The Ultimate Guide to the Brawl MTG

You want to be the first to master the latest format, the magic happens? We help you with our complete guide to fighting MTG.

In this article we will answer the following questions:

  • How do you play MTG Fight?
  • How do you build a bridge for a fight?
  • Which maps are enjoyed in MTG Drake?
  • When will MTG Fighting enter the arena?
  • What’s the best condition for a fight?
  • How to modernise the bridges of the Brawl 2019?
  • and so on and so on!

Combat lists

If you are just looking for a card game to play, we have a few suggestions first:

  • Resurrection of the insurgents
  • Chulan, narrator.
  • Tassa, Deep Dwelling.
  • The nitrogen sample
  • Torbran, Tan Red Fell.

What is MTG control?

Fighting is the newest form of Magic. It’s a combination of Standard and Commander. You build a deck of cards around a legendary creature where the plane is your commander’s map. All cards in your deck must be standard cards and may not be multiple cards (except the basic cards).

This is an excellent format for new players because there are fewer cards and interactions to get to know. It is also more budget-friendly than the norm. If you have a card as expensive as Teferi, Time Raveler is standard, you need 4 copies. That’ll cost you over $60. But in a fight, you only need one person, and $15 is certainly easier to manage.

Although fighting is a user-friendly format for new players, you won’t find it boring for more experienced players. The format has not yet been researched and therefore offers many possibilities for the layout of the bridge. The singleton rule is also useful here, because it is difficult to make a better list quickly.

MTG combat rules

Broyl has its own rules, both for the construction of the deck and for the game itself. Then they differ according to the number of players. Let’s look at the rules of the deck plan first.

Rules for the construction of bridges

Your stack must contain exactly 60 legal standard cards. One of these cards is your commander. It could be a legendary creature as well as an airplane diver. You can’t have more than one copy of the card. The only exceptions to this rule are the main countries and maps that respect this rule – the rat colony and the permanent applicants.

Colour identity rule

All the cards in the deck must be of the same colour as your commander’s cards. What is color identity? It is determined by the mana symbols that cost in the card foundry, the colour indicator and the text of the ruler. Each card has a coloured marking.

For example, Yarok, the color identity of the stained one is green-black-blue. You can play Narset, Parter Voilei on the Yarok Bridge, because the identity colour is blue. However, you can’t play Yarok on the Narcet Bridge.

For example, Sahili, the Sublime Testimony, has a blue-red color identity. The red and blue mana symbols both appear in their values – that’s why you can’t play with them in Yarok, because there’s no red colour in Yarok.

You can play artifacts and cards in any game without mana symbols. Pay attention to the text box in the regulations. The bestiary of the lifeguard is colourless, but the colour identity is green, because the text of the lines contains a green mana symbol.


Most of the rules are the same as in the normal Magic the Gathering game. You want to bet on 0 lives with other players before they do the same to you. Or a windmill, you, if you like. We will look at the rules that differ from the usual MTG games.

Field of study

All commanders start the game face to face in the team area. The command room is a special area reserved for your commander. This means it can be thrown away with cards such as mental decay or invasion charges. You can lose her from the command area like she’s in your hands. For each early departure you have to pay 2 extra birth costs.

If your commander is placed somewhere in your library, armor, cemetery or exile, you can send him back to the Command of Orden instead. Next time you throw him out, he’s worth two manas more than before.

MTG-Mulligan Combat Rule

During the fighting a special Mulligan rule is applied. The first time you take a Mulligan’s is free. This means you put your hand in the deck and draw seven cards. There is no need to put the cards on the library floor. If you want another mulligan, draw only six cards. Third mulligan to five cards, fourth mulligan to four cards and so on.

What are the legal cards in a fight?

All cards of the current standard games are legal in Braul. After the throne of Eldraine you can play the cards of the next games:

  • Level Guild
  • Loyal to colleagues
  • The Spark War
  • Base rate 2020
  • Throne of Eldraine

In our article you can read more about how the standard card rotation works. Some cards may be on the no-fight list. This card won’t be legal in a fight.

List of prohibited battles MTG

A fight uses its own list of prohibitions, regardless of the norm. Three cards are currently banned in Braoul:

  • Voice, wireless pilgrim.
  • The eye, the crown thief.
  • Magic glass

Time of start of battle MTG Total

Your total life expectancy depends on the number of players you have. If you play 1-on-1, your opening balance is 25. If you play a multiplayer game, players start the game with 30 lives.

Is there a rule against the commander in a fight?

No, the commander’s claim rule only applies to the commander. There’s no such rule in a fight.

Village platforms MTG – Eldraine Throne

The first issue of MTG Brawl was published at the same time as Throne or Eldraine. There are four of them, all built around their commander. We will look at each of them and talk about their strengths and how they can be improved. Then we’ll explain how you can build your own bridge to fight from scratch.

Each deck offers you a pleasant value. In each of them you have a land of shock, a terrible land, the tower of command and a great commander. You can also get other Commander/Bolt and standard pliers. When assistants design a product for the first time, they usually don’t hold back. This applies in any case to these prefabricated terraces. You can check your price here.

Wild Bounty – Chulan, Storyteller

Click on the card to check the value of the stack.

Chulan seems to be one of Eldraine Drake’s strongest commanders. In a normal commander and maybe in the switchboard she will surely see a lot of games. All he wants is for you to play good creatures, with the effects of entering the battlefield. If you like that, Chulan’s probably a great commander for you.

Wild Bounty Shooter

*These cards are new, are issued with the throne of Eldraine and as such are not yet in the backbox database. In the meantime, you can consult the maps of Eldraine here.

Update about Chulan

Basically you want to add some powerful creatures that consume a lot of mana and have a nice effect. There’s enough slope on the deck already, but if you see another creature giving you mana that’s not on the deck, feel free to add it. There are never too many.

The traitor’s agent is a great addition to the Chulane Bridge. He can use a lot of mana, and he can also jump perfectly with Chulane (back to hand). The Ooze biogen is also very useful because it is a good sink for mana.

Horseman Thorne seems to be made for this bridge. He raises you up, gives you a beautiful body, and when he dies, he gives you great value by giving you back the best cards of your cemetery for other purposes.

However, don’t forget to add some more deletions, because the deck will not work properly. You can play cards like in the conclave court, but if you want to stay on the theme of the creature, you have a Dawn Knight and a Detention Assistant.

Here you will find the Chulein Bridge, completely modernized.

Wild hunter: Corvold, the damn fairy king.

Click on the card to check the value of the stack.

The great dragon? Take a look. The synergy of sacrifice? Tested! A tractor? Tested! King Korvold does all that! If you like all this, Corvald is definitely the commander you need. It offers many interesting possibilities for building bridges and has the right colours to support them.

Declaration of the wild hunter

*These maps are new, were published together with Tron Eldraine and are therefore not yet in the backbox database. In the meantime, you can consult the maps of Eldraine here.

Update of Corvald

Liliana, Dredhord General is the perfect plane for the bridge. Your passive job is just like Corvald’s. Your first skill provides food for the dragon, and I’m sure you’ll find an excellent application for your -4. Not to mention: The end is fairly easy to reach, especially if you base it on a growing sub-theme.

When you have many opportunities to make sacrifices, cards like the Cheating Act become available to play. Steal the best enemy creature, strike with it, and then sacrifice it for its worth.

And Crenko and Tin Street Kingpin and Izonia, A Thousand Eyes, will bring a lot of sacrifice, which is very important on a bridge like this one.

We think the Night Rider will be an important part of Corvald’s bridges. It is both a valve for victims and a removal connected to a comfortable lifebody. It can save you from many unpleasant situations.

Fae Circuits: Alela, the clever provocateur

Click on the card to check the value of the stack.

Ala brings the whole package. Buffalo effect for your flyers, excellent keywords and their personal fairylike army as you build just around them. He will therefore give you many rewards if your bridge is well built. And that’s pretty much how it’s been from the beginning. Take a look at this:

Fae Plan Reporting List

* This map is new and was published with the throne of Eldraine. * As such, they are not yet included in the backbox database. In the meantime, you can consult the maps of Eldraine here.

Modernisation of Avenue

You can tell a lot about the Aella upgrade. You can focus on a flying sub-theme or just rely heavily on spells and artifacts.

Dovin, the Grand Referee seems to be the perfect candidate for Aiellas Deck. It creates sheets of artifacts that are combined synergistically with the large number of cards in your deck. The final destination can also be reached quickly with your Fae army. Hanging Executioner offers two flyers and a remote spell when you need it.

If you might want to focus on Faeries, Icon or Ancestry – with Alella in the game, you’ll have both Faeries and her favourite effect. Also the best charm you can add to this game is of course the Ethereal Solution. It lets your creatures grow, makes less contrasts and creates flyers! What’s not to love?

A knight’s title: Ser Gwin, hero of Ashvale.

Click on the card to check the value of the stack.

Do you want to attack? Do you want to play knights and equip them? Ser Gwyn will be your (and Aschwales’) hero. The cost of six men – it’s not nothing, but it immediately gives you a group of men and provides you with everything for free! Check his list.

Sticker for Ritter loader

* This map is new and was published with the throne of Eldraine. * As such, they are not yet included in the backbox database. In the meantime, you can consult the maps of Eldraine here.

Syr GwynUpdate

When you upgrade Syr Gwyn, you want to concentrate on the right knights and equipment. All riders in the M20 are knights:

  • Knight of the flame
  • Dawn Cavalier
  • nightdriver

Each one of them is worthy of being recorded. You may only want to play a few, depending on the specific structure of your game and your mana base. For example, if your build is configured for white and black and sparkling red, you probably don’t want to play the red jumper.

The Dawn Rider

A card that seems weak is a charity extractor. It looks like a drawing, but it’s one of the two knights with a lifeline in the stand. If you play Gwyn and put a lot of equipment on Extractor, you’ll make so much money that your rivals will have a hard time coming back.

All standard play equipment is already on deck. Watch out for new spoilers and future decors, you might want to add something in the future.

What is the best Eldraine Brawl Deck you can buy?

When you decide to buy a set of boules, you only have to answer one question: Which card game seems funnier to me?

Each deck can be upgraded to be competitive, each deck comes with a large number of valuable cards. The only thing a card game can’t do, however, is make sure you like it if you don’t like the subject. Evaluating the next bridge should be more of a tie-breaker than a way of choosing exactly the bridge that suits you best.

Plus expandable

  1. Wild bonus: Chulan
  2. Fae schematics: Alala
  3. Wild hunter: Corvold
  4. Chivalrous attack: Ser Gwyn

Here we organize the game according to the number of upgrade options. The first three bridges are quite close, the largest exit is the Knight’s Bridge. So you can enter your niche of knights and equipment. As such, it does not offer much room for updates.

The other three decks, however, offer many adaptations. The ranking depends on the level of concentration of the subject.

Most useful

  1. Fae schematics: Alala
  2. Chivalrous attack: Ser Gwyn
  3. Wild bonus: Chulan
  4. Wild hunter: Corvold

Each deck comes with a wrap-around bottom (worth about $10), an evil bottom ($2), a command engines ($2), and a mysterious bookmark, which is a new command staple and will probably cost a little more. There is also a commander and some standard paperclips and brand new maps. Our valuations are based on the value we predict for each bridge. On the bridge of Aella, for example, is the suffocating tenth of the trombone of the great commander.

The cost of the card game is actually quite high and should bring you at least $15 to $20, which sounds great.

Best victory score

  1. Fae schematics: Alala (58%)
  2. Wild bonus: Chulan (45%)
  3. Wild hunter: Corvald (45%)
  4. Chivalrous attack: Ser Gwyn (35%)

These odds depend on the quality of the card games played together from the start. The data was taken from the MTG Arena Tool during the arena match (1 to 1).

But that doesn’t mean much, because you’ll probably play against other card games and improve your game. If you just want to buy all the card games and play them against each other, you can give the knights an extra upgrade so they can love them.

Best card game

If we had selected the best card game according to all the above criteria, we would have chosen Faerie Schemes with Alela Artful Provocateur.

How to build a bridge against MTG?

So they decided to build a bridge to fight from scratch. We have already written tips for the general construction of terraces. You have to check the article, although some things can’t be applied to a fight. Here we will talk about things that are typical of the fight, in addition to the article above.

First steps

Normally there are two ways to start a fight. Maybe you’ve already chosen a strange legendary creature or an airplane. Now you just want to find cards that work well with him. Another option is to keep a certain strategy in mind – and you need a commander who plays the cards you want him to play.

In both cases you need a good search engine. You should definitely take a look at the advanced Scriefall search. You can search by color, creature type, line text, standard legality, everything you really need. This will certainly help you find the right cards for your fighting game.

How many countries should be involved in a fight?

The amount may vary depending on the design of your deck. Normally we should start with 25 countries and then add or remove them depending on the card game. Aggressive bridges can work at the age of 22, but since the initial life expectancy is 25 years, we don’t think this is the best strategy. Greedier games such as the Golos 5 colors can play up to 28 countries. It really depends on the curve you have.

Which countries are legal to fight?

You can check all this with the Scryfall search. For a two-tone deck, we recommend that you take everything you have in your two-tone deck with you.

The same can be said of tricolour card games, but you may not have enough space to play them all, or you play the easier countries because they come into play without being used. If this is the case, try to build your deck in such a way that there are two main colours and one spray colour. That way you can have less land in the spray can.

The best countries with dual nationality are probably the shock countries (Invaded Tomb), followed by the shock countries (Temple of Malady) and the countries of perpetual usufruct (Jungle Depression). You can also have synergies with Golgari-Gildgate, such as the Circular Route.

Combat hooks

Despite the fact that the battle has just begun with some contractions, some cards will be paper clips as long as they are legal.

The Tower of Command and the Arcane Bookmark are two cards that are so good at speed that you should see them play in every game of Braul. Fortunately, both are part of the prefabricated barriers.

Because the three coloured bridges already want many different double countries, we assume that the death field will be a good inclusion for everyone. Maybe 26. The earth – it gives both mana and late play meaning, even if it comes out of the buggy on the battlefield.

Best single colour combat guides

Despite the fact that the battle started quite early, we think that these commanders will often be on the foredecks of the Monochrome:

  • White: Eternal Oceans of God
  • It’s blue: Narset, partner of VoileilĂ .
  • Black: Liliana, General Dredhord.
  • It’s red: Ilhargh, Rheiz-Boar…
  • It’s green: Nissa, shaking the world.

If you play the monochrome game, you get a more consistent mana base. Besides, you’re not dealing with double-countries. Just take a few bases, one or two valuable pieces of land (like the Carna bastion) and you’re ready to go.

Best coloured fighter conductors

On the other hand you have more choice with the colored commands. If you’re not sure what to choose, the legendary creatures of Core Set 2020 seem like fantastic builders:

  • Yarok, stained.
  • Kikar, the wind is blowing.
  • Ketsis, the hidden hand
  • Omnat, Locus Rulon.
  • Kaalia, Zenith the seeker.

The bicoloured commanders have a wide choice of loyal guards from Ravnica and Ravnica. A few ideas:

  • The spleen: The Trojan Dissonance
  • Golgari: Izony, a thousand eyes…
  • Dimir: Lazav, multifunctional
  • Izzer: Niv-Mizzet, Parun.
  • Boros: Aurelia, the paragon of justice.
  • Gross: Nickja Old ways
  • Rakdos: Rakdos, the stars.
  • Orzhov: Teisa Karlov
  • Azorius: Lavinia, Azorius Renegade.
  • Simic: Prime Minister Vannifar

Niv-Mizzet was born Raymond Swan.

If you are one of those players who can’t decide and want to play all the cards, Brawl has two good options for you. Niv-Mizzet Reborn wants you to play a lot of two-tone cards, while Golos, the tireless pilgrim, just wants you to play it and activate it.

Combat verification

It’s time to set the final fight score as a format. Why don’t you try MTG Fight? Is the fight good? In order to understand all this, we must first examine why the battle failed the first time.

Why did the fight fail the first time?

The fight as a format was first presented on the 22nd. March 2018 announced. Now, a year and a half later, she has a second chance. But why did Drake fail the first time? There have been some unfortunate mistakes

Error 1: Ball

If you want to blame someone for Braul’s problems, Baral, the Chief Compliance Officer is your man. It was the most played card game on the MTGO (original method of playing online magic) and it also won most games. His way to victory was – as you can imagine – to resist any fate that belonged to him. Nobody wants their spells rejected, especially not in an informal form as entertaining as Chatter.

A few months later the wizards banished Baral, but the damage was already done. In any case, the Standard and Chatterbox now have separate swimming lists, which will not be available until 10 September. This will be the case in May 2018. So the next time something like this happens, inhibitions can solve the problem faster.

Error number 2: Initial term Total change

After Baral’s ban, the wizards feared that the beginning of the battle would be too high, at 25, so there would be too much control. That’s why they reduced it to 20. Life seems pretty normal, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, that’s not true when you’re single. After an aggressive bridge built around Kari-Zev, the Heavenly Raider started crushing everyone.

Since the idea of the fight was to have longer games where you could play your big spells, it was far from perfect. As a result, the total change in lifespan has dropped to 25 to 1 year. The total initial multiplayer runtime was always 30 during these changes.

Error number 3: No fighting in the arena.

A fight seems to be the ideal format for the arena. Aimed at the norm, but with the unpredictability and funny combination of the commander. This seems ideal for the MTG arena, which requires a permanently built-in format in addition to Standard.

However, the arena was still in beta at the time, and did not seem to have the resources to support an entirely new format. Everything has changed, and MTG Fighting comes out on MTGA with the throne of Eldraine.

Evaluation of the fight against MTG: Total points

As we’ve seen, the three biggest battle mistakes have been eliminated. We now have a non-competitive list with the start date 25. September 2019, and the 26. In September 2019 the fight finally arrived in the MTG Arena.

Brawl’s ready-made card decks look nice and have solid cards at a reasonable price. The size looks weird, and nothing’s broken yet. With all the madness of the commander and the freshness of the Standard – Fighting, it seems that she is ready to make a success of her second attempt.

The most important part of Braul’s potential triumph is the happiness of your players. This is the first time this has ever happened. It is not yet clear whether this will change the error correction. Finally, we give the new Brawl format an optimistic score of B+.


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Anyway, that’s it for today. You will be able to attend many spectacular and entertaining fighting games.

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