Top 10 Best Beginner Tips for Brawlhalla

Looks like you can’t win at Balkhall? You always lose 1v1? We will discuss more than 10 Brawlhalla beginner tips to help you improve your game and win more Brawlhalla games!

1. Using your power to subtract more than

A lot of actors don’t seem to do that. They ignore one of their most useful skills in the game, dodging it. With this you have to dodge most enemy attacks and projectiles, and it can be a powerful recovery tool if used with a special skill.

If the time is set correctly, you can bend in the air just before using special skills. This allows you to use this capacity in the middle of the season instead of repairing it first. It can lead to a fairly intense combination.

You can also use your ability to dodge to rush to the ground, which makes you faster. Using a hyphen followed by a special side attack increases the range of the special attack and you can easily surprise the enemy.

2. Use your light attacks

Beginners are often inclined to spam their special attacks, but if you miss one, your opponent can easily punish you for it and even knock you out.

Try to use light attacks more often, don’t forget to chain them for the Combo. So you won’t bear the consequences if you miss the attack.

A good player can only play and win with light attacks, so don’t rely too much on your special attacks.

3. Studying and mastering the combination

Studying the different weapon combinations is the first step towards really improving your attack fight in Brawlhalla. Combos must be your primary method of attack and damage. They are difficult to do in the beginning, but practice makes it perfect.

A popular combination of nose weapons is the lateral light attack, the downward light attack and then the neutral light attack, which causes a lot of damage and is difficult to avoid.

Each weapon has a different combination, but the same weapon can have combinations that are unique to certain legends. For example, the combination of shooters mentioned above can be used with any legend that uses the shooter’s weapon.

4. Practice

It’s no secret, but the more you train, the more effective your suit will be. You must train with every weapon you intend to use and with every combination of that weapon, or at least with the most commonly used combination to get the most out of that particular weapon or legend.

A good tip is to warm yourself up a little before queuing by going through the most commonly used combos.

5. Zoom on a legend at the beginning of

You have to know your legend before it gets better. You need to know the entrances and exits of your legend, its range, speed, the damage it causes, and so on. This information is essential if you want to be the protagonist of the legend.

You want to know when to intervene in the fight, when to dodge, when your damage is enough to end it, or when to leave to damage the combo. It’s much easier to fully learn a legend before trying a new one.

6. Optimization of control parameters

Everyone has their own controls and keychains, and you have to find your own controls.

Don’t listen to people telling you to use a set of keys, use what you want and what suits you best. Cause who else is gonna use it but you?

The more comfortable you are with your settings, the easier it is for you to make combos and channels without missing a beat or pressing the wrong button.

7. Attention professional players andtournaments

One of the best ways to improve a game is to observe the players better than you play. There’s always something to learn, because you can see what they do and why.

Professional players have spent countless hours training and improving their legend and the mechanics of the game. If you really want to improve, spend some time watching, not playing.

8. Adjust your playing style

Brawlhalla is a game about reading your opponent and predicting what he will do, so it is important to try to be as unpredictable as possible. Change your playing style during the game. This will confuse your opponent and make him miss more moves or you’ll get more.

9. Support card management

Control over the card is very important, and you can gain a great advantage over your opponent if you keep it.

You can control gun competitions, high and low countries and cliffs, and that’s just a few. This gives you a position advantage because your opponent has to come to you first. You can play much more active and set the pace of the game.

10. Restoration of rest

Many newcomers panic when they are dumped and start sending spam to the jump button after dumping. Don’t do this – stay calm and use your jumps and skills in time to return safely to the stadium.

When you’ve reached the maximum jump height, jump again or use a recovery shot. You can also use your Neutral Evasive + power. You can return to the stage from almost anywhere on the map, as long as you try to return without panicking and spamming the jump and recovery buttons… it hardly ever works.

Try to recover in practice, then you’ll see what range you have. Take a jump and see how far you can get over it. Learning to relax is a big step towards improving your Brahulhall game.


Did you know you can use your launch button to pick up items? This is much better than using the Single Attack button to pick up items, so you don’t have to constantly attack in the air instead of picking up items at critical moments.

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