Top 10 Easiest League of Legends (LoL) Beginners Champions

Are you new to the League of Legends or not sure which champion is right for you? Is every champion you play against too hard or too complicated? We’ve put together a list of top champions that’s perfect for beginners, and we’ve also prepared a separate page for each champion to get you started!

1. Master E

Master E is a hypercar melee killer who normally plays in the jungle. He can play both Top and Mead, but his chances of winning are small because he has a low game start.

Master Yi’s bread and butter is his Q, allowing him to teleport to the target, dealing with massive damage and multiple nearby enemies, as long as Master Yi is out of control. This power is an excellent way to avoid incoming capacities.

His play in the beginning may be a little weak, but his play in the middle and at the end more than makes up for it. It can easily destroy a few teams and possibly 1v5 if conditions are favorable.

It is easy to compete with Master Yi, and he is a very forgiving champion. It’s probably easiest to carry if it’s already fed, and it doesn’t need complicated mechanics to play.

2. Anni

Next: Annie. It is usually played on the middle court, but it can also be played as support on the lower court.

Unlike Master E, Annie relies more on her skills than basic attacks. It has a good range, allowing it to attack the enemies from a safe distance.

Annie is a very manageable champion. His Q has reduced cooling and is not worth manna if he kills a lackey, so he can handle the Q easily. It’s great if you don’t make a good farm or if you keep skipping the farm, which makes Annie a great choice for newcomers.

Annie also has incredible damage from the explosion and the CC (stun), which makes it easy for her to change the result when she lands with a stun.

Normally you just play with your Q at the beginning of the farm with Annie, and once you reach the finals, you can either walk around to help the other courses or play aggressively against your opponent’s courses.

3. Kitchen

Yarn is a Top Lane extermination champion who doesn’t use fire or mana! Yarn’s fine. Early game, mediocre game and late game. He’s not weak at any stage of the game, nor is he too strong at any time, he’s just fine. He’s good at doing damage, and he’s good at being a tank.

Yarn’s skills are very simple, uncomplicated and easy to use. It is excellent in single combat 1v1 and has a passive regeneration of health that is excellent for staying on schedule longer.

Since Garen doesn’t use mana, you can easily lock his skills on champions and enemy followers, so you won’t have to miss a single farm.

Cooking – it’s very easy to play the champion with a decent set suitable for any occasion.

4. Malfit

Malfit is a great team champion who can put together a solid combo for his team.

He has a big boost with his Q, which, according to his AP, causes damage and also slows down the target. This is a point-and-click function so you don’t miss it.

The strongest capacity of Malfit is its ultimate capacity. Malfit is one of the strongest in the game. Malfit bursts in and shoots all enemy units at a chosen location, causing significant damage and allowing teammates to easily defeat enemies who have reached the end point of Malfit.

With an easy to use but incredibly solid end result, Malphite has an excellent beginner’s kit, because as long as you achieve this end result, you help your team to win.

5. Amumu

Amumu is a Jungle AP, specialized in crowd control (narcotics). He can easily clean the jungle camps with his E and W. His gangs are deadly because his Q can be thrown from a great distance and can cause effective anesthesia, while his last anesthesia is in a big circle around him.

Amumu Ult combined with its Q is almost as absorbent as Malphite’s Ultra, with a long stun that can hit the entire enemy team and can do a lot of damage if your team fires one shot at a time.

Amumu consumes a lot of mana. So, if you don’t have a blue fan, it can be hard to stay in the jungle or dungeons. Amumu can also play to support the goat, which he does much better in the jungle.

6. Mrs. Luck

Miss Fortune is a simple but effective ADC (Attack Damage Carry) master. It has a passive motion speed that allows it to easily escape or catch its enemies.

She is free to hit and harass her Q, which can make champions and followers bounce, so she can do damage remotely. The Q and E are perfect for remote enemy detection or cutting through a farm.

Miss Fortune does a lot of damage in team fights. It fits perfectly with Malfit or Amumu. Miss Fortune can destroy entire teams if they’re properly positioned.

7. Sorac

Soraka is a simple and light cheerleader who can take care of her whole team and can also do a lot of SS (crowd control [stun/kill/slow down]) for the opponent.

Your W is a point-and-click ability that heals allies at the expense of their own health. She can heal and save her teammates and make sure her team survives the team battles.

Sorakas E silences everyone in the murder zone, and after a while he sedates them. This ability is great in team battles because it penetrates whole teams!

In the end she heals all the members of her team, making her a real savior, easy to play but still very effective.

8. Flash crank

Blitzcrank is another support on that list. He can pick up enemies individually with his hook (Q) and connect them to his E and end with an extra CC.

Targets hit by a lightning rod usually die, lose half their HP or use most of their skills to escape.

The Blitzkrank kit is very simple. His target Q attacks, W gives him motion speed, E lets the next car attack to handle double damage and hooks (E is usually linked to his Q), and his ultimate target deals damage to all the others and silences them.

The simple gameplay of Blitzcrank and CC makes it a good choice for beginners who want to play support.

9. Ari

The Ahri is a mid-range liner that offers good stability, good reach, good CC and good mobility. With his tip he can easily get in and out of a fight, heal and push with his Q and hit targets with his E.

Ari’s skills are simple and uncomplicated, but effective in every way. Each skill has a specific application, whether it is healing, CC, flying, hobbies, etc. Ari has it all, which makes him a good choice for beginners.

10. Morgane

Morgana is a PA wizard who can be played as a midfielder or in support. She has one of the longest roots in the game (her Q-sound) and also one of the strongest shields.

The E provides a protective shield that prevents any form of CC. The W stands for the purity of the waves and the ultimate W can slow down and stun all the enemies around you, which is ideal for team battles.

Your Honor: Subject

Teemo is a very simple and light champion who does a lot of damage and is easy to play. He’s a very funny player, but perhaps not the greatest champion in team fighting. (Players might hate you if you choose Timo)

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