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Oh, my God! It’s a fascinating tool to work with… and frankly, I’m rather surprised at how long it took me to succeed. As some of you know, I took part in a great adventure in the archipelago in the form of a campaign magazine, in which I documented a lot of mechanical news for an adventure related to the discovery of islands on an unexplored island, and I partially mentioned the role of the navigator. But with more than 25 different tools I swore to be useful in the seventh grade… I think the 13th failure is a good place to work on the Navigator tools.

For those who are not interested in my tools:
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Navigational aids

Let’s take a look at Xanathar’s guide to find out everything and I’m sure we’ll be amazed at the wealth of information we’ll learn! Go to page 83 and hold your breath!

Navigational aids

The navigation experience helps you to determine the true trajectory based on star observations. It also allows you to view maps and diagrams as you develop your sense of orientation.
Parts. Navigation aids include a sextant, compass, caliper, ruler, ink and pencil.
Survive. Knowledge of navigation aids helps you avoid losses and gives you an idea of the most likely location of roads and settlements.
Scope of application. Through careful measurements you can determine your position on the map and the time of day.

And you can breathe again. Man, Xanataru better be glad he’s cute, because that information is pretty useless. If you have navigation aids, you can know where the roads are! Except being by the sea doesn’t mean much to you, does it? I sometimes wonder…

I’m not really interested in the Navigator tools in Xanathars, although at least it shows us what the Navigator tools allow, so that’s good!


So what are our Navigator tools supposed to do? I see her as someone who determines the ship’s course and plays an important role in ensuring that the ship does not get lost on its way. I also see that they can predict the weather and give the captain of the ship a weather forecast. I wouldn’t set course for a huge typhoon if we could stay in the harbour another day and wait for it!

Part of what I’m going to do with Navigator’s Tools is that I’m currently engaged in a big island adventure where I travel to unknown waters and see how the research will work on the ship. I recommend starting with Part 1 – Introduction to the Maritime Campaign, but I can’t tell you what to do! I’m probably not your father, and you can start with Island Discovery 6, part 21.

Now… Weather

One of the great things I have to remember about GMing is that there is time. There are not always beautiful sunny days and clear skies. Sometimes the weather can be bad, and it can suck to remind players during battles and tell them that they have shortcomings in perceptual control because of the high fog. No one likes mechanical problems, but I think that’s an important part of describing your world to players. If you can imagine the heavy rains flowing through the dense leaves of the forest, you begin to get closer to your world. Despite the many disadvantages, the deep waterfall : Dragon Robbery , I must say that I liked the different seasonal effects that it contains.

So with this in mind I took my Archipelago Adventure card and brought it to this course. This means a little more work for the GM, because he has a different schedule or has to find something that pops up in his head, but can be used to ensure that the encounter with the players is not limited to men, saguaguagas or sharks. Time creates a problem that cannot be overcome with a simple swordstroke, and it can be frightening. Ships have sunk in heavy storms, even in storms where the weather is not so bad. If you play a character who is trying to save his ship in a terrible storm, you can connect to that ship in a way that they normally can not.

Course planning

Although the weather can provide a fantastic backdrop for the lessons, in this lesson it is important to sail a ship on the ocean or just around a lake. Every morning the navigator must set a course and adjust it so that they are in motion during the day; if they do not pass the checkpoint, they will be lost somewhere during the day. It’s very simple.

If they got lost that night, they can try again now, and successfully find their position in the ocean by looking at the stars above them. This power does not work if there are large clouds or if something else blocks the view of the stars.

It’s the main bread and butter of the cannon, and let the sailor shine in the sea. …unless they look an awful lot like me. In this case they can just walk in a big circle, because they are in the ocean, and they will never find land, and they will stick their nose in it to walk on the board!

Somewhere above the sea

And here are the navigation instruments. It’s not crazy, but it contains a lot of elements that can help you get from point a to point b, and let you know you’re going to get stuck in a typhoon! And the truth is… that’s what I want with me… especially since I get seasick easily, and I’m sure I get really seasick during a typhoon…

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