Top 10 Best Removed Items in Legends League

How long have you been playing in the League of Legends? Do you miss the days when mana gels were just one thing? Discover the 10 best deleted items in Legends League on the memory path!

10. Zephyr

The marshmallow was the perfect solution for any damage control champion. This gave the owner 10% of the cruising speed and reduced the duration of the entire SS by 35%. With an increase of 50 AD and an attack speed of 40%, Zephyr drove champions like Master Yi, Jax and Tryndamere crazy.

Marshmallow was added to the game in pre-season patch 3 and removed from the game at the end of season 5. It was quickly added to the game during the Nexus Blitz experimental mode.

9. Sword of God

The sword of God was deadly to the ADC. He gave the owner 18 dead, 25 AD and 25% attack speed. The deadly part of this item is active – within 3 seconds your next 3 main attacks will have 100% bonus attack speed and 100% bonus critical success rate.

This advantage is crazy for champions like Vayne, Twitch, Master Yi and many others, who take advantage of the extra attack speed and the possibility of criticism.

The sword of God was invented at the end of the 4th century. Take it easy. Take it easy.

8. Wild burner

Feral Flare is a jungle object that was bent in the jungle and gave extra damage and care during car attacks, which was very good for champions like Udyr and Master Yi. With this item you could also house the coin and get extra income in gold, making it an indispensable item for almost every jungle.

Feral Flare was fed to botanists several times before finally being removed at the end of season 4. It remains a memorable element for the jungle network.

7. Oracle Elixir

The elixir of the oracle allowed detection in the 600 for 4 minutes. This meant that you could see stations, traps, mushrooms, stabbed champions, etc. next to you. The elixir costs only 400 euros, which is incredibly cheap compared to what it can do.

This one element alone can challenge as many champions as Teemo, Evelyn, Rengar and many stealth champions. It was revoked in season 4.

6. Command banner

Although the team banner was seldom used in the beginning, it was passed by many fans, so it eventually became mandatory. The item provided to followers reduces the damage of champions and increases the damage of enemy structures. Teams can crush an entire wave of followers to make them almost indestructible, or they can crush three followers in each course to create a very powerful wave drive for each course.

The usual strategy with this object was to polish a truncheon on an empty strip, for example from above or with a bone, and then take part in a team fight with the head in the middle. In the middle of a team fight, your sharpened mini-wave will hit hard and easily demolishable structures.

This thing was either useless or deformed by methamphetamine. There used to be a lot of competition in LCS. Riot gave up trying to even it out and just pulled it back during the 2018 season in an 8.12 patch.

5. The power of nature

Force of Nature was one of the League of Legends legendary items taken at the beginning of the game.

It allowed massive HP regeneration and magical resistance, as well as a certain cruising speed. All this has made every tank a champion in durability. Dr. Mundo, responsible for the Force of Nature and the wormhole armor, would just take the teams apart.

The power of nature was so good that it was suppressed in the second season.

4. Leviathan

The Leviathan is a tank pile. He gives 32 horses per pile and 2 stacks for the murder or 1 pile for the help. With 20 batteries this gives an output of 640 hp and passive, which reduces the damage by 15%.

For a time it was Leviathan, Medjai and the sword of the occult trio piling up. Leviathan was taken out of the race in season two.

3. Occult Sword

The sword of occultism was a popular thing, similar to Mejai, but intended for AD masters. For each battery you received 5 AD, up to 20 batteries, and for murder – 2 batteries, for help – 1 battery. With 20 batteries this gives 100 AD with 20% passive attack speed.

With these incredible fans, the theme was incredibly powerful. The Sword of the Occultus was filmed in season 5.

2. Mana jelly

Classic. The one, the only one, Mana Zellier. Nobody saw this coming, but Riot decided to withdraw the article and said the health drink was enough.

The mana gels were like a temporary blue fan, and they were meant for all mana consumers. No matter what track you took, you almost always bought mana jelly.

The blue pots have been brought back into play with the Kleptomania fleece, but can no longer be bought in the shop.

1. Take fire

Deathfire Grasp was one of the favorite games of players around the world. The course offered 120 skills, a 10% reduction in hypothermia and a tool that applied 15% of the target health condition to magical damage with 4 permanent favorites. So it was the perfect starting point for almost all champions of the AP explosion.

The day the death penalty was removed during Band-Aid 5.2, the community went crazy. Mourning videos have been released, there have been protests and there have been numerous commemoration meetings. Deathfire Grasp was the most memorable element of the game and will always remain in our hearts.


Here you will find the top 10 deleted items in the history of the League of Legends. Please let us know which remote item from this list or an item we haven’t mentioned is your favorite item in the comments below.

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