The Ultimate Damage Build – The Switch Axis

Hey, hunting friends,

I think I’ve found the real metrological and strategic solution for the interchangeable axe and possibly another type of acid-headed weapon.

The basic construction has a damage percentage that is 70 points higher in the ERA than the current Golden Ratian meta building (optimal setting of about 93 ERA). It also solves the problem of acid weapons and inborn poor sharpness by supplying Craft 5 and Razor Ostro. It also uses and supports the coat and decorative grooves (thank you.

Gene Jinks and the tuna).

Since my physique is a metaset, it requires many of the rarest decorations.


Strategy :

To ensure the proper functioning of this set, you should use gowns. After the first contact (ideally the mating rods are softened> travel), wear the flame retardant / subcutaneous jacket, which gives the agitator 5+ and the attack 4+ (and a total affinity of 100%). If the jacket is worn out (or even sooner), wear a sliding jacket. This gives you a 5+ attack reinforcement, another 5+ agitator and a tool 1 specialist. Tool 1 specialist gives you 21 seconds to use the evidence sleeves. In principle, the positive effects and possibilities of the respective coat can be used at any time.

The benefits:

This design gives you the greatest possible offensive capabilities for acid weapons and also allows you to get the most out of Razor Sharp. Razor sharpness is necessary because otherwise a small stick with a purple tip will wear out quickly, because SA like LS/IG is a weapon that swings far and therefore very likely accidentally hits another part than the weak point (thanks

Important notes:

  • The Golden Rat Poison methamphetamine poison is built with the Jinx in mind, and the Tuna Poison video features EFR 12.29 to achieve the same damage as the mite poison (weakness of the 3 star poison!). In this unit, however, my Assembly has only one CEF 10.6 percent higher. So, in theory, meth poison should be better for weak three-star poison samples. (
  • )
  • Cooking enthusiasts, Sword Mode and Ampeda State are active to compare with the Ice Beach Meta Post (
  • Affinity numbers are activated to simulate the 100% affinity you will actually have with angry monsters in the game.

The source: Initial reference

Building damage after completion – Trade your axe for Monster Hunter World.

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