Tools Useful In 5e: The Healer’s Kit

Don’t say that… I already know what you’re thinking, and I know it. Just trust me. Just trust me. I know the healer’s kit is not a tool, and it has no place in my articles making tools useful in 5th … …but I’m here to tell you… … I totally agree with you, the only problem is… …my players don’t always agree with me… …or even the rules in some cases.

For those who do not care about small grains:
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Now let’s move on to those who have just stumbled over it and would like to see some more of it in the show: Accessories for brewers, tools and crockery for the kitchen. If not, let’s heal.


The basis of the Healer Kit is that you can use one of the ten applications to stabilize a dying creature. It’s a great tool for those fighters, barbarians etc. who don’t want to rely on their priest to finally run to the front and help their buddies with Spare the Dying… to prevent their buddies from dying. or, you know, use it on a priest when he starts believing he can only take the Goblin camp and the god of his choice.

It’s a pretty simple tool, and if you want to dedicate one of the ASI/Feats to it, you can improve it, not only stabilizing the dying creature, but also bringing it back by 1 HP. Which is fine, but your action requires… and she locks herself in behind the ASI/Feat. It’s a pretty high price to pay during a fight and when you stabilize. If you go around the healer, you can also use the bet to heal the creature 1d6 + 4 + the maximum number of bones of the affected creature. This is useful, but there’s a better use of the ASI/Feat, unless you try… or if there’s no more stuff to take with you.

Let’s take a look at the exchange game before we move on:

This kit is a leather bag with bandages, towels and straps. There are ten applications in this set. As an action you can bet on the kit to stabilize a creature that has 0 life points without having to perform a wisdom test (medicine).

I think the base of the kit is pretty good. I like that it can be used for certain things, and the parts inside are also very good. We will adjust it a bit by adding antidote, chemicals, and needles.

We will also add the rule about how the Healer’s Suite is now considered an instrument you can control, and it will use your ability to practice medicine (wisdom). In addition, we determine whether you have medical qualifications, allowing you to add your professional bonus to any checks on your care recipient.


The procedures use the knowledge of the future healers and allow them to use their healing set to achieve healing, grinding or other effects. The system is quite simple and relies on potential healers who carry the healing kits… which is cheap for half-light polishing and healing. I see that most of these interventions happen outside the fight, but when the party really needs it, it’s easy to do some of these things to save someone who might be close to death.

Although procedures are the primary use of the care kits, there are also advanced procedures that require more skills and more intensive use of your kit. By taking the game and making it harder to achieve, you can get a more lasting effect that really shows how amazing you are in this healing thing…. Even better than that stupid priest who has to ask his god’s permission before he divides loyalty points.

Healer Property

I didn’t want to go too much into the healer’s trick with the sweaters, but I couldn’t help thinking that this achievement could be used for charity. This allows us not only to reward those who spend ASI/Feat, but also to do something more with the Healing Pack, while those who accept the exploitation get many benefits for their money.

Heiler Feat offers extra bonuses to your fans, or they reduce the amount you have to spend or lower your CD. Any treatment can benefit from a well-trained healer, and even advanced treatments can benefit. In addition, your teammates now also benefit from the possibility to use one of the procedures twice between short or long breaks.


The procedures I have created for the Healing Complex reflect much of the divine magic that clergy and druids receive, and I consider it appropriate to do so. Although I do not think that many barbarians will take this instrument into their hands, I can imagine that the fighters will take this instrument into their hands. It allows them to play a role-playing game with the field physician and gives them a few extra elements to defend themselves during those tough battles… and I always liked that my fighters had something more to do than… I hit her harder.

That’s all I’m saying. A quick and simple tool that you can throw in your game to increase the number of healings, give the goal, take the turn of the healer and put the set of the healer in place… like one of the tools of DnD, because if pottery is a tool of DnD, then curing someone is definitely a tool and a tool you should have experience with!

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