Top 10 Best Legendary Hearthstone Cards of All Time

Legendary cards are hard to buy at Hearthstone because they are one of the strongest cards in the game. We will examine some of the best Hearthstone legendary maps of all time. Come with us on the path to memory!

1. Dr. Boom

Dr. Boom was probably the most powerful legendary card made and played in the game. Dr. Boom is a 7 mana 7/7 henchman who distributes two additional 1/1 furs that cause 1-4 random damage to enemies when they die.

This gave Dr. Boom great value and made him a mandatory card in all card games. Even players with a very small collection save their fabric to create Dr. Boom, he was just good at cards.

Dr. Boom was published as part of Project Boomsday, an extension of the scientific subject that made Mechs a meth thing. Since Dr. Boom caught up with two furs at 1:1, this has given him an even stronger presence on the fur decks.

Dr. Boom’s only opponent at the time was the big game hunter. But even if the great game hunter managed to kill Dr. Boom, you still had two 1:1 furs that caused up to 4 damage to randomly chosen enemies.

For all these reasons, Dr. Boom was one of the strongest and craziest legends ever in this game.

2. Second hand tower

Loatheb is a 5 mana 5/5 servant who has the War Cry, which increases the cost of the enemy spells by 5 on the next turn.

If Loatheb is that good, it’s because he can break and bring down the enemy at full speed before he can throw a very expensive spell card or just make followers spin.

Loatheb was used on almost every bridge when it was first launched, and it was a legend that remained as a meta the whole time until it was taken out of the standard level and only played in the wild.

3. Silvanas Winner

Silvanas Windrunner is another card that has appeared in almost every card game. Sylvanas is a 6 mana 5/5 who takes control of an enemy follower when he dies at random. It was a great counterattack against enemies who played a lot of lackeys on board.

Sylvana’s saw a lot of playing when she was released and played until she got a banner hammer. She’s still one of the most powerful six-worthy stooges that can turn things around.

4. Emperor of Tauria

The Tauride Emperor is one of the legends that arose during the expansion of Blackrock Mountain. The emperor of Tauris is, like Silvanas, a lackey of 6 mana 5/5. Its effect reduces the mana cost of all cards in the hand by 1. That’s very good, because your opponent has to get rid of Tauride if he doesn’t want you to play your cards cheap.

5. Caves under

The cave map below is a legendary loser map, available after a game with five accomplices of the same name. Many bridges have been built to take advantage of this quest and to take advantage of the rewards.

The card you get to complete the quest is Crystal Core, which sets all your followers to 5/5. Typically, Rogue players place 1 or 2 Mana worth of followers on their decks, calling up other, smaller followers, creating a large army of 5/5 followers difficult for the opponent to get rid of.

At that time, the rogue deck became the strongest metadeck in the world, and players everywhere used a rogue deck or a counter deck specially designed to defend the rogue deck.

6. Antonidas Archimage

Archmag Antonidas is a legendary classical wizard who, since his inception, has become a liaison for the class of wizards. Archmage can give you an infinite amount of fireballs, which means you can have an infinite amount of spells of 6 dmg, which is crazy.

In the distant past, the Antonidas Archimage was the key card in many wizard games, including the famous Frisian wizard. The Antonidas Archimage was one of the conditions for the victory of the Sovereign of the Wizard, and the people managed to make crazy combos with it.

In combination with the Taurisan emperor, the Archimage Antonidas can easily make 3 or 4 fireballs at the same time, which amounts to about 18 to 24 damages.

7. Renault Jackson

Reno Jackson is a strange card that changes the situation. Do you have one horsepower left? Bam, call Renault Jackson, get back to full status!

Renault Jackson heals your HP completely if you don’t have duplicates on deck. In combination with a number of other uncomplicated cards in the game, many strong meta codes were created and Renault Jackson became a corner card for them.

8. Cairns Ecchymosis

Cairne Bloodhoof is probably one of the most valuable cards in the game. It represents 6 mana 4/5, causing 4/5 deaths, or 6 mana 8/10 after several rounds.

That made him a very fast middle class card and made him a real threat in the game.

Combined with various cards for fans of the Agony of Death, such as Baron Rivendare, who begins the Agony of Death twice, Cairns Blood was a card to watch out for. Until now Cairne is a strong medium rhythm chart used by many bridges.

9. Ragnaros firefighter

Ragnaros, the Lord of Fire, was the most important card in almost every card game at that time. It is also one of the funniest legends in the game, because it accidentally damages 8 points to any opponent, destroying him.

It’s easy to resist him, so many cheap followers attract him, but he’s still strong and fun to play with.

Some time ago the late Mr. Ragnaros was in the spotlight at major tournaments and matches, he was a card that anyone who had it could use.

10. Annexes

Alexstrasza was the most important metaphor, it is still used, but not as often as before. This is another legendary game that can set any HP to 15 and also has the body of an 8/8 dragon.

Alexstrasza is a legendary model used in most rhythm decks and all Freeze Mage decks. Alexstrasza does mainly 15 damage with 9 men and is also an 8/8 dragon in the field, which is very important for a frozen magician.

There are people who used it as a victory condition for the U.T.C. Priest’s Bridge. It has also been used in many paladin bridges and even as a healing aid in some druid bridges.

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