The Top 15 Best Wesbands in Skyrim

Marriage Mechanic is one of the latest additions to the Oldest Scrolls series and first appeared in the base game Skyrim.

This means that you can get married without buying a CSD, and if you haven’t already done so, you’ve really missed a lot. There are many spouses involved and not enough candidates for action.

However, it’s worth looking over the island for one of the many male spouses Skyrim has to offer. Dozens of husbands are waiting for you to marry them, each with their own advantages. If you’re looking for the best men in Skyrim, you’ve come to the right place.

Remember, before making an offer, you have to buy an amulet from Mara and talk to Maramal at the Mara Temple in Riften. He sells the amulet for 200 pieces and also organizes ceremonies for upcoming weddings.

15. Quint waltz


Quintus Nawale was born into the imperial property of Cyrodiale, but moved to Skyrim to work with one of the world’s greatest alchemists – a man named Neverlion, whose life was dedicated to the quest for the White Violin.

In fact, the alchemy case where you can find nawals is named after an obsession with Neurelion.

I wanted him to see if you were in chemistry or magic. He’s a good guy.

14. Marcurio


Marcurio is an excellent husband to marry if you like intellectuals.

Marcourio would be one of the friendliest people in Skyrim in terms of knowing Dvoemer, and he often travels through the ancient ruins of Dvoemer to learn more about the ancient culture. One could say that his passion is to study the mechanical beings that still inhabit these places.

He is a sorcerer who specializes in the magic of destruction, which makes him a powerful companion and also an honorable wife.

13. odfel


Odfel, the miner, is at his house on Shore Stone.

He shares his home with the orchestra, and strangely enough they don’t like each other very much.

But life with both should be easy, because the two men usually stay together. A quiet miner, and a good fit for someone who might be a little shy.

12. Gorbachian Iron Hand


Gorbash is an Orc warrior who may be married if you find him in Soul Yalas.

He’s actually the chief’s brother, so there’s noble blood in his family.

The legendary warrior was once a member of the imperial legion, but he now lives a more peaceful life with his brother and other members of his clan.

A cunning archer and a good choice for light or heavy armor, it can be configured to fight the way you want. This makes it the perfect companion for all kinds of playlists.

You can even persuade him to go on an adventure with you and make him a follower!

11. Derkit


Derkit is one of the few Argon husbands in the game.

He’s in Darkwater Pass, and you have to free him from his kidnappers if you want to marry him.

Darquit is a great warrior, so don’t be fooled into being captured. Having a husband born during the Black March can also be attractive and unique.

This Argon Warrior can be persuaded to join the Blades if you accidentally complete the required quests. So make sure you give him or her a purpose and don’t waste his or her skills.

10. Revin Sadri


Sadri’s second-hand items are known to Skyrim players, and not for nothing: The store is a good place to go if you want to marry Revin Sadri.

You also have access to the money you get from his company and you live next door to the company owner himself – it’s a win-win scenario for everyone. But most of all, because you’re making money to get married. Talk about a madhouse.

Note that if you want Revin, you have to help him complete the quest that has always been there, because you do not have access to the marriage option against his will.

9. Sorex Vinius


Are you one of those strange adventurers who like to spend time in a hotel and fulfill the true purpose of free life?

Then look no further, because Sorex Vinus is your answer. He works at the Winking Skiever Hotel, which is located in Privacy, the capital of Skyrim.

Since you live there, you have access to food and drink at the bar. So if you were to marry Vinius, take full advantage of this opportunity.

8. Romlin-Dret


Dret is now one of the best husbands you can marry when you start the game.

He’s a thief who steals mead and his house doesn’t look much. But it offers decent company and a good place to live if you don’t have enough money to buy one of the big houses Skyrim has to offer.

Not surprisingly, he was found in Black Bear.

7. Pavo Attius


You want to live under the same roof as the Emperor and the Orcas?

Pavo Attius is an excellent precocious gambler who lives with an orca in the Markrat (you can go home soon, so be happy!).

If you decide to marry Pavo, you will become co-owner of a small but comfortable apartment, which will undoubtedly be an ideal place to live at the beginning of your adventure. The headroom is always beautiful.

Don’t forget, this house isn’t big at all, and you might want to leave it at some point.

And in Skyrim spouses can’t get divorced, so either you go somewhere with Pavo, or you become the bearer of his death.

6. Ainetach


Ainetach is generally ignored as a husband, mainly because he looks rather depressed.

However, he can be a partner at any stage of the game, as there are countless objects in his home that often take a break. If you sell everything you collect, you’ll see your treasure grow in minutes.

Ainethach’s best asset is that he lives in a fairly large house, far from any big city. It is therefore ideal for people who are looking for a quiet life after their journey.

The house is called Karthwastensaal, and Einetach is often walked around there.



Filndjar is a blacksmith, and he’s damn good. In fact, he is an experienced blacksmith and one of the best craftsmen Skyrim has to offer.

He’s not young at all, but he’s an honest man who earns most of his living forging steel armour and weapons.

This way he can become one of the best husbands in the game if you want to master the skills of a blacksmith.

You can even add it as a companion when doing the mining search or your search.

Filndzhar lives in a small house filled with equipment forged from Shorsk stone.

4. Carcass


Farkas is one of the best husbands in the game if you are looking for a solid companion by your side.

He may not have his own apartment (he sleeps in the Compagnons’ headquarters), but this man is exactly what you would expect in camaraderie.

I think this is one of the best reasons why Farkas is the man every woman in Skyrim could only dream of.

It is best to buy your own house first and then ask Farkas to move in with you, as the lack of storage and sleeping space can be quite annoying in the long run – especially if you plan to keep Farkas as a partner throughout the game.

3. Balimund


Balimund is another experienced blacksmith, although he is a few years younger than Filnjar.

He has no home of his own, but he lives in his smithy. This way you always have access to the most important things every blacksmith can hope for.

He can be bought as a husband as soon as you bring 10 fire salts to his house in the Burning Hammer, a business you will soon be able to call home.

His house is filled with rods, hammers and many other tools that can be used to improve the art of the blacksmith and produce the best weapons in the kingdom. If you are going to get married, you must make full use of these resources as soon as you come into the house!

2. Calder


The name Tan East is just the first of the many benefits of being a high-ranking city official.

You will be able to own Hjerim, a neighbouring estate, and with him and Calder as potential spouses.

This battle warrior can do a lot of damage, so it is the perfect companion if you specialize in stealth or magic.

1. Pavillon d’Argis


Once you’re Tanem Marcrat, you can find this beautiful man in Windrell Hall.

He is by far the strongest companion in the game when it comes to married men.

He chooses Calder as his best companion, although he has very similar stats, mainly because of his cool looks and the fact that his house is one of the best you can get in Skyrim.

In general, if you want real power and a lot of great resources, you should marry Argis Boulevard as soon as possible.

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