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The farmers have made a big scandal in honor of this feast! The king arrived with his entourage of strangely dressed and somewhat rough-looking guards, who all looked like the heroes who had just arrived. But your eyes have never lied to you, it must be the King! He even has a golden crown and a beautiful sword, and they don’t give them away voluntarily! You have to find a sea monster to get it!

But of course all those rude guards know the truth. It’s her friend, the sneaky half of her, who really didn’t want to pay for a hotel room tonight. So they came up with a plan to cover it up with some kind of nobility, and everything got out of hand. At least they leave early in the morning before one of the farmers catches them… …they hope!

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Camouflage kit

Now there are all kinds of entertainment that you can use with the camouflage set… Maybe problems are more appropriate. Let’s see what our favorite floating eyeball, page 81 of Xanathar’s guide, has to say about it:

The camouflage set is an ideal tool for anyone who wants to engage in deception and allows the owner to assume a false personality.
Parts. The camouflage kit contains cosmetics, hair dye, small accessories and some clothing.
Deception. In some cases, camouflage can improve your ability to weave convincing lies.
Harassment. A good disguise can make you more intimidating, whether you want to deter someone by pretending to be a bully, or deter a gang of criminals by acting like a bully.
Power. Smart disguises can increase the audience’s enjoyment, provided the disguise is designed to provoke the desired reaction.
Convincing. People tend to trust a man in uniform. If you disguise yourself as a figure of authority, your efforts of persuasion are often more effective.
Make a mask. A camouflage can be made for long vacations. You’ll need a minute after you make this tub. You can’t wear such a disguise without attracting too much attention, unless you have a storage bag or similar means of hiding it. Each cape weighs a pound.
At other times, it takes 10 minutes to create a disguise that contains moderate changes in your appearance, and 30 minutes for something that requires more significant changes.

I don’t know about you, but it seems a little… You know, sent by post. Clearly the WotC designers were working on something other than creating a system for each tool, which is fine, but it’s just… And another thing. I understand what they have done, they have gone through all the possibilities and focused on where the tool could fit their capabilities. Unfortunately, this leads to few inspiring moments, such as how camouflage can enhance your ability to tell convincing lies, or how camouflage can be used to improve your performance.

Although I can’t be too hard on them. I like the last part about creating a disguise. Although I’d be happy if it made sense. First of all, you can disguise yourself for a long vacation… but the disguise lasts 10 minutes, and the disguise lasts 30 minutes. I have three different values, and it’s ridiculous to limit one suit per person.

An adventurer checks his backpacks so often with guards that you can’t hide your suit? Did I miss something… or am I too indulgent with my players without checking their luggage? Moreover, if I were a guard, I would be more wary of a bag with than a backpack. It’s a little ridiculous, and I’m not sure what they were trying to do with this strange limitation. But you know what, we can work with what they have here, and I will create a system that is simple enough to use the stealth box.

I swear I am King.

The base of the camouflage box is to hide who you are, and in our system I divide it into three different categories. Not all costumes will be great masterpieces, so it’ll take less time… what I think they did on Xanathar, but they didn’t really specify it. Our categories:

For the purposes of , simple disguises are simple modifications such as superficial scarring, costume changes or the application of a small temporary tattoo. They are quick to apply and only take 10 minutes.
Mixed camouflage lies somewhere between a very fast and a laborious assembly. Within an hour you can get a big tattoo, dye your hair or wear complicated dresses like those big ball gowns of yesteryear. Usually the work takes about an hour, because you need more time to solve things.
The development of masking is the most labour intensive and does not require specific time to complete. These disguises include things like using makeup to give yourself a whole new face, creating completely new costumes or creating a new character for the show. The time needed to create something is largely in the DM’s opinion, since some things will take longer than others.

The creation of a costume does not require any control and is just something you can create. Of course the DM can decide that something is very complicated and needs to be checked, but for most costumes you know how to make them. The only test related to this suit is communication with other people. If someone suspects you, because you failed a major cheating test or because you said something wrong, he or she must pass the Insight test, which is disputed by your camouflage kit test. A revision only comes into play if there is a significant chance of failure.

You can benefit from this test by spending more time checking that everything is in order. If you give yourself a small scar to imitate someone else, this is considered cape Plain , which takes 10 minutes. If you spend twice as much time, 20 minutes in this example, you can get an advantage with every cockpit demonstration because you made sure that everything was perfect.

Ancillary equipment

It’s a very simple system now, and it’s kind of express. If you make a complete system with infinite possibilities for a cockpit kit, it would be ridiculous. It is impossible to get into the granular parts of the cockpit and get out with a simple system that fits on one side, although I am willing to make a mistake! I rather think it will be a good set to give your players something to spend their money on. If they are going to design a costume, there is so much in the camouflage box that they have to buy supplies.

I’ve added a small list of typical materials that an inspirational actor might want for his costumes, but there’s really no limit to what you can dress up with! A camouflage set is a nice little tool that can really help a party to sneak into places where it probably shouldn’t be… but where’s the fun in not sneaking into the royal ball tonight?

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