Top 10 Best Characters in the Berserian Tales

In the Contes de Berseries franchise, the balance is completely different from that of its predecessors.

Despite the fact that the fairy tale largely supports what the game is about in its quest for epic proportions, a group of messy comrades who travel long distances together, and a conflict with some sort of legislative authority, the story turns in terms of characters.

In the previous parts, we follow the characters who represent the good in man. While the Stories of Beer follow characters with broken moral compasses.

The characters in this game are not very good, and they often miss the virtue in the traditional sense of the word. They are selfish and malevolent people with a dubious motivation who eventually travel together because it suits their individual goals.

This daring narrative choice enabled the writers to create complex but engaging characters with which we connect from the dark, damaged and human part of our consciousness.

On this list, I’m going to honor my 10 favorite characters from this wonderful game.

10. Scope of application

We owe Seresa to initiating the events of the game with the release of Velvet from prison in Titania, and she has one of the coolest and sexiest designs in the game.

We may not be able to spend much time with her, but her background, her past and her importance for the development of Velvet and Arthur as characters have earned her a place on the list.

9. Teresa Linares

This praetorcist begins as another obstacle on our way. A cheeky master who treats number 2 like an insensitive, insensitive robot.

But as the game progresses, his motivations reveal themselves and reveal an interesting and complex character, with more than just a gentle attitude towards his brother Oscar.

Contrary to the Abbey’s philosophy that rationality is more important than feelings, his only main motivation is his love for Oscar.

Is it even possible to act without feeling nourished?

8. Artorius Colbrande

Founder of the abbey and beacon of hope for mankind against demons.

Arthur, formerly known as Arthur, will not limit himself to anything to achieve his goal: to save mankind from the manifestation.

By sacrificing children? Of course you did.

By betraying your family? It’s no problem.

Turning mankind into an unmanned plane? If that’s what it takes to achieve peace.

Arthur pursues his targets so hard, it’s delicious, actually.

Anyway, his personality is a lie.

While the abbey teaches us to overcome emotions and act with common sense, its only motivation is the despair it feels when it loses its wife and child.

Like everyone else, he hides his wickedness, allowing him to do terrible things in the name of the healing of the Daemonblight.

He just wants to save everyone. But do noble causes justify evil intentions?

7. Rokuro Region

Rokuro’s a double.

Everything about the wandering swordsman is a classic, and Rokuro’s personality brings a breath of fresh air to the party.

He is reckless and even prejudiced towards his comrades, but he is also an unscrupulous murderer, driven only by the desire to surpass his brother.

He only loves a good fight and ignores everything to satisfy his desire.

This is another example of how people no longer achieve their goals and how their actions can ultimately determine them.

6. Rangetsu

Shigure, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of Rokuro. His sword, so to speak.

Although he also strives to become a better swordsman and experience the thrill of battle, he has a soul that is free from malice.

Where Rokuro feeds on a sense of inferiority, Shigure feeds on a pure desire for improvement.

He devotes himself to his passion and his feelings, but he doesn’t throw away his humanity to achieve them.

He is free, he is virtuous, and that makes him an amazing and admirable character.

While others go to extremes to get what they want, Shigure shows us that we too can rise above everything else and achieve righteous goals.

5. Lafik (number two)

In Lapsiec one of the most characteristic events of the main constellation takes place.

It turns him from a quiet child who has no control over his actions into a complete asshole who is willing to risk his life for those she loves.

However, what really makes him an important figure in history is the way his presence with the people of the party concerned evokes good, caring and positive human emotions.

He shows us from his point of view how these characters should not be defined by their malice.

Thanks to them he will finally know what it means to be human. And Your Honor.

4. Eleanor Hume

If we want to talk about the great evolution of the characters in this game, we can’t ignore Eleanor.

This exorcist of the abbey begins her journey, guided only by the principles she learned in this institution, and at the same time motivated by her strong hatred of demons (and hatred of Artoria of Velvet).

However, as history progressed, she saw with her own eyes how far the abbey was prepared to go to achieve its goals.

This requires them to reconsider their core values and broaden their perspective.

It made her realize that the world is not black and white, and at the end of the game she had become the perfect mediator between rationality and emotion.

He carries with him the hope that in the future the world will be able to walk the middle path and not be gnawed at by extremes. It’s a lot we can all identify with.

3. Velvet raven

Did you expect the main character to come first? That would be too easy!

But velvet certainly deserves to be among the best.

She embodies life that leads to raw and at the same time negative emotions.

She is deeply hateful and will do anything if it means revenge. Like Artorius, his character lies in the fact that his end justifies the means.

As history progresses, however, we realize that there is something else in the theory of ruthlessness.

Deep inside, the big sister she once was remains calm, and she gradually wakes up as she deals with Lappishet and the rest of the group.

A very inspiring protagonist with an amazing character development.

2. Magilo

A character that is easy to describe in the game, even if he is not so easy to recognize.

It’s Magilou who’s taking stock.

He creates the atmosphere and delivers the most award winning moments in the humor of the game.

She is a powerful witch, who at first shows no other motive than to have fun, but during our show we gradually realize that all this is just a facade.

Magilou never met his real family. She’s alone in a difficult world.

She searches for what Melchior, her cruel stepfather, misses, but never understands.

She has become a cynical person who doesn’t wait for others because she can’t stand pain and disappointment anymore.

Like many people, she’s afraid of the vulnerability that comes with feelings. And that makes them particularly relevant in today’s world.

This helps us get in touch with her and enables her to reach the second place on this list.

1. Iron

Captain Eifred’s pirates may not have much influence on the development of the character. But that’s what he’s been from the beginning of the game.

He’s excellent, cool and really cool, in a way just a pirate who can barely swim.

The story of the iron is the story of a man who fights fate.

As soon as he realizes that his company brings misfortune to others, he goes to sea to fight the misfortune alone.

He doesn’t let that stop him from enjoying life.

Like the other characters in the game, he has little respect for the laws and customs of the world. Instead, he chose to live a virtuous life according to his own standards.

He travels the eleven seas in search of adventure, lives with emotion and rejects what the world has written for him.

As everyone who has played the Tales of Zestiria knows, her story goes much further than the Tales of Berzyria. And he becomes a legend in the world.

Let’s not forget this man for what he is, for what he does, not for how he ends up. Beauty lies not in victory, but in the fight itself. Long live the explorer Iron.

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