Top 10 Best Werewolf Mods to be added to Skyrim

Being a werewolf in Skyrim can be very cool. But at the same time, sometimes it seems to be possible to do better.

There are only a few things wrong with the bonuses and the woodwork itself, and even the shapeshifter thinks he needs a few adjustments here and there.

In this context, I have decided to draw up a large list of werewolf phases that make you feel like a servant of the full moon.

Most of these modifications are compatible with each other, but I advise you not to try two revisions at the same time, as they may fail from time to time.

Tales of Lycanthropy is a big fan of fashion, but if you’re looking for the best revision, stay with Tales of Moonlight. You know what I’m talking about once you’re done with that list.

10. Bloody Month of Ascension – Moonlight Stories

Highlight this mode.

This is an offline mode, but it works much better if you have Moonlight Tales installed.

The main purpose of this mod is to offer players who like the challenge (i.e. those who like the complexity of the wizard or play more) an even bigger challenge than the basic game can offer them.

But it also improves survival in more difficult situations and makes the game better and less frustrating.

Fashion goes hand in hand with every other fashion that doesn’t spoil the tree of know-how and is a fantastic addition to the Tales in Moonlight fashion.

9. A vampire and a werewolf are

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Okay, listen to me: How important would it be to become true servants of the night by becoming both a vampire and a werewolf?

I know the fashion name already ruined the surprise, but that’s exactly what you can do with this bad boy.

That way you can be both a vampire and a werewolf. But you can’t turn around at the same time.

There was another mode that allowed you to be a strange hybrid being that mixed the characteristics of werewolves and vampires in one essence, but it seemed too strange for my taste.

8. The underworld of Doangward – Vampire and Werewolf eyes

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Is it just me, or are the eyes of the underworld characters extremely cool?

Of course, it’s not just about me, because someone came up with the idea of creating a fashion that changes the way people look at things so that they look exactly like in the movie.

Needless to say, they look absolutely cool. If you want to change your werewolf look, go to this imitator.

7. Lycanthropy Stories

Highlight this mode.

Lycanthropy stories are the first repair module on my list.

It reduces Morrowind’s werewolf disease and adds new transformations and settings that are easy to adjust, even for less technically savvy players.

A great mod that will enhance your werewolf experience and give you many more possibilities than playing Vanilla!

6. Werewolf Reversal of identity form

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The biggest problem of a werewolf is that you can never really control his actions.

Transforming back into a human would be an act of geomechanics, and we would feel like a much stronger night creature.

That’s exactly what this mod does and no extra additions to are needed to work properly.

5. Extending the benefits to werewolves

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Okay, this one shows one of my big werewolf hijackings in Skyrim. So that’s a good place on my list!

Werewolves seem to have little or no useful advantages in the game, and this change revises the skill level to solve this problem.

This makes the werewolf bonuses super useful! It also adds one of my favourite bonuses – ignore the harness!

Hacking and strabismus have never been more exciting (and useful) than installing this mode.

4. Werewolf Championship

Highlight this mode.

This mod allows you to adjust the power of werewolves in the game.

If you’ve been playing for a while and your character has already reached a level higher than 50, you’ll have trouble finding an application if you turn into a werewolf.

Well, with this mod, you can improve your skills as a denizen of the night and improve the general feeling of being a werewolf in the game.

3. Observation of predators

Highlight this mode.

With this fantastic and compelling mod, you can see exactly what the shape-shifter should look like.

Detect enemies no matter how bright the light is and follow your prey as you wish.

In Skyrim, the modern Predator Vision gives you the feeling of being a real hunter or, even better, a manhunter.

You will not only see the silhouettes of your enemies. But you can also see clearly at night.

2. Animal heart

Highlight this mode.

If you get this mode, you don’t need an eye-opener in the underworld.

He will take care of all the renovation work for you. Heart of the Beast makes werewolves look like really scary creatures and changes the texture of the fur and all relevant parts of the skin, giving werewolves a sense of realism.

It may not change the gameplay, but if you want to dive into it, good luck finding something better than Heart of the Beast.

1. Moonlight Stories

Highlight this mode.

Update that adds a complete list of new features to the game, including the ability to become a werewolf and even have a co-defender.

You must have a fashion for every werewolf fan.

Each werewolf’s skin will feel more unique and better. And you even have new possibilities if you want to find a cure (why? Traitor).
Anyway, the Tales from the Moon are, in my opinion, the best werewolf models in Skyrim.

The diving is also guaranteed by the unique character of the game.

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