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Due to the popularity of this tool I made a new version of the Alchemist Stock [v1.1] in
This new version contains some extra recipes and a manual to help DM create their own alchemical recipes, rules for options and updated formulations and explanations! If you want to continue accessing the v1 tools, you can find the download link at the bottom of this article.

Today we’ll go to a bottle of fame, we’ll cook gloriously and we’ll even kill a cork. That’s right, we’re talking to Professor Snape about supplies for alchemists, not drinks.

For those who do not care about small grains:
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Supplies of alchemists

Before we start… I’m not sure D&D understands the difference between the alchemical tool and the spice set. In the player’s guide, the alchemist is given a line on the diagram indicating that it is a crafting tool, costs 50 gp and weighs 8 pounds. A paragraph is dedicated to the herbal set and informs the reader to make healing potions. Which I have a problem with.

See the Dungeon Master manual on page 129 to find out what this is:

… …the character may need alchemical supplies to make a certain potion

Well, the last time I tested magic potion , the healing was a specific magic potion. However, Xanathar’s guide to everything on page . 79 and 82 mentions :

[Accessories for alchemists] Professional use of accessories for alchemists allows you to learn more about Arcana testing with medications and related materials.

[Herbal Set] Your knowledge of the nature and use of herbs may complement your magical research into plants and your attempts to identify potions.

And more, on page 70 of the XGtE, it says

A friendly alchemist gave you the choice between a healing drink or a bottle of acid.

And on page 128 XGtE, it underlines

[Prepare Item] Herbal Set – Antitoxin, Healing Potion
A character who has an herbal medicine set can make these [Healing] drinks.

I’m taking some time now to stop quoting from certain books, because I’m pretty sure I’ve just lost a few readers. The fact is, I think the books are wrong when it comes to the healing potion that makes the herbal kit. It must be to supply the alchemists, because you make potions, poisons and even powder to destroy your enemies.

The spice set should be limited to what you can do if someone walks in the woods for an hour and brings some berries. The alchemist reserve should be limited to what can be done in a few hours, chemicals and expensive equipment. The alchemist’s accessories need time to make products, and bottles, bags and vials are needed to store them.

In fact a stock of alchemists in year.

As always, I’ll list what’s in Xanathar’s manual about all the ‘s regarding supplies for alchemists, and then we’ll talk about the system there.

The alchemist’s accessories make it possible to make useful culinary products, such as acid or fire chemists.
Parts. The alchemist’s delivery package includes two glass cups, a metal frame to fix the cups on the open fire, a glass stirrer, a small solution and a buffer, and a bag with common alchemical ingredients such as salt, iron powder and purified water.
Arcane. The alchemist’s experience with alchemical accessories provides additional information about Arcana’s controls with medicines and similar materials.
Research. If you examine the area for clues, possession of alchemical materials will provide additional information about chemicals or other substances that may have been used in the area.
Alchemical grinding. With this tool you can make alchemicals. The character can spend money to collect resources, which weighs 1 pound per 50 gp. DM can make a character take a test with the indicated skill with an advantage. For a long break you can use your alchemical stock to make a dose of acid, fire chemistry, antitoxin, oil, perfume or soap. Subtract half of the value of the item you create from the total value of the raw material of the gdp you are transporting.

As always, I am not very impressed with the XGtE tools. Oh, my God! I can make soap! Or perfume! My wildest dreams have come true! I don’t like the wording either: DM can authorize… …which looks like a mother-mother and doesn’t give rights to the player… I know it’s an advantage, but still… it seems too mysterious… shy when it comes to players who understand the rules of the game.

But let’s talk about my alchemist’s supplies. We have our usual equipment, and little has changed, but we now have other qualities that our future alchemists can try, and then we have our alchemical recipes. Nothing is too innovative when it comes to creating an alchemical element, if you have followed my other tools, it is necessary: Time, gold (to buy materials) and experience with the alchemical supplies.

To make an object, for example a drink that heals , our characters must also pay attention to certain things. You need 25 gp to try making the Healing Potion, 8 hours to buy the Healing Potion, be a little careful and after 8 hours you will arrive in Craft DC.

The amount of gold needed to make the items is about half of the value indicated in the player’s guide, as is the fact that players can expect to be paid by the alchemist shop. After spending the gold, they have to prepare the magic potion for 8 hours, and they don’t have to worry about working on the magic potion during those 8 hours. Because it only requires a little attention, they can hang around the party all day instead of sitting in their room. If it requires constant attention for 8 hours, they have to stay with their pastries, take care of them and make sure nothing explodes. After 8 hours they can come back to check their magic potion and then throw away some alchemical test supplies, which we will use with intelligence and professionalism.

If you hit 8 or more, you get half a performance potion that can cure 1d4 points ( Minor Potion). And 10 on the receipt receives a drink that can cure 2d4 (moderate drink cures), and 13 – fully charged drink cures that cures 2d4 + 2 damage points (masterpiece cures drink). It’s not a very difficult test for them, and anyone with +1 on intelligence and +2 on qualification should have the DC 13 checked in 55% of cases. Although they raise the levels, maybe not very smart, they have a 60% chance of getting into DC with level 5… and if they still want the Refreshing Potion to level 20, their chances of getting into DC 13 are 75%.

Alchemical recipes

There are alchemical recipes all over the world, and I have listed only a few of the most common recipes in the instrument document. For more information on making recipes, see page 257 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide for the different poisons, or page 187 if you want to make your drinks a little more magical! If you want to know how much it costs to make a magic potion, I suggest you check the Reasonable Magic Prices and make a magic potion that costs half the price, and it is possible to make CDs based on the rarity or strength of the magic potion.

I’d also advise you to see if you can do it, 4: Adventure Storage where I got the smoke pipe and Thunderstone . You have more than 12 pages on alchemy! I mean, uh… a lot and has some interesting ideas on his pages.

One of my favorite recipes is the smoking powder recipe, because it allows your players to make grenades and barrels of bombs. They were inspired by Giff in the comic of Mordekainen of the enemy, and my office used bombs to heavily influence their own campaigns. By researching monster skills or even monster poisons, you can easily create more recipes for your table… or your players can discover new recipes as side quests!

I would also like to mention one of our sponsors, Caleb, who gave me the idea for Detect Magic Smelling Salts! It is a lot of fun and can be very useful for any group that doesn’t have great magic skills or that is trying to save on their spells.

In cigarettes

Alchemist supplies are a fairly simple tool, but they can expose deceptive behavior or help your party gain easier access to healing. I think there has been some confusion in the books between the herbal health kit and the alchemist’s stock, and I hope you are convinced that the drink should be responsible for the alchemical kits and not the herbal health kits.

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