Tigris Prime Guidance

Tiger Prime’s main weapon is a double-barrelled shotgun. This is a basic version of the Tiger, a shotgun developed by Tennō.


Tiger Prime is the most important version of Tiger, although most statistics are kept with some modifications.

Tigris Prime presents the following statistics :


  • Accuracy: It has an accuracy of 9.1 and is capable of accurately hitting enemies at short and medium distances.
  • Critical Chance: He has a 10% chance of being critical.
  • Critical multiplication factor: In the case of critical shots, the shots are twice as harmful.
  • Burn rate: Shoot about 2 shots per second.
  • Magazine: Productivity of 2 photos per magazine.
  • Noise : The shots are alarming and warn the enemy if they fire.
  • Reboot: It takes 1.8 seconds to restart the new protocol.
  • Status: Has a 30% chance of delaying the effect of the status at once. (28% for Tiger)
  • Trigger: DUPLEX – The first shot is fired by pulling the trigger, while the second shot is fired by pulling the trigger.
  • Damage types: 156 dents, 156 punctures and 1248 scratches (105 dents, 105 punctures and 840 scratches for Tiger )

The Tiger Reward requires 13 skill levels before it can be used by players and built according to their basic designs and details.


  • High base damage
  • an important opportunity
  • Good distribution of the pellets
  • guaranteed response time
  • Good loading speed
  • 2 polarities
  • Moderate puncture
  • Fast firefighter


  • They have to charge a lot.
  • Small storage capacity
  • Fall between 10 and 20 meters
  • Critical low probability
  • Requires a master title 13


The Tiger Prime can be made with its designs and details, which can be obtained by opening relics or trading with other players.

They contain the design and patterns needed to create Tigris Prime:.

  • Drawing: Bed T1, Neo T1, Asi T1.
  • Race: Light K1, Light V3, Light V4, Neo B4, Neo H1.
  • Receiver: Meso K1, Meso N5, Meso S6, Meso T2, Neo S6, Neo V3, Axi V5.
  • Shares: Lith B2, Meso S1, Neo B2, Neo V4.

All relics are currently in the vault, but the relics currently owned by the players can be opened.

Building design

Thanks to the high base damage and the unique firing mechanism, the Tigris Prime can do a lot of damage in one or two shots.

It may be necessary to reload often because it only has two shots in the barrel, but it can kill most enemies, or a single enemy or a group of enemies with a single shot.

Below you will find some examples:

Buildings with serious injuries

Our Tigris Prime Critical Build mods consist of a White Point / White Point primed for general damage and 2 mods for a base damage combination.

The addition of Primed Ravage and Blunderbuss increases the critical statistics for greater damage.

The building also contains a multi-torpedo equipped with the Adova camera and lynch mob.

In addition, the Search Anger function has been added to the design so that bullets can penetrate into multiple enemies.

This design is primarily intended to address a large amount of critical damage by adding higher critical probabilities and increasing the critical multiplication factor.

Government buildings

Retaining most of the previous construction, we are replacing some mods with 4 element damage and status mods to increase the chance of achieving Tiger Prime status.

In this way you can not only do great damage, but also create a variety of state effects.

Status effects can occur, and since there are enough hits, multiple enemies can be eliminated, each of which can slow down the status effect.

Hyrid Figure

By combining the two previous constructions, we get critical damage and condition effects that have a better chance of treating both.

Critical strikes can be carried out with high damage, and if there is a high probability of a state, various state effects can occur, causing even more damage.

This project aims to cause as much damage as possible from different sources, with the emphasis on dealing with one enemy after the other.

These are not the only parts available for Tiger Prime, but they are very useful in many situations.

There are many ways to customize these weapons, and all this can vary depending on the user and the choice of modes.


With the first damage to the base, Tiger Prime takes the hit.

Not only is the damage incredibly large, but also the elemental damage is incredibly large, so that it can cause a wide range of physical and elemental damage.

It may have the disadvantage that there are only 2 shots per reload, but with the right adjustment one shot should be good enough to destroy an enemy or even a group of enemies.

These weapons have great potential to destroy almost any enemy, especially if they are well adapted for the occasion.

tigris prime nerf,sweeping serration