Top 10 Best Dark Cloud & Dark Chronicle Arms

Although it has never reached the popularity of Final Fantasy, I must say that Dark Cloud gives an incredible comeback.

His first trip to Japan was not greeted with much love. But it was a commercial success and it continued with a sequel (Dark Chronic or Dark Cloud 2, depending on the region).

As with any dungeon combat title, weapons are a fairly important element.

One of the unique characteristics of the name is that itself is at a level of , not a character.

In this context, the choice of weapons is crucial.

The game has a whole range of different fighting instruments, and while personal preferences are a huge factor when it comes to what is best, I will judge my favorites among all the dark cloud weapons in terms of aesthetics and strength. Let’s dive!

10. Albatross

Maximillian has the reputation of being a less conventional weapon, and his range of bird clubs is suitable for this particular category.

Unfortunately, apart from a very weakly inspired colour palette, the arms do not look at all like birds.

Nice fact: In real life the albatross has the longest wingspan of all living birds and reaches a length of 3 meters!

Back to the games. This particular weapon is the ultimate form of the Sfed way.

It works with advanced vibrations and causes the most damage compared to previous brands. It is important to note that clubs for small parts of the dungeon are generally not suitable for .

But for those who insist on using racket, it is the best option!

9. Frozen tuna

One of the weapons of Goro and Maximilian, hides no other zoological weapons in the series.

This is a full nominal value. Just a huge frozen fish that can be thrown against enemies and then embedded in a turtle shell.

That’s good. That’s good.

8. Knurled wrench

I love the originality of the guns, and Maximilian’s set of keys is really easy.

I’ve seen hammers and saws before, but I can’t remember any other game where keys were used as weapons.

Although it is not the most powerful form of an instrument, it has many features that are surprising for a fairly old weapon.

First of all, the ability to fly is amazing. And it can be synthesized at a fifth level, such as the Bandit Brassard (one of Monica’s weapons), to transfer this ability to another important weapon.

Beyond that, this weapon is the dream of a steampunk enthusiast.

The colour combination, in combination with the modernisation of the gap cutter, undoubtedly separates it from the old wrench on the construction site.

7. Abuse

This weapon has a fairly low level in the game, but that doesn’t make it less fantastic.

This sword is one of Toan’s weapons in the original game and may fall into the hands of Monica Rabrandt in a sequel.

Although it’s a bit slow and doesn’t strike as many blows as other weapons, I’m a big fan of the status change effects.

In Dark Cloud 2 it has a toxic capacity, which makes it even more useful.

Not to mention the strange, colorful and rounded design that gives me the feeling that this weapon comes from the Soul Eater series.

6. Black cloud

Another weapon that Toan and Monica share is this bad boy in both titles.

With its red and black colors, it is certainly beautiful. If the name of a weapon matches the name of a game, it’s always something special.

It is essentially a high-level weapon which, with its impressive 6-shot combination, can inflict heavy damage on .

Unfortunately, his basic statistics are not very good. And this imbalance can prevent it from being as effective as the other swords in the series.

Although it is the most advanced weapon in Dark Cloud 2 and cannot be built any further, it has a definite shape, because it is the penultimate weapon of the original!

5. Star switch

If this gun had been painted differently, it could have belonged to the lightning bolt.

In the series Dark Cloud she wears the colors of Captain America and belongs to Osmond (in Dark Cloud) and Maximillian (in Dark Cloud 2).

As an American I have this inexplicable attraction to red, white and blue colour combinations with stars.

Apart from the aesthetics, the rifle itself is quite cool and the first machine gun Maximillian can actually use.

This makes them both faster and fully automated, making them a special step for weapon users in Dark Cloud 2.

4. Inferno

Anyone who’s ever observed D. Gray-man doesn’t underestimate the elemental hammer.

In the Dark Cloud series, Goro owns these weapons and is his most powerful weapon (after being built from Satan’s axe).

A huge percussion hammer built from the flames of hell speaks for itself. What could go wrong?

3. Athena bracelet

Athena was the goddess of war in ancient Greek mythology.

It is easily one of the most recognized Greek entities because it has become quite famous in popular culture.

The same can be said of the Dark Cloud series, where it became an amazing face shaped battle bracelet for Monica.

Although it is not so balanced, it has a large flame and exorcism statistic, which makes it quite powerful.

2. King of the island

The king of the island is one of Monica’s most important swords. I mean, like a level nine super-powered melee weapon.

This delicious and inspired teak design is really striking and gives a feeling of total uniqueness.

It has only a slow 4-shot combination, but is the strongest sword in , if you look at the rough attack of the points.

It’s also one of those weapons you can’t buy or earn, but you have to build to get it.

1. Chronicle 2

This is Toan’s most powerful weapon in the original (and later becomes Monica’s high sword in the second part).

The sword looks really powerful and has one of those cool designs with a hollow core that is illuminated by a bright light.

In the original game this is a prize that can only be obtained by defeating the black knight Pendragon in the 100th year. Stock from the Demon Shaft bonus dungeon. So if you want to catch this bad guy, you’ve got a lot of work to do!

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