The Ultimate Underworld

Ultima Underworld: Stigian Chasm is a role-playing game set in a huge fantasy world. You play the role of an avatar falsely accused of kidnapping a girl and sending her into the abyss for your crimes.

There are a total of 8 levels with hostile and friendly locals in every corner. As your character progresses, your level will increase and you’ll gain new skills in the shrines scattered across the abyss. The underworld of Ultima has a deep history, and you can explore as many abysses as you like without having to go through history.

In contrast to many role-playing games in which objects are taken from others, they get angry. There are not enough resources in the abyss, so it takes time to fully explore each level. Each of the levels and zones is handmade. They’re not confused because they’re all unique. See the description of Ultima Underworld below and read on for more tips about the game.

Ultima World Guide

Level 1 – Human Enclave and Goblins

Level 2 – Mountaineer

Level 3 – Lizards and bandits.

Level 4 – Knight of the Order of Crax Ansata and Troll.

Level 5 – Ghouls and Magi

Level 6 – Moonstone visionaries

Level 7 – Prison

Level 8 – House of virtues

Ultima Underworld Reading tips

  • You can use both keyboard and mouse shortcuts. W, A, S, D for movement and Q, E for ascending and descending with a float.
  • When you create a character, you can set Esc to go back if you don’t like the stats.
  • Try to talk before the fight. Right-click on a creature to see its current state (friendly, gentle, angry or hostile). Even scary creatures can be friendly.
  • Turn off the light before you go to bed. If you’re a wizard, you can throw light with In Lor and you don’t have to carry a lot of torches.
  • Make sure your character has a good vitality that measures the amount you can carry.
  • Left-click on the center of the compass to display the current status and time. It lets you know if you’re hungry or need sleep.
  • The most useful skills are combat skills according to the weapons used, throwing, mana, Laura, research, Acrobat and repair.

Ultimate spells of the underworld

These are documented spells. There are others you encounter when you explore the abyss, such as jumps, flashes of leaves and running water.

Species undocumented

Jump (Uus Por) – detected at level 1 southeast in the implant chamber.

Thick skin (in the shelter) – Located on level 2 in the engine room.

Ylem Por – Found on level 3 after the red Iss’leek stone was shown.

Armageddon (Vas Kahl Corporation) – Established on level 4 and educated in the scrap industry

Curse (Sanctuary) – The rocks are on level 4 in a bag in a room with Sethar Strongarm.

Smite Undead (Corp Mani) – found at level 5 at the mouth above the lava flow.

Sample Summoning (Kal Mani) – Located at level 6 in a drawer on the west side.

Blade of Lightning (Vas Ort Grav) – Found on level 6 of a doorway in the far southwest.

Level 1:

Assault power: SUMMARY OF RA (On the board in the temple hall)

Magic skills: MU AHM (On a crypt in the temple hall)

Other skills : OM KAH (On the crypt in the temple hall)

Level 2:

I appreciate that: HUNN (can be found on the roll)

Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! Attack! RA (found on scroll)

Charming: UN (to be found on the roll)

Fix it: LON (taught by Shak in the mines)

Research: LU (found on parchment)

Level 3:

Acrobota: FAL (found in the book)

Protection: ANRA (found on disk)

Swim: ONO (found on a roll in Zack’s room)

Follow-up: SAHF (found in the book)

Unarmed: ORA (on disk)

Level 4:

Axe: GAR (taught by Kyle)

Pepper spray: KOH (taught by Cecil)

Missile: FAHM (taught by Meredith)

The sword: AMO (taught by Doris)

Level 5:

Laura: LAHN (found in graves)

Dietrich: AAM (found in the book)

Sneaking up on me: MUL (found in the book)

Val: ROMM (found in the book)

Level 6:

On: GROUND (to be found in the library book)

Mana: IMU (found on scroll)

Subject of the subpoena:

The Cup of Miracles: INSAN (see level 6)

The key to the truth: FANLO (see level 7)

The underworld of Ultima: The Stigian Chasm was published by Origin Systems in 1992. What’s special about this game is that you can wander through a huge 3D environment and explore as many dungeons as you like before finishing the different parts of the story.

The Underworld of Ultima is located in Great Britain and was founded after the events of Ultima VI, which came out two years earlier.

Sales of Ultima Underworld were rather slow, but grew quickly: half a million copies were sold. It is called as the next real step in therole-playing genre.

A year later, Ultima Underworld 2 was released, and in 2015 work began on a sequel to these two games, called Underworld Ascendant. Don’t forget to stay with us in the near future if you participate in these two races.

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