Tomb Raider 1 Walkthrough 1

Tomb Raider Passage Tomb Raider : A classic action/adventure game released in 1996. Described as one of the best action-adventure games yet, it features the hot British archaeologist Lara Croft, who searches for mystical relics in the tombs of Peru.

Grave 1 spans 15 levels and includes exotic sites such as ancient ruins in South America, Africa and even Atlantis. The controls in the Tomb Raider area are a bit outdated, but the gameplay and storyline are still fantastic.

Lara is commissioned by the CEO of Natla Technologies to travel to Peru and find the desired artifact. During her journey she discovers that the artifact is only a small fragment of a much larger ancient relic. She goes around the world and ends her journey in Atlantis.

Tips for grave robbery

On each level you will find a number of secrets. I’m going to list all the secrets of the Tomb Raider in the corridors of each level.

Although driving may seem a bit complicated by today’s standards, once you know all the movements, you should have no problem navigating Lara through caves and cities. Here are all possible movements/actions for Lara.

  • Start – Use the arrow keys to move Lara left and right to turn him over.
  • GB – Press and hold the Shift key with the directional arrows.
  • Jump back – Touch the backward arrow to jump back
  • Step – Use the Del and Page Down keys to bypass left and right.
  • Rotate 180 degrees and flip – Press End to rotate Lara forward and then flip her in the opposite direction.
  • Skip – Press Alt to skip.
  • Jump / Jump – Use the arrow keys + Alt to jump forward, backward or sideways.
  • Perform jump – Up arrow to perform and then Alt.
  • Jump and catch – Jump and hold the control key (Ctrl) to jump and catch the edge.
  • Dive – Press the Alt key while in the water to dive and swim underwater.
  • Dive Swan – This feature can be used to dive or, if you are on land, to dive into a swan followed by a throw. Press Shift + Alt + Up Arrow.
  • Weapon extraction – Use the space to extract the weapon. Press the space bar again to remove it.
  • Action (Lever/gun/lift pull) – The Ctrl key is the control key and is used to fire if you are holding the gun, using the levers and knobs, or if you are moving upward.
  • See – Press 0 on the keyboard using the arrow keys to look around.
  • Pull or push the – Ctrl unit with the button up to push or the button back to pull.
  • Stand on edge – If you stand on edge with Ctrl, press Shift + Up Arrow

Input to Grave


Level 1: Caves – After the loss of a companion to wild wolves, Lara goes into the caves in search of a hidden artifact.

Level 2: City of Wilkabamba – Lara descends via caves to the city of Wilkabamba

Level 3: Lost Valley – Enter the Lost Valley with ancient temples, hidden secrets and giant dinosaurs!

Level 4: Qualopec Grave – Part of Sayon is hidden in the grave Find it and get out of here.


Level 5: Caprice of St. John’s. Franz – Find the four keys to the four rooms of the gods and avoid being shot by Pierre Dupont.

Level 6: Colosseum – Fight lions and gorillas in ancient Colosseum. You’ll also find some Magnum pistols.

Level 7: Midas Palace – Find a control room to open the doors that hide the lead bars. Rumor has it that lead can be turned into gold!

Level 8: Tank – Find the keys, fill up the tank and go to the exit. Keep an eye out for crocodiles and sewer rats.

Level 9: Tikhocan Tomb – Walk through the passages to the grave This is your last meeting with Pierre Dupont.


Level 10: City of Hamun – Lara travels to Egypt to find the last part of Sayon.

Level 11: Hamun Obelisk – Find four artifacts and bring them back to the obelisk.

Level 12: Sanctuary of Zion – Entrance of the giant spiderx.


Level 13: Natla Mine – Lara was captured by the bad guys but managed to escape. Take your weapons and destroy all the bad guys.

Level 14: Atlantis – Reaching the top of the Great Pyramid

Level 15: Great Pyramid – Get ready for the final battle!

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