Top 10 Hardest Bosses in Hearts III of the Kingdom

It’s the villain who defines the hero.

It sounds like a line from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight movies… …what you’d expect our butler, Alfred, to say solemnly to Batman.

But isn’t it true? Have you ever wondered why the bad guy in almost every movie, novel or video game seems to be just a small step away from being in the middle of the story?

That’s the power of the bad guy. He’s the one who determines the plot, who determines the action, who makes you a hero in it.

And today we’re talking about a game filled to the brim with such bad guys – Kingdom Hearts 3. I’m going to list the 10 strongest bosses in this game and show how powerful these villains can be.

10. Angel Amber

Let’s start with something where you stick your nose under the sheets and curl up like a baby.

This boss seems to work directly from Annabelle’s Angelic Amber movies.

A hard, lively and strange doll who seems to be possessed when she wreaks havoc in a room with toys where you can meet her face to face.

One look at her bright yellow eyes is enough and you know she will rip your soul out and try to take possession of you.

Amber’s angel attacks are erratic and sudden.

However, there are attack patterns that will eventually appear when he rushes to you from the other side of the room. You can catch them using team attacks.

Specifically a commando missile attack. Not only does it cause good damage, but it also gives you temporary invincibility, which helps to restore your health.

9. Davy Jones

A great villain from the depths of the sea.

Davy Jones may not be that scary or scary, but he’s still not easy to beat.

With tricks like the slippery damn beard you have to stand on your toes to sink your ship.

Davy Jones is more like your health chips until you die like the boss when he melts into the ground to eat your precious health bar. To defeat him, the strategy is pretty simple… Press the X-button like there’s no tomorrow!

8. The share of anxiety

It’s a monster you use to scare children and wash your hands regularly.

Disgusting… …something that keeps coming back.

Wiping the buttons might not be the best thing here.

To shoot this King of Slime, you have to use your best defensive game. At first the damage may seem minimal, but it is necessary to wait until it reaches the middle of the stage and changes shape.

Then he creates ghosts around the stage and changes in this Halloween like a slimy monster. He’s most vulnerable right now, so put your thumb on the X-button and hit him until he falls.

7. Anti-Aqua

Oh, that would be bad.

A friend who had to walk in the dark, waiting and waiting to be rescued.

Everyone would go mad if they had to spend eternity in hell, because all hope of salvation fades by the day.

And that’s what makes our sweet and tender Aqua in Anti-Aqua – the dark, evil, diabolical part…

Anyway, to save her from darkness, we’d have to beat her up.

It’s weird, but it’s true. Well-planned attacks and blockades form the basis of this battle.

6. Slash

Now, in my opinion, he’s the coolest boss of them all.

Half ice wolf, half dragon-like monster with sharp fangs and claws. And those fresh, bright eyes.

It launches charge attacks on stage and then causes a huge ball of dark matter.

The mini version of the rain falling from the ball, which you can endure patiently until it’s time to turn to shine its light and turn the black ball, ending the rebellion of the lunatics of the skull.

All in all, a very cool fight with a very cool boss. It’s still hard to win, but it’s worth it.

5. Coal for clarification

Another boss who looks cool and fights hard.

Looks like a crazy mechanical device built by a bad guy in a submarine hangar. Spike and barn with a giant cock saw blade.

Moreover, this battle should be underwater.

This changes the dynamics of the game for this battle a lot.

The movement is slower and you really have to speed up your attacks to break the combination halfway, to protect yourself or to escape.

An interesting departure from the crazy buttonhole web that usually dominates the world of KH3.

4. Demonica Tower

Remember the movie Pitch Black (2000)? Yeah, well… …it’s hard to remember that Vin Diesel did anything other than Fast & Furious in his life.

Anyway… Remember the evil bat-like aliens in that movie?

Imagine that thousands are now flowing towards you in an undulating formation. This is how I would describe the Tower of Demons to someone who does not know the heart of the kingdom.

This pattern is a collection of thousands of crazy, heartless creatures with bright yellow eyes.

They have a soft, egg-shaped thing in the middle, which is clearly a weakness.

The game is simple: Defeat these demons in hell and reach the soft core. But be careful, knock often enough and your eyes will go from yellow to red. Then stop rubbing the X button and concentrate on protecting it.

You’ll be able to meet this boss more than once during the game, so it will be easier to eliminate him because you know exactly what to do.

3. Saix

Saïx comes back from Kingdom Hearts 2, and in this game he is just as difficult.

Member of Organisation XIII and right-hand man of Xemnass.

You’ll be like that in a conversation for the boy: Um… (Clears throat) These guys seem pretty cold. Until he gets mad at you when he starts fighting.

Probably one of the hardest bosses in the game, you have to be extremely careful when fighting Saix.

Because if he goes crazy, there’s nothing stopping him from chewing you up and spitting you out. So be patient, let him be patient and take him into town. And be careful, because he can only get you out with a suit.

2. Xechanort (miner/armoured)

Veterans of Kingdom Hearts games know that Xehanort is the toughest boss in previous games (especially as a secret boss in KH1).

It will make you doubt your existence. He’ll have you arrested. It may even comfort you if you indulge in anger and anger and throw him out the window.

And here, in the heart of Kingdom 3, we fight not against one, nor against two, but against three different versions of it together.

But it’s not as crazy as you thought. All three versions are quite easy to beat. Well, that’s easy.

Bring the mop button set and you’ll manage.

Regarding version , however, the other version of Xehanort, the armoured Xehanort, is slightly different.

First of all, this guy looks satanic. One look at him and you’re like this: Oh, my God, this guy definitely made a deal with the devil.

Black dresses, lambs, work. And the battle takes place in the air and under water, where the dynamics of madness comes into play. Have a good time.

1. Dark hell

The toughest boss at Kingdom Hearts 3… …is optional. At least it’s hidden.

It was added after its launch and you will have to search for Battle Portal 14 after winning the game.

The Dark Inferno inflicts great physical damage on her, and to survive her anger, you’ll need to raise Sora’s defensive armor.

The wheel of fate can play a good role in this.

More range, more combo.

Little is known about this dark and evil creature as far as his back or his character is concerned. As for his fighting style, with his double swords and healing energy, he is ruthless in his strikes and is only vulnerable when he performs the attack combination. So, Timing is your best friend here.

The fight takes place in three phases. The first step is the introduction.

Phase two begins when his swords turn purple. You don’t have to resist his attack. But keep your eyes open.

The third and final stage is when the swords turn red. If you try to clear the buttons like all other KH3 patterns, you will reach 1PK in no time.

A good trick is to use the shotgun and soften it from a distance, and then switch to a combo.

There are many strategies that can be used against the Black Hell, but one thing remains true: He’s a tough guy.

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