Top 10 most fun champions in the Legends League

Tired of trying to score and playing the champions of the league with a lot of skill in every match? Or too many arguments to play against unpopular champions? Well, sit down and relax, because we’re adding 10 of the most entertaining champions from the Legends League of Legends to the list so you can play and enjoy!

10. Chaco

Shako, whether he’s AP, AD, Jungle, Top, Mid or Support, is so much fun. Become invisible and hit the enemy from behind! Stick her like A.P. Shako and watch half her HP disappear. Put up a ton of crates and watch everyone scream and run in agony, activating their evil coffins. Seriously, it’s hilarious.

You can also transform yourself into a clone that will explode on the enemies. Just call a clone, make him dance around the opponent and the BAM, half of their HP is gone (if you’re AP Shaco). You can also take them out by pretending to be a clone and looking at them, desperately avoiding touching them.

9. Nunu Predator

With the creation of Full AP Predator Nunu you can make it your only mission to fight enemies with a single shot with over 700 speeds and a huge snowball. Anyone who touches you dies instantly. If that’s not fun, I don’t know what’s fun.

Noona does an excellent job with a friendly voice. Ask them to pull the enemy towards you while hiding in the bushes, then jump by your side and watch their HP melt away in the blink of an eye.

8. Kitchen

With Yarn’s Total Mortality you can shoot at your enemies with a single sword-stroke. Since the whole Yarn comes from the Christian era, it is very itchy to die. It may not be the best building for your team, but it’s very nice and it’s exactly where we want to go.

To fire combos, just hit Q, E and, if necessary, R enemy champion to find them dead. The combination is fun and almost never gets old. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

7. Tresch

No matter if you’re playing against his AD, AP, Support or Tank, just click on his hook to catch someone satisfied enough to put Thresh on this list of fun LoL champions.

Thresh’s Q ability is in some ways similar to Blitzcrank, but Thresh has more features and gameplay options that make you feel good when you let go. All in all, he’s just a champion of the entertaining and award-winning game.

6. Singers

The singing is strange… …but it’s fun. His playing style is different from any other champion; you have to run away from your opponents to kill them. If you give a lot of APs, the warbler can do tons of damage to whoever’s following him. What could be more fun than entering an enemy base to bypass your towers as your enemies chase you, only to die one by one while escaping easily?

In Singed, each battle is a fun challenge where you must ensure that your enemies follow you and not die along the way.

5. Subject

The next on the list of happy league champions is everyone’s favorite teemo. What could be more fun than destroying an enemy? Well, piss them off while you’re at it, probably up there.

We all had to be at the end of the reception when the mushroom of Teemo appears and kills us, while saving us from a team fight with 1 HP. Or if we play as masters and are only blinded by Teemo and recognized as useless. Well, let me tell you, it’s a lot more fun to be on the other side when you’re off those punishments. It may not be fun to play against Teemo, but it’s really fun to play against him.

4. Mrs. Luck

Miss Fortune is surprisingly funny. Your E inflicts a ton of damage and cleans the waves easily. It’s a lot of fun to laugh at your opponent from the middle.

You can buy him a Light Bane, and his Q will be devastating and cause considerable damage in the beginning. His last one also oscillates with AP, allowing him to do tons of damage with his E + R combination and destroy the enemy commands in seconds.

If you want something different, you can also play Total Mortality/Crit Miss Fortune. The ultimate goal will do even more damage than before, making it an even more entertaining means of killing people.

3. Malfit

A full access point in the Midi Malphite, the removal of orders and King of Wombo combos would like to have a place in this list. Get the full AP Malphite center complete with the mysterious comet, and you’ll be able to torment your opponent endlessly with Q. Once you unlock your terminal, you can kill your enemies ad infinitum at once.

The enemy jungle is laughing at you? It’s no problem. Kill them. Hostile agriculture? It’s no problem. Kill them. It’s so much fun to watch the enemy fight when you take them out with your last fight.

In a late match, Malfit can shoot down an entire team on his own. Full AP Malphite is a very entertaining champion in the game if you ever just want to take things off.

2. Echo

Champions of high mobility tend to play for fun, and Ecco is no exception. You can play it in Top, Mead or Jungle with different body shapes. The best spicy echo with Ice Glove can be worn by the team as a full AP echo in the middle, while you enjoy jumping around your opponents all the time.

Wanna try something new? Enter the ecco jungle and amaze your enemies with its fast maneuverability and strong CC. You can always easily get in and out with your E and your end of the game, giving you even more opportunities to play!

Support Echo is another place where Echo can be pretty destructive with its delay range, CC and mobility, and can be fun to play.

1. Ezreal

Ezreal is one of the most diverse champions in the League of Legends. You want to play ADC with him? Take a look. Playing as an AP on the middle runway? Take a look. Kleptomatia Ezreal? Take a look.

There are so many moves to try, so many tactics to test, that it’s hard to miss Ezreal. Get Ezreal in the middle and beat your opponent like a killer. Or try Adaptive Jungle Ezreal to switch from AD to AP mid-game. You can also see for yourself what an Ezreal pointy disposable top would look like.

Ezreal is not only diverse, it’s also strong. His AR combo almost missed a shot from the opposition in the 15th minute. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! With so many ways to play, Ezreal is a champion of fun that can play countless games without stalling.


That’s right, the ten funniest champions in the League of Legends. Leave a comment below, let us know your choice!

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