Top 10 Best Command & Conquer Games Ranking

The Team & Conquest series is one of the undisputed kings of the RTS genre.

Many players consider the first game (released in 1995) to be the first game designed by RTS. The series contributed significantly to the development of the genre and was very popular among computer gamers.

C&C is a series that has brought us such cult units, from looting mammoth tanks and flying cannon missiles (parodist Django Fett) to surprisingly effective attack dogs and brutal war bears.

One of the most entertaining elements of the games that distinguish them are the live comedy videos throughout the campaign and their unforgettable personalities such as Tanya and Yuri, who have stayed with us to this day.

Dialogue is also the strong point of the series, with rockers at the top and commanders who all want the enemy to know that they have a gift for him. The personality of each game comes through, adding an extra layer to the already rich gameplay.

It’s a tricky series, but I managed to place my selection in the top 10 of the best C&C games. I know you probably disagree with some of them, but I hope we can at least agree on a few things.

10. Crew and conquest

The game that started it all.

A game that introduced us to the now famous GDI and Nod factions, which made us so happy with the release of Renegade all those years later, and made us one of the best RTS franchises in the world.

Yeah, C&C was definitely a classic. But if you count it as one of the future games in the series, it unfortunately has to settle for a 10th place due to outdated graphics and sloppy gameplay.

Especially in comparison with the updates and improvements of other series.

However, the C&C is still really interesting to play in , and especially if you want to see how it all started, or try the original game, which is mentioned as the first in the RTS genre.

A particularly remarkable aspect of the game is the realistic grenade shout when they are overthrown.

These small details really add to what makes the C&C series so exciting and make you want to do more.

It’s not just the gameplay, it’s the whole thing.

Units that talk to and interact with you. There are fascinating maps, interesting units and factions with many unique visual effects. In general, a great game can not survive without a certain amount of nostalgia.

9. Red alarm

The original game of the Red Alert series and the one responsible for the epic work of the game music Klepacki – Hell March. Red Alert has many praiseworthy features and deserves attention for the simple fact that it has made way for such a fascinating series of games.

With surprisingly beautiful graphics so far, Red Alert is still well positioned among the RTS torrent games launched since its release in 1996. And that’s very commendable when you think about it. Very clear proof of the soundness of the game and its aesthetic design.

Nostalgia also plays a big role in the fun of this game, so it is not above this list. But the entertaining videos of the live campaign are worth playing this game alone.

Add a wide range of unique units and interesting cards and you have the recipe for a great RTS game.

8. C&C Tiber Sun

The sequel to the Tiberian Sun was released 4 years after the release of the original game, which gave a boost to the whole series.

Building on the solid gameplay mechanics of the original, the Siberian Sun has added a lot of new units and cool features, such as day and night lights, adding something new to an already unique game.

Tiberian Sun also added other visually impressive features of its time, such as the illusion that the game, with its isometric appearance, was in 3D.

It felt like there were different levels on the site, and this visual update really helped to take the series to the next level. I think that this has paved the way for future games that will follow this example and build until the device models and the whole environment is in 3D, like Red Alert 2.

Urban warfare means you can fight in cities and hide behind buildings or just put them on the street, which adds a bit of realism.

In addition, the Tiber sun was a pioneer in introducing a mixture of destructible landscapes. This means that for the first time you managed to remove this bridge to prevent the enemy from advancing further.

7. General provisions

Playing with the soundtrack I always like to hear – actually, I hear it now when I write it – C&C Generals has steered the series in a different direction, with a bolder and more realistic take on the RTS genre.

The three factions were inspired by real armies.

Whether you prefer the cerebral GLA with hit-and-run (sending engines to their bomb-laden base has always been a strong point) or the always reliable American forces with their high-tech laser weapons and heavy armaments …or even a huge Chinese army equipped with fireproof tanks and heavy armor…

The generals are behind you in all this.

Excellent visual effects, such as mountain biking and skidoo and air travel from the mountains, make this game complete. Not to mention the improvement of your cars with delivery boxes and promotions. The generals took the series to new heights.

The soundtrack above is an absolute pleasure to listen to if you show your opponent. This is really an underestimated aspect of RTS games, because the soundtrack is very important.

What’s more, the sound effects of all the instruments are extremely pleasant, giving the impression that you’re actually a general looking at the battlefield.

6. Red alarm 2

While it’s a pity that Red Alert 2 is among the top five C&C games, I can’t bring out my nostalgia for this incredible game.

Red Alarm 2 is just one of the classics of the RTS genre.

A game in which you can easily immerse yourself for hundreds of hours without wanting to stop playing. Westwood’s developers really took a big hit outside the park in this game and created a very exciting strategy game.

The combination of a surprisingly exaggerated unity dialogue (I personally loved the fun rockers and scary mammoth tanks) and excellent fast-paced gameplay with destructible environments was excellent.

Whether you use those huge tanks to blow up bridges to prevent the enemy from reaching your base, or fly over swings to retrieve your poor defenseless harvester, Red Alert 2 is full of fun and exciting moments.

Adding a super weapon to the mix gives you a substitute for what might otherwise be top-secret strategic questions, and the pressure of knowing that your opponent is about to blow up your base makes you think fast so you won’t be swallowed up like you did on the first day.

5. C&C 3 Tiber Wars

Tiberium Wars is a modern version of C&C’s classic Tiberium series. Tiberium Wars has taken what was great in the original games and improved them. What you unfortunately cannot say about the sequel to C&C 4 is a different story.

With dark and grainy backgrounds that have become even more terrifying due to the significantly improved graphics, and especially given the large gap between the games, Tiberium Wars has been a star of the series, bringing many modern and futuristic units to the table.

The addition of the foreign faction screen has given the game the long-awaited variety and mixed the gameplay quite satisfactorily, while allowing epic battles between 3 factions.

In this game of the series, modern FPS fans had the chance to jump on the C&C train and see what was going on.

A complete update of the graphics and gameplay has made the RTS game truly accessible for beginners, but at the same time it has remained true to the series without deviating too far from the original formula.

4. Red alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge

Here is an example of a DLC expansion pack that increases the value of an existing game.

Yuri’s revenge is worth buying over the original, given the huge changes and additions that have been made to almost everything.

The most obvious addition to this expansion is Yuri and his psychic followers and mind control machines.

The Yuri-fraction was full of buildings and units with special paranormal abilities, which of course adds another dimension to the game. And one more thing to fight when fighting the classic Allied and Soviet factions.

With two brand new campaigns for the Allies and the Soviets, Revenge Yuri does not forget the other factions and even gives them exciting new units, such as a high-speed robot tank and useful siege thugs.

I’m sure the overtime is worth playing for and I know everyone would have wanted that.

3. C&C Renegade

Take the classic RTS game and turn it into a good FPS – a difficult task.

Make sure the C&C franchise gets through the first game of the renegade.

For the first time in the long history of C&C, which lasted 7 years until the liberation of Renegade, you could put yourself in the commander’s shoes and see the Allies and Kivniak forces from his point of view. It’s a new concept.

The transition from top to bottom to POV of one of the most iconic instruments in the series was revolutionary and was done as a relief.

From the first line of the trailer where the main character tells the viewer (a former C&C fan) that he has a gift for you, you knew it would be an iconic classic.

(2) General zero hour

Updated for generals, it would be easy to launch Zero Hour, just like an extension that adds a little more content to the main game.

But unlike many other extensions that do exactly that and add nothing of value to the series, zero hour introduces a whole new way to play – 9 in fact – as separate generals for the 3 factions.

The original game is nothing compared to Zero Hour when you consider how well the expansion serves individual playing styles.

For example, if you like the Stealth element in GLA, Zero Hour allows you to go to extremes and specialize in this area (at the expense of other elements).

Overall, this system was very balanced, and the campaign to determine the best way to deal with each general has really given more depth to the strategic game.

1. Red alarm 3

By improving Red Alert’s near-perfect formula, Red Alert 3 brings many novelties and deserves to be number 1 on this list.

She decided to update the classic Red Alert series and go into modern times with a quality image.

The addition of many new units and a whole new faction in a fascinating high-tech empire from the rising sun to the Japanese.

By adding the co-op to the campaign mode, you can also play this game with a friend for the first time, which is certainly a welcome addition to the series.

While some people claim that the game was an exaggerated version of the previous game and that they manipulated the winning formula, Red Alert 3 is a very fine interpretation of a very entertaining series and it is commendable to have improved the whole series, even if it is due to a certain authenticity.

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