Top 10 Best Wonders of Civilization VI

Civilization VI is the latest in a long series of prestigious and historically inspired strategy games.

It’s about transforming your society in different ways, from a group of nomadic settlers to a global superpower.

One of the most interesting and fascinating ways to create miracles… unique constructions based on real places with effects ranging from a few useful effects to spectacular tidal effects…

In Civilization VI, the developers focused on making the city more flexible by having players build zones and more in the spaces around the city, instead of having everything in one place.

This change has also influenced miracles, creating creative possibilities to adjust their effects.

In addition, they have become much more beautiful and detailed, and players will receive amazing animations of the new miracle as soon as they complete it.

After some research and experiments in the game, I ranked the top ten wonders of the world of Civilization VI based on their contribution to the game, their versatility and the possibility that someone else had built the game for me.

I hope this will help you all prioritise your design!

10. Colossus

This miracle of the sea is based on the legendary Colosseum of Rhodes. This is a great option if you are the first player to have harbors and usually built for a sea area.

You get them at the beginning of the game, in the classic era, but only if you research marine engineers.

After the construction of the colossus he will produce gold and the glasses of the Great Admiral.

You also get a sea trade module with its own trading route niche, which gives you a strong economic advantage.

It must be built on the coast and near the port. This will be the first thing the sailors will see as they approach your town.

9. Agia Sofia

Originally, the Saint Sophia of Constantinople was built for religious worship, after which it was crossed by all the religious groups that occupied the city for many years.

In civilization VI they are obtained in the Middle Ages, and this is essentially necessary if we want to win the world religion.

It generates faith, but above all it enables your missionary and apostolic units to make more than normal use of their ability to spread religion.

If you want to build it, you have to be fast, like all other religious civilizations want.

8. Peter

A city carved in red stone between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea.

At that time it was one of the largest markets and economic centres in the region.

From now on, in Civ VI all the desert tiles of the city where it was built will produce gold, food and hammers, making the desert city effectively viable.

It is an incredible tool if for some reason you have to settle in a normally barren desert.

It can be built on desert tiles from classical times. If you have the right accommodation, be sure to choose it, as it will generally not be controversial, as it is ad hoc.

7. Pyramids

Pyramids are one of the first miracles that exist and are therefore among the most controversial.

However, the risk is worth it because it multiplies the building costs for all your builders, which is an invaluable advantage in the early stages of the game.

6. Eiffel Tower

It is one of the last wonders of this game.

It was designed by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 World Fair in Paris, which caused great controversy among the population.

In civilization VI, advancing so fast will make your enemies nervous.

This makes all the tiles in your city more attractive on two levels, you can build more residential areas and make national parks and resorts more productive if you want to win in tourism.

5. University of Oxford

This miracle of the industrial age will blind your opponents to your scientific achievements.

It will produce Great Scientist points at an accelerated rate and will also increase total scientific production by 20%, a huge advantage given the power of science in most civilization games in general.

You’ll also be rewarded with two random technologies you haven’t unlocked yet, which can be either a small upgrade or an in-game achievement.

4. Big Ben

The famous Clock Tower of London is a wonder for you if you want to swim in gold coins and 100 dollar bills.

You can build the industrial era and it will give you a great production of gold on the tiles and an extra place in economic policy.

It also generates Grand Merchant points and, most importantly, multiplies your gold by 1.5 upon completion.

With this you can buy your way to victory.

3. Chechnya Itza

This monument of Mayan achievements and technology can be built since the Middle Ages and will bring the city the cultivation and production of hammers on all the stones of the rainforest, which can be an amazing advantage in the early game.

This may be a bit ad hoc, but we cannot deny the variable nature of the premiums at such an early stage.

Therefore, it will probably be a miracle disputed by others. Be careful when deciding if you want to build it or not!

2. Colisée

The Colosseum is one of the most useful wonders of Civilization VI… which gives the AI a tendency to ignore it as a complete mystery.

This guarantees not only good cultural growth, but also a bonus convenience in all cities within a radius of six bricks.

This allows densely populated empires to develop without fear and remain loyal to their cities.

It’s been available since the classic days, shortly after you bought bonuses for a beautiful building, so it’s really easy to create.

The AI won’t challenge him at all, but in multiplayer games it’s a completely different story.

1. Forbidden City

So far the only useful miracle in the game should be the Forbidden City.

You can build the Renaissance and it gives you access to an additional location for the joker policy.

This means that you can choose the benefits that this miracle will bring you and you can also adapt it to the situation.

It would be highly controversial for obvious reasons. But if you manage to build it first, you get , a guaranteed advantage over your opponents, who are just as strong throughout the game.

This is an important decision.

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