Top 10 Best Bastion Arms

The stronghold. Action RPG Developer Supergiant, which at first glance resembles any other indie role-playing game with followers jumping on the platform and collecting mana.

But if you dive under the diapers, you’ll notice that it has some things that make it stand out.

An amazing artistic style, dynamic levels that defy the opponent and a narrative of the game that seems to come from Max Payne himself (melancholic violin music).

We’re playing like a baby. Yeah, you heard right. He’s so cool, he doesn’t need a name.

And our mission is to save the world from total destruction by freeing our enemies with our familiar weapons. And on this subject, the game has a wide range of weapons that will make John Vick Sommelier proud.

Today we look at the top 10 most popular weapons among the fans in the Bastion, ranked by appearance, rarity and of course raw power.

10. Fang Repeater

Think of a weapon that looks like a reptile.

Now imagine a rifle that looks like a reptile and shoots fish bones like a machine gun.

It’s a canine trigger. Self-loading machine gun with low damage but high firing speed.

It’s one of the first small weapons you get and it really falls into your hands at the beginning of the game.

But despite this great design and purpose, you soon get the impression that the Fang Repeater doesn’t have the bite that its name promises. (Excuse the pun, please)

9. ATM

Let’s go from the very first weapon you received to the last weapon you find in the game – the cannon of doom.

Actually, we should get back to our fantasy game.

Imagine a rocket launcher that looks like it’s shooting at comets. Yeah, comets. And the damage is on top of that.

If the ripper 3-4 is damaged, the damage number of the ripper is 99.

It’s like wearing a tank on your shoulder. It’s cumbersome, inaccurate, but the kid goes boom.

8. Line hammer

It’s the first weapon you unlock in the game. You literally take it in hand as you begin your destructive journey.

First your main weapon, the hammer soon becomes your best friend when it comes to damage and hammer crates.

Try it and see how our storyteller friend Max Payne reacts.

The damage is 10 as light damage while moving, or 15 and 20 if you shoot in the air while standing still.

In general, it is a balanced and easy to use recipe for destruction.

7. Fuel guns

Are you a shooting enthusiast? In that case, the Dueling Pistols will be your best friend.

The faster you squeeze the oatmeal, the faster these things spit death.

An impressive range with 5 well damaged, but tons of fun to use.

The average ROF is about 4 bales per second. However, legend has it that some players can shoot the 6 in the blink of an eye. If you’re one of these people, send us an e-mail, because I want to see it!

But all I’m saying is that double rifles should be in your holster. They make you feel like a real criminal looking for revenge.

6. Support switch

Now let’s talk about a powerful weapon that makes Hawkeye of the Avengers green with envy.

The breaker bow is a versatile long-range weapon that increases the damage caused by the string and increases the range of the fire the more you pull the string. It has a clear design and may not quite fit in with the whole game, but the boy can shoot at close range.

So, for best results, put them in place and let them go!

5. War machine

Oh, that sounds good.

My two favorite words are machete war.

A fast-attack melee weapon that you find at the beginning of the game and that has the potential to stay with you for a while.

It is a fast cut animal at a short distance that causes 5 damages in one go. But you can charge him and add up to 18 damages.

The mesh of war in your battle box will surely make your enemies tremble.

4. Brush

The Spartans would have liked this bad boy.

A spear that inflicts 30 quasi-injuries, and when loaded and launched, such as the Warrior’s Labyrinth, has the potential to treat to 50wounds.

Now, that’s something for a melee gun. Then hold on and let your enemies feed in hell.

3. Fire bellows

You can probably tell from the name that this thing has something to do with fire, right? With this you can make your enemies feel the heat.

It might sound a little stupid, like someone’s tried to disinfect their house in the past.

But the fire clock turns your enemies into toast, so to speak.

It unleashes a continuous stream of fire that massively destroys small enemies, causing damage and puncturing armor over time. It’s an explosive combination, if you ask me.

2. Residues of crustaceans and molluscs

Musket whip, if you need a big cleaning.

That’s your fighting gun, supposed to spit out clouds of shredded, burning metal.

That sounds painful. And like a shotgun in any other game, distance counts.

The closer to the target, the greater the damage. Don’t pull that thing off the cliff with its back to the cliff. He kicks like a mule!

1. Army rifle

We’re finally here. The favorite weapon of the number one fan of the game.

Actually, it looks more like a sniper rifle than a rifle. But it has the versatility to be used on short distances. Pull the trigger and you get the gun.

Hold it and you’ll get a high quality precision machine over a long distance. Once you’ve upgraded this monster, its explosive shells will also be ridiculously overloaded.

And that’s exactly what I would recommend against armor-piercing gunfire. It’s the best weapon for your… Baby.

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