Tools Useful in 5e: Forgery Kit

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Enter the latest of our tools! This instrument was built from the 10th to the last… I’m also a little sad… I love working with these tools, and now I have to find something new to work on when it’s done. Luckily I’ll be at the last one in February of next year, unless I decide to skip a couple of weeks of airplanes just to concentrate on making tools, which I don’t think I will. I love airplane landscapes too much!

Let’s go back to the real reason for this article, because nobody cares what I think of myself, we’re dealing with a bad set! A con man’s best friend and a diplomat’s greatest enemy. How can a diplomat know that it is indeed the king’s signature that orders him to declare war on a great nation of leprechauns and smurfs? What about our king, who is not sure if this document, in which he is called a stinking donkey, really comes from a high emissary of Elven of the Sterrenhof? Fake kits are a great way to create some chaos and maybe even get a new lock without having to worry about it!

For those who are not interested in my tools:
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Counterfeit kit

If anyone knows anything about fake kits, I bet our favorite audience who wrote a book about instruments knows everything about fake kits! Go to page 81 of the Xanathar directory for all:

The counterfeit set is designed to duplicate documents and make it easy to copy a person’s stamp or signature.
Parts. The counterfeit set contains various types of ink, various parchments and papers, various pens, stamps and wax for sealing, gold leaf and silver leaf and small tools for modelling the molten wax to simulate printing.
Arcane. The Counterfeit Kit can be used in combination with Arcana’s ability to determine whether a magical object is real or fake.
Deception. Well-intentioned forgeries, such as papers that declare you noble or writings that give you free rein, can give you the false truth.
History. The Counterfeit Kit, combined with your knowledge of history, will enhance your ability to create fake historical documents or determine if an old document is real.
Research. When examining objects, it is useful to know a number of forgeries in order to determine how the object was made and whether it is real.
Other tools. Knowledge of other tools makes your forgeries much more plausible. For example, you can combine the ability to create a dummy card with the ability to work with a set of dummies and the ability to work with mapping tools.
Rapid forgery. During a short rest period you can create a fake document up to a maximum length of one page. A document of up to four pages can be created during an extended holiday. Your intelligence check with the set of counterfeit notes identifies Washington for another person’s intelligence check (Investigation) to detect a forgery.

I’m giving it to Xanatar, who’s the bearer of his father’s stupid jokes, it’s not so bad. In fact, it’s probably one of the few tools that doesn’t require a lot of editing. Unfortunately, it’s not crunchy enough, and if we’re honest with ourselves… If you’re looking for tools that can do more than just blow up dust, we’re going to crack a little more in our system.

But still… Part of me can’t roll my eyes when she reads how to use a fake kit to determine if an old document is real. I wonder if the WotC designers deliberately softened the tools because they didn’t want to give the game too much power, even though many subclasses are stronger in Xanathar than in their Player’s Guide.


The first part of creating a set is defining what it should do, and luckily for us, some kind of false set talks about all this. We want to use it to make forgeries. To do that, I’m going to rely a bit on what we did with our camouflage package, because they look very similar.

First of all, we have three of our problems: Simple, difficult and complicated. Each of them shows how difficult it will be to forge something.
For the purpose of , simple counterfeiting means the production of a quick signature or a small handwritten note.
Complicated forgeries of are intended to reproduce a single page, but by changing a few words here and there, or by playing a quick sketch of something.
The complex for counterfeiting includes bulky documents such as foreign watermark trade agreements, expensive paper and 20-30 pages of legal language. It’ll take a few days.

Forgery does not require verification, although the DM may decide that certain tasks require its own verification, but normally verification is not necessary. Instead, anyone suspicious of your document will conduct an investigation against DC, defined as 8 + Agility Modifier + Proficiency Bonus. It is quite simple and does not allow us to determine how often we should check a kit to be used for small and large jobs.

You can make it more difficult to define a forgery by spending twice as much time on it. So if you want the signature to be very, very, very good… You should spend 20 minutes on it instead of 10. Or maybe a large-scale trade agreement should be able to fool everyone. Generally it takes 30 hours to make a work like a trade agreement, you’ll have to spend 60 hours refining and refining if you want to fool someone who is investigating this case.

But this leads us to an important part of the instrument. Our forger needs an example of what he is trying to forge, or he must have learned something in advance and have a very good memory, which depends on the DM. It’s hard to fake something if you don’t have a good example of what it should look like.

Ancillary equipment

As with our tubs, we have a list of additional materials you may need to document the forgery. Although the counterfeit kit contains a few articles, it is possible that the material is running out or that you are working on a big job. One piece of sealing wax isn’t enough for 30 envelopes. These tables can be useful for your table to use your money. Nothing is incredibly expensive, but when they do a huge job for the gang, it starts counting.

The fake kit is a fairly simple tool, but it can produce an incredibly grainy material that I’m not trying to duplicate. Instead, I want a system of simple rules that I can follow that lure, lie and cheat my players into the world to help them find their way to a new fantasy castle! I hope that your kings will be deceived and that your kingdoms will be overthrown by your player’s pencil stroke!

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