ever-popular Minecraft. It is also one of the best games to relax. Mine, line up, eat, sleep, repeat!

Build structures exactly the way you want in Creative Mode or explore the unknown through infinite worlds in Survival Mode. Switch to Peace mode if you really want to relax and enjoy the building.

The game also includes Super Mario skins and graphics, so you can play for Bowser, Mario, Luigi, etc. and use related objects.

Minecraft for Nintendo Switch seems to be the best choice for single-player modes at the moment. You can not login to an existing account, and the online game is broken, so remember that.

9. History of Wave

Golf Story is a bit like Stardew Valley in terms of vibration and graphics, but it also contains elements of the history of RPGs in the open world.

I’m not a big fan of golf, so I missed this game for a while, but after trying, I can say that the game is very exciting for non-golfers as well. You can participate in many non-golf related activities such as beach parties, dinosaur bone tombs and secret discoveries.

The game rewards precision, consistency and perception. You can also play in 2 game mode against a friend, which gives great moments.

The whole history of golf is an entertaining and sober game, perfect for relaxing before bedtime.

10. Yoku Island Express

Yoku’s Island Express offers a new perspective on the platform, combining it with the mechanics of the pinball machine and the adventures of the open world.

Instead of jumping from platforms and ledges, jump up and down with paddles, bumpers and rails. Sometimes it takes time to move on to the next phase, which can be difficult, but the positive atmosphere and the optimistic soundtrack do not allow it to get too serious.

In general, Yoku’s Island Express doesn’t require you to think too much about the game, making it the perfect relaxing game at Switch.


This completes the list of the most relaxing games on Nintendo Switch from 2020.

We’d like to add Animal Crossing: New horizons for this list, but it will not be available until the 20th. March 2020. In the meantime, if you just want to turn off your brain and relieve some stress next time, try one of the above games.

For more relaxed gaming ideas, check out the best relaxing PS4 games.

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