Top 10 Best Civilizations of Empires II Age: HD Edition

Few franchises in the history of the game are as old as the Age of Empires, the classic historical studio of the RTS Ensemble.

And few games have been played as long as Age of Empires II, perhaps the most popular part of the series.

It has been in development since 1999, and with the release of the HD edition in 2013 and the introduction of the latest edition in November 2019, it does not seem to want to stop soon.

In HD there are several new civilizations that need to be controlled and developed into noisy empires, making it difficult to answer the eternally controversial question of which civilization is best suited to answer.

Some can perform better on some cards, others benefit from 1v1 parameters or are good at team games, and the list of variables still makes an easy evaluation difficult.

To make it easier, I turned to, an independent project that follows a competitive game scene and provides easy-to-understand data such as victory rates, total load and average game results for each civilization.

So, without unnecessary ceremonies, 10 civilizations have the highest winning percentage in the AoEII : HD output.

10. British

At the top of our list were the British, a classical civilization based on archery for their military strategies.

Their range in archery is much faster than the average of civilization, and their archers have a larger general range.

Their unique unit is the Longbowman, which can surpass almost any other combat unit in the game, as well as towers and castles after complete modernization.

Their rural dwellers collect food from their sheep faster and their urban centers are cheaper than usual, which helps their economy and allows them to grow much faster in the middle of the game.

9. Berber

Most of the many strategies to win the game depend on how fast you progress through the centuries.

And the Berbers have the fastest feudal times on the list.

They focus on the cavalry, which they can produce cheaply as soon as they enter the castle era.

Their camel arches are also among the best mounted units, with excellent strength and precision, and they use the Maghrabi Camel technology, which allows Berber camels to regenerate.

This is a good choice if you want to make rapid progress and develop even faster.

8. Maya

Not only do the Mayans win a lot of competitions, they’re just present in most of them.

They are fans and the second most popular civilization on the list, among the Huns alone.

Their first match, , is an excellent thanks to their excellent scout, Eagle Warrior, and they can work faster with extra villagers at the start.

They win most of their games early in the middle of the game, when they can fully utilize their long-term resources and the unique and incredibly economical gaming device that is the Plumed Archer.

7. Indians

This is one of the first new civilizations added to the game with the HD edition.

The Indians focus on camels and gunpowder units, including their hand-operated guns, after upgrading the +1 range with Shatagni technology.

Your Reichskamel, which replaces the knight, is also very useful.

The imperial camel is slightly weaker than its European counterpart, but also much cheaper.

Their economy can become much more profitable than the average civilization thanks to the technologies of the sultan, which increase the total income from gold mining by 10%.

6. Aztecs

The Aztecs – another great game civilization that usually wins its games in the blink of an eye.

This is mainly due to the economic boom, for example the villagers carry more resources and 50 extra gold at the beginning of the game.

They can also benefit a lot from the relics, which yield 30% more gold for the Aztecs and their teammates.

Although they have no cavalry, their infantry units, including the Eagle Warrior scout, are very strong thanks to the complete technology boom and two unique upgrades.

And these units are produced 18% faster than with other Aztec military units.

5. Vikings

Contrary to expectations, the Vikings are not only strong at sea. They can also rule the country.

Their unique Berserk infantry unit is able to regenerate itself, making it much more suitable for small aggressive attacks.

In terms of their savings, their most visible and useful bonus is the free purchase of wheelbarrows and handcarts. This makes them an absolute power, while other civilizations explore them.

4. Huns

The most played civilization on the list is also one of the most unique.

Their most remarkable feature is that they do not need a home for their population, which saves a lot of time and resources for the novice and middle classes.

It also makes it possible to pay more attention to the micro-management of military units and the escape of enemies in social housing projects.

Their unique unit, the Tarkan, is characterized by the number of disturbed defensive structures.

It is a very viable unit, thanks to the marauder technology, which makes it possible to produce them in the stables, which is 20% faster for the Huns.

3. Incas

The other Indian civilization makes a list and follows the same strategies of domination in the game as the others.

Like the Huns, they need worry less about their housing because their houses are twice as big as normal houses.

And at the beginning of the game they get a free llama that gives them the food they need to fill up faster.

A pleasant strategy with the Incas is the classic tower fever, simplified by a 15% reduction on the construction of stone buildings and supported by their particularly lively villagers.

2. Slaves

The Slaves are the silent killers of the game.

Normally people don’t expect such success from them!

Their many victories are probably due to their great economy, in which the villagers work 15% faster.

Your investment units also receive a discount, allowing them to build stronger and more stable armies faster and at a higher cost.

However, as soon as the game gets longer and the gold decreases, they begin to lose quickly. It is therefore preferable to conclude the case as soon as possible.

1. Frankie

To some, Frankie may seem like an unusual choice for a better civilization.

But numbers don’t lie!

The Franks are not only the most successful civilization on the AoE-II competitive scene, they also have a big lead ofon .

Their strength comes from two things: a strong economy thanks to faster berry picking and free farm upgrades (allowing them to move much faster) and their 20% cavalry health bonus.

One of the most popular strategies in the game, in which Frankie absolutely dominates, is the early Scout Rush, because their Scout flip-ups are 20% more stable.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll reach the imperial age faster than most, and your mighty Frankish paladins can lead you to victory.

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