Top 10 best cars in the Saints Row:

Do not work under the false pretext of a realistic game with the open world – for that is certainly not the case – Saints Row : The third has a wide range of crazy machines. And they are all wisely named for the purpose they serve.

As with any open world game, traveling through the city is fun and is the focus of the game.

The combination of incredible licensed music radio stations, driving in this game is fun and a good part of what makes Saints Row 3 so exciting.

Thanks to extensive customisation options, the cars in this game are much more than just vehicles that take you from point A to point B. They are also deadly weapons and fun cruise motorcycles with which you can ride and see the virtual landscape.

Let’s dive into the top 10 options for your next whiplash.

10. Scrubbers

It is clear that Scrubber is a slower, angrier and deadlier breed.

Vehicle normally used for sweeping roads. If you find the right version of this vehicle, called Zombie, you’ll have a real treat.

What makes Scrubble such a great car in the game are the crazy customization options. Unlike more realistic racing games, Saints Row: With the third, you’re always one step away from something completely ridiculous.

Install a heavy-duty machine with saws on both sides and sharp spikes on the bumper to absorb the enormous collateral damage wherever you drive and leave a trail of destruction behind.

9. Wakazashi

It’s not a supercar either, but much closer, it’s the next car on that list: Wakazashi.

The cool Wakazashi convertible is a great choice for a stroll through the city, listening to My Life is a party and exercising in suits and in the shade.

Because the model is reminiscent of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, the car is named after the Japanese sword, which is very appropriate given the sharpness when overtaking and the steep curves.

One of the best ways to cross the city, it’s hard not to feel cool in the sweet Vakazashi.

8. Flashlight

Inspired by the Nissan Skyline GTR, the torch in the 3. The line of saints is a good choice if you are looking for a breathtaking journey through the city.

In the promotional video dedicated to improving the driving mechanisms in the game, the flashlight is designed with performance in mind. And in that respect, it’s certainly not disappointing.

This car has an elegant design that will make everyone a little jealous. You want to take her for a walk as often as possible and make her a pile of doughnuts on every occasion.

7. Peacekeepers

This is a fully occupied police car, which makes the police a force to be reckoned with. So it is much more likely that these lawsuits will end with their hands up.

Still, there’s something to be said: The Peacekeeper is respected.

With the protective grilles on the back seat of the car, anyone who is unfortunately stopped and placed on the back seat cannot open or escape the fire.

It’s really worth hanging around and waiting for one of these beauties, so you can drive around the city in a high-performance car and play police and robbers.

6. carry

Armoured car with attitude, the bear lives up to his name, in the sense that nobody wants to contact him when he gets closer.

It’s usually run by special forces, Bear’s no joke. If you manage to catch one of them by force or other means, you will feel indestructible when you start looting the city.

More experienced while Power plays on the radio, this APC will definitely give you hallucinations of grandeur and send you on your next mission.

I almost forgot the bear comes with a with a .50 machine gun, in case you’re afraid it’s not dangerous enough.

5. Phoenix

He is the Phoenix, a muscular car that closely resembles the legendary Ford Mustang GT.

This is a fantastic selection of vehicles to take part in illegal road races with friends. Phoenix brings back memories of the Fast and Furious franchise. Especially when it comes to cleaning the settings, racing tracks and everything else.

The Phoenix is an entertaining alternative to the unrealistic feeling of supercars in many games. It’s fun to drive and offers a little more protection than most fast cars.

4. Vortex

The last relatively ordinary car on that list is the Vortex.

It is a fast sports car, built like the Lotus Exige.

The Cortex should be your car if you need both skilful driving and impressive top speeds so you don’t get left behind in the race (or chase).

Although the Vortex isn’t as fast as some of the elite cars in the game, it more than makes up for its exceptional ability to take sharp corners at breakneck speeds. Not to mention the visually attractive chassis.

3. Gearboxes

The Temptress is based on the Audi R8, and at the top speeds matched by the Vortex, it is certainly a smooth ride.

Although the two cars are very similar in handling and speed, the Temptress can easily take advantage of the exceptional tuning possibilities. A few adjustments may give the impression that this car is almost shown in the Transformers movie.

The seductress is a feast for the eye and has a great performance to support it.

Suitable for fast police chases in the city, for walking and enjoying the scenery or just to bomb the highway and pass oncoming traffic – Temptress is really tempting.

2. Attrasia

We finally have the fastest car in the game, making it one of the most fun and entertaining rides (if you’re a speed lover).

Attrazione is the right way to have fun driving in Saints Row: The third.

Inspired by some very cute Lamborghini models, especially the Murcielago and the Cala, Attrazione deserves the title of not only the fastest car, but perhaps also the most beautiful.

The pleasure of driving through the city in this car is due to the fact that you reach an incredible speed and everything around you fades as you steer pedestrians through the air. They will try to avoid vehicles that appear in front of you for a few minutes before you pass them.

When it comes to speed, it’s real, my friends.

1. Wraith

Best car on Saints Row: The third is probably a Wraith.

Right now you might think it’s the same car as Attrazione.

This is because it is one and the same car, apart from some interesting behavioural changes that take the already ridiculous car to new heights.

With a special engine sound, neon color and bronze backlighting, the Wraith have just emerged from that world.

It is a car that applies an unrealistic theme to driving that is as familiar as Saints Row. When you’re behind the wheel of a Wraith, you understand why it’s such a fine example of what this series is about.

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