Titania Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Titan is a fairy tale character who uses his evil power to throw his enemies into chaos and manipulate the outcome of the battle with his intelligence and trickery.

It is a very versatile war machine that has a good command of the crowd and causes damage to multiple enemies, while its many capabilities can terrorize large groups on one target.

How to obtain titanium?


Titan and the drawings can in turn be obtained by completing the Silver Grove quest, available from the head of New Loki at each relay.

Titanium can also be purchased for the price of 275 platinum and is already built and delivered ready for use in the in-orbit market.

Even if his pieces or the frame itself are sold or withdrawn, his main drawing is available from Cephalon Simaris for 100,000 copies, while his drawings are available for 50,000 copies.

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(titanium capacities)

Titan has the ability to hang enemies in the air, chase them away from their enemies, turn the enemy into a destructive distraction and transform him into his alternative form, making him very elusive and deadly.

The passive power enables the creation of a surface buffer when jumping, which creates a remote bonus when the projectile jumps or throws itself into the surface.

1) Is written

Enemies stop along the way and hover in the air, preventing them from fighting and being vulnerable.

Allied forces in the area will also be immune to the consequences of the status for some time.

This feature is very useful for crowd control, since it facilitates the elimination of enemies and prevents status effects on allies, making it very useful for attack and support.

(Titania enchants enemies)

2) Tribute

Titan repels the enemy and forces him to leave behind a random fan that affects his allies collecting him.

Enemies that are thrown away with their prey are damaged and weakened.

The following fans can be moved:

  • Spikes – inflict 50% damage on attackers in 120 seconds, while allies also benefit from the buffer as 35 meters from Titania.
  • Dust – Enemies within 30 meters have a 50% reduced accuracy, so they usually miss their target within 120 seconds.
  • Full Moon – During a full moon, Titania’s satellites and razor will receive 75% extra damage within 90 seconds, while allies will receive the same benefits if they are within 30 meters of Titania.
  • Entanglement – Enemy movement is delayed by 25% for enemies within 30 meters, which takes 120 seconds.

This is very useful because these fans can be stacked and all can be purchased. Although they seem to be mini fans, they have some pretty effective bonuses for Titania and her team.

(Titania pays homage to the enemy and forces her to follow her favorites)

(Titan collects random Tribute capacity buffers)

3) Lantern

Titania forces the enemy to hover and attract other enemies, approach them and then surround them helplessly.

Enemies will do nothing more than bypass the affected enemy, and over time they will start inflicting damage until the possibility is completed.

When the power expires or is maintained, an explosion occurs, which puts an end to the power and causes great damage to the enemies.

Another great crowd control skill for Titania, and probably one of the best, because it not only pulls all the enemies to a point, but also treats them damage.

This possibility can be used multiple times, allowing multiple enemies to float, cause damage and cause multiple explosions.

(Titania throws the lantern at the enemy)

(titanium restores capacity by causing an explosion)

Change Mod. Paging Flashlight reminds you of enemies who have suffered more damage in close combat.

4) Razor

Titanium takes on a different shape, shrinks and has a curved movement.

In this form it can fly freely until it is too far from the map, which protects it from enemies in melee and reduces the chance of enemies hitting it.

In this form she will use her sublime weapon – Dex Pixia, a double pistol, and Diwata, a heavy sword.

With this weapon it can fly and attack enemies, just like in arc mode, until the ability is disabled.

(Titanium casting shavers, start of processing)

(titanium after the first shaving, compressed and in its fantastic condition)

(Titanium kills enemies with dex pixie)

(Titanium kills enemies with the divata)

Change Mod. The Blitz Razor increases the flying and burning speed by 25% in 8 seconds after using a capacity that can be folded up to 4 times.

Proposed buildings

Balance Construction

A balanced building is the most common and claims to be a balanced building because it has additional statistics on all attributes of its capacities and also has no negative values.

This method is good for both beginners and veterans, because it can help them adapt to the skills they need to get started with Titania, or use it in a simple but effective way.

The duration of her loved ones and her ability to control the crowd will increase reasonably, while the energy cost of her abilities will decrease, so she will be able to launch her abilities more often.

The extended range makes their auras more effective and also increases their ability to control the crowd, while the total power of their abilities increases the damage and effects of their abilities.

This building integrates well in many missions and can make the Titania well suited for both attack and mission support.

(Multiple Active Capability Titans)

Shaving building

The Razorwing essentially helps Titania to stay longer in an alternative form, so that over time she can enjoy the benefits of a cheaper Razorwing.

The addition of force will make his weapons more powerful, and the duration will allow him to enjoy his flight and the reinforced weapons longer than normal.

Crowd control capabilities can still be used and acquired, but the range will decrease, which may require adjustment.

Low efficiency results in higher construction costs for the initial casting capacity, but the longer the casting time, the lower the energy efficiency of the razor.

This works well for those who want to take advantage of the Razor and stay in uniform longer, allowing for escapes and non-destructive operations.

(Titanium kills many enemies by actively shaving)

Construction of zone

It is similar to the previous model, but focuses on assigning a longer duration to all its capacities, without negative statistics.

This allows Titania to rid itself of all its possibilities with a good portion of strength and durability.

The efficiency is slightly improved, making it cheaper to shape your capabilities, while the range is slightly increased by the mods to prevent a decrease in statistics.

Titanium will be able to supply the amateurs and control the quantity while remaining in its razor shape to cause damage.

For those who want to be on the side of more support with a touch of attack, this design offers good crowd control, support and fighting skills.

(Titan with multiple enemies affected by different possibilities and other effects)

High energy buildings

Like the balanced building, the high energy building offers a reasonable number of statisticians and a bonus for the high energy pool, which Titania can use as required.

This makes it possible to get rid of different skills thanks to the increased efficiency of the skills and a large amount of energy.

The duration is also increasing, which is more beneficial for their fans and the control of the public by the long duration.

The strength of their capacities is at a sufficient level, while the range is also increasing, so that all their capacities are effective without negative indicators.

This feature is ideal for spamming and for those who can strategically use Titania’s capabilities when and where they are needed.

(Titania flies over the enemies it has eliminated and attacks)


Titan may seem a soft skill and support for Warframe, but that’s where most people are wrong, because he’s good at attacking, supporting and fighting crowds.

It is one of the few warframes that, depending on the context, can be used ad hoc in all missions, thanks to the unique capabilities that cause a lot of damage, the support of amateurs and the very effective crowd control.

The ability to switch to Shave Wing mode is similar to the use of a bow, making it one of the biggest advantages of the game, the ability to fly and move as you like.

If you’re looking for a different approach to the enemy and can provide strategic support in addition to a devastating attack, Titania offers a unique and exciting war environment that can be used.

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