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Back to work in July with other tools! It’s probably one of the most swirling instruments I’ve ever made… although we may be able to turn glassblowers into something that only real Wormholes will take, but that’s for future discussion, and today… we have some clues to follow!

For those who do not care about small grains:
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Poisoning kit

You know what I like about Xanathar’s leader compared to theset? It has some great subclasses, some cool spells (not to mention The Healing Spirit), and on page 83 it talks about all the toxins:

Poisoning kit

The poisoning kit is a popular source for thieves, murderers and others involved in cutting. This makes it possible to use toxic substances and make them from different materials. Your knowledge of toxins also helps you to treat them.
Parts. The poisoning kit contains glass vials, mortar and pestle, chemicals and a glass stirrer.
History. Your poisoning training can help if you try to remember the facts about known poisonings.
Research, perception. Your knowledge of poisons has taught you to handle them carefully, which gives you an advantage when investigating poisoned objects or trying to find clues to poisoned events.
Medicine. If you treat a poison victim, your knowledge will give you additional information on how best to treat the patient.
Nature, survival. Working with poisonous substances lets you know which plants and animals are poisonous.
Poisoning of the hands. Your skill allows you to process and use the poison without risk of exposure.

It smells a little, but it doesn’t let you be as spicy as you like. If you choose Poisoner’s Kit as a tool, you won’t confuse it with bonus facts about notorious poisonings or with legends from studies on certain plants. With this set you can make special gifts to help you kill this nasty monster.

When you think about the poison kit, you think it’s murder. They think it’s poison. You believe that this poison and the extraction of this poison from a deadly monster, so you can turn this danger to your future enemies. Let’s get on with my design ideas!

Journal for Poisoners

With RAW you don’t have a diary in which you write down all the poisons you make, you read books like Brent Weeks’ Night Angels Trilogy or even J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, the poisoner has a recipe he’s working on and you need a place to keep it. GM can also offer this as part of a party treasure, if someone is really interested in learning more recipes, it can cost him a lot more than gold!

But we can’t make it that simple. The authors of the toxins are mysterious people, so they coded their own logs to prevent others from reading their data. Our future poisoner should contact the author of the original magazine in Washington to find out how they wrote their recipes. It wouldn’t have worked if someone had taken the newspaper and started cooking poisons right away.

Purchase of poison

So how can the poisoners gain access to their favourite poisons? Reception of toxins and other materials in the world. When beating monsters, the poisoners must find certain samples that contain poison and remove the bags of poison or poisonous gases. This will provide the players with sideways quests and train them against wyverns, purple worms, green dragons and even small cuboids that no one knows about. Of course, they can be lame poisoners and only buy raw materials… …but where’s the fun in that?

When the creature is finally killed, it is important to remove the poison. This test is based on the strength of the creature, and is only 10 + half the CR of the sample. So it’s easy to think of flying DC extraction when they’re trying to extract the poison from a sample that’s not in my recipes. Of course, of course… …if they have the poison… what do they do with it? If they don’t have a prescription, they can’t use the poison unless they want to give it to someone and hope for the best.

Well, you can take this poison and try to make a recipe with a little harder DC. By examining the recipe, they have a chance to examine the poison and not just try to convince the killer to give them a glimpse of their poisoner’s diary. The downside, of course, is that they need a living animal… that can even contain itself!

Kitchen poison

Let’s say they know the recipe, say they have the poison. They finally want to make poison! After an hour of preparation of the poison, they can perform a homemade test to produce the poison. It’s as simple as that. Once the poison is ready, they can spread it on the weapon, turn it into food, or turn it into a mist for the creatures to inhale. Each poison has its own way of release, if you ignore this way of release, you make the poison useless.


So, now that we’ve sorted out our toxins… What do we do for the recipes? One of the simplest things we can do is to consult the monster’s manual, and where a monster makes poison, you can turn it into poison. Violet worms, flies, poisonous snakes, the list is endless, and I’ve only added a few to the recipe examples.

Another place to get recipes for toxins is to look at Player’s Guide and Dungeon Master’s Guide , each of them has different toxins and you can easily change them in this system, what I did for pale dye, burnt fumes from there and a few others… And finally I opened my trusted Dungeon Master’s Manual 4e and they have some great toxins in their bindings!

These toxins not only poison the creature, but also cause various effects such as delay or paralysis. It’s a pretty cool component you can add to new poisons I haven’t thought of yet. Imagine someone being poisoned and they slow down, and your killer feels cool when you do that. That would be great… …and maybe not too grumpy!


Well, I didn’t add it to the PDF, and it’s just for you… a dedicated reader to read it. It’s not every time you go and get the poison or the poison makes everything okay. Sometimes a catastrophic failure can happen and things can happen to you. But that doesn’t mean the GM has to follow this schedule every time you fail, it’s up to the discretion of the GM, but the discretion of the GM has to be quite large. These errors occur in the vicinity of dangerous components, and it would suck to kill your characters, because they failed the poison kit test.

d6 | Accident

1. The poison you’re working with explodes accidentally in a fine mist. Make a constitutional gesture and save DC-Gift/vens life, otherwise you will be poisoned for 24 hours.
2. You have a small hole in your thick gloves and the poison has found its way into your skin. Make constitution conservation spray against DC poison, in case of failure take 2d10 of poison damage if it starts to eat your skin.
3. You carelessly wiped your forehead with sweat and the poison/poison ended up in your eyes. Make a DC-poison/poison-rescue litter or go blind for the next hour because your eyes are burning so badly that you can’t open them.
4. The poison you were working with is infected and seems to be losing its effect. You should check the DC 15 detergent kit successfully, otherwise you will lose your precious poison.
5. The recipe for poison requires you to mix the ingredients quickly; unfortunately you rushed too fast and sprayed yourself with poison. Make a constitutional rescue throw against the poison/fire or take the level of exhaustion if the poison affects your strength.
6. You accidentally read the wrong recipe and the poison you were working on turned into a strange black goose that ruined part of your poison kit.


And this is what we have for the poisoning kit! The best tool for a killer. With this tool you can make fascinating side quests in the dark, in the sea for wyvern dragons or even in scary swamps where a green dragon should be hiding. By giving your players a working tool, you can help them realise their dream of becoming the evil killer they’ve always been!

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