The Top 10 Best Arms in the God of War

The mythological action-adventure game Santa Monica Studio God of War would be nothing without his divine weapon.

Just as you use Kratos as an instrument to project your divine playing ability into the world, it uses a mass of weapons to maximize its divine power.

These weapons have played an important role in the distinctive aspect of the God of War games, and they are still an important element in the promotion of the game.

They are also a very important part of the story, since the release of the very first game in 2005.

The developers are still working hard to adapt Greek mythology and more recently Norse mythology, so that we have a world full of with the brutal battles of and with the incredibleweapon, while at the same time ensuring that it is still fairly consistent with many myths in the places where the weapon is used.

Reflecting on the frankness and the weapons of destruction it gives us, I imagined my pickup as the best weapon in the epic journey of an eternally angry Spartan.

10. Artemis knife

The first entry on our list is a God of War classic from the first game in the series.

It was given to Kratos by the Greek goddess of the hunt to help him in his search for Ares, the original god of war.

It is large enough to face the enemy masses and it is also able to penetrate the armor, which many other weapons cannot do.

This purple JRPG style sword can bring back a lot of memories, but it’s also a bit slow and doesn’t allow new fancy moves when you upgrade it. So that’s not the most interesting thing about Sparta’s phantom arsenal.

9. Lottery

Continuing the trend of purple and shiny weapons, we have this exclusive god of war, the Spear of Destiny.

Kratos takes this from the rider of the griffin, stabs him and the beast in the air, then stumbles over their corpses in a few hours and pulls a spear from the carcass of the mythological beast.

Besides an interesting story about its origin, the spear also shines through its versatility.

This expandable weapon is a very fast and its light movements have an amazing range.

She can also shoot crystal shards and even place magical bombs that explode in an instant to help you send out a crowd of people in no time.

8. Nemesis Whip

The Nemesis Whip of the God of War III is designed as a weapon to finally defeat Zeus.

It would have such an advantage that it would justify the attempt to kill Titan Cronus to obtain the omphalos stone needed to fake it.

Finally, if you give Hephaestus the stone he’ll decorate for you… this.

The Nemesis whip is certainly not a bad weapon, because thanks to the ease with which it holds and prolongs the combination, it brings a lot of champagne.

But his movements are too similar to those of Chaos Blades, your standard weapon, causing him to forget something in the big carpet franchise.

7. Hades’ Claws

With the title of the best shining purple weapon of the god of war we got these cult braces from the third part.

Unlike the Knut Nemesis, this chain weapon has its own way and style, which distinguishes it from the Chaos Blade.

They become stronger when you kill enemies with them in quick succession, and they carry the power of various souls that you can call upon to help you, such as the Gorgon of the Snakes or the General of the Centaurs.

Although these weapons are fan favorites to play during the game, and are essentially necessary for a 1,000-shot Hitman combo, their most iconic moment should be when they drive them into Hades’ scalp and rip his soul out of his grasp once his claws are removed, effectively destroying hell.

6. Olympus sheet

The weapon that Zeus created to end the first Great War of the Titans is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons of the Ghost of Sparta ever used.

Although you can only use this big blue glowing word in GdW II for a while, and with the activation of Sparta’s wrath in GdW III, there is no shortage of evidence for his destructive power, which even gods can easily kill.

It is unfortunate that it is only available in these specific situations.

But fortunately for those of us who want to play the game, it can be used and upgraded like any other weapon during the game, once GoW II is licensed and the next game has begun.

5. Cousin of Cestus

These gloves were made to commemorate the defeat of the German Lion against Hercules during his 12 working hours.

These are also the people who used Kratos during GoW III to turn his half-brother’s face into mashed potatoes.

These fists of anger have absolutely destructive power with surprisingly satisfying combos that you can use in almost any situation.

It is also the only weapon Kratos has to break the Onix, a mythical material used by some enemies in the game for shields and armor.

4. Impact rifles

One of the most unique weapons on this list is the Spartan rifle, a weapon made by Kratos before he became champion of Ares.

These highly indefinable shields and spears gain tremendous strength when held by someone like Kratos, and are among the most unique and versatile in his arsenal.

These are not only the only weapons that allow you to use a shield other than the Leviathan axe, but a spear can also be launched as a projectile to attack distant enemies.

In retrospect, this weapon is a primitive version of what the Leviathan’s axe would later prove to be perfect.

The Arms of Sparta is a PSP Ghost of Sparta exclusive and features #SpartanPride Kratos more than any other movie in the series.

3. Hoof onions

There is nothing special about Talon Arch himself, not even after he penetrated the world of Norse mythology with a multitude of mystical powers during Kratos’ journey.

But it’s not really about the arch, it’s about the property.

Atreus, son of Kratos, from his inability to hunt deer to the destruction of hordes of dark elves in just a few hours, becomes a clear advantage rather than a burden, as most video game players usually do.

He will use the bow to distract, damage and even strangle enemies to help you in battle. As with shooting magic arrows, you’ll need to solve a series of puzzles in Midgard and other areas you visit during the game.

When you see his great experience at the end of the game, you wonder if it wouldn’t be better to take a step back and let him do all the work.

2. Leviathan axis

You can throw, you can remember, you can freeze enemies with this or cut them in half with a few strokes.

Yes, the second on our list is the great Leviathan Axe.

Because the developers felt the need to shake up GoW’s proven formula for the final piece, they replaced the classic Chaos Kratos knives with a slower, grounded weapon that swapped combos for strong, short, satisfying pellets and enabled Kratos to use the shield.

This weapon is highly customizable with upgrades and equipment runs that give you a variety of special attacks.

It is also very nice to see how the axe evolves from a first rough look to something that becomes more and more refined when Brock or Sindry works on it.

It was these two dwarf brothers who did it first, with the specific purpose of fighting against Tora Mjolnir Hammer (also forged by the brothers), which makes me very curious to know what will happen in the next game of God of War.

1. Chaos Sheets

Looking back at the whole series, I must first mention the incredibly emblematic Blades of Chaos, which Kratos received as a symbol of his vow to Ares.

They are not only important as part of the game, but also as a symbol of war, anger and destruction as it unfolds.

Pressed against the flesh of Kratos, they cannot be taken from his hands. Just as his cruel deeds cannot be erased from his mind and soul.

Not only are they breathtaking, but they also have a series of fascinating movements that almost resemble a dance of death and destruction.

They did most of what made the original GoW game great by improving the hack formula and slash style, and the developers couldn’t resist including them in the final game (albeit with a series of modified moves more suited to a new game).

We can say with certainty that the god of war wouldn’t be what he is today if it weren’t for these elegant chains.

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