The Tier List here; come and argue now.

So that’s my position in the best class of the game. When I rank the class, I also give the reasons why / how the class in question is played, which makes it exceptional / terrible. My background: 700 hours of play and many games with all classes, especially the good ones.

  1. Zealots: If you die with this character: you’re doing it wrong (talents: 2, 2, 2, 2), or your team died and left you alone to be killed. falchion axe = best melee weapon in the game (probably has the highest dps of all melee weapons and 6 evasive values) At excellent opportunities to kill special offers, Bosse can also stun with a gun bracelet. I also have a special little combination of fiction and shrapnel to literally destroy the boss in 8 seconds on the plane.
  2. The shadows: Dagger of the sword: has a boss who cleans daggers and 3/4 wave who cleans swords, and has 6 diagonal sides. A crossbow has no problem with promotions, especially if you know the shape of the jet on the counter: He has an amazing chance of survival and can handle anything.
  3. an unpopular opinion: Waystalker: So it’s either an elf axe or a one-handed sword: Don’t tell the devil, but these two weapons have infinite potential for evasion, and if you understand how good it feels to avoid a distant nerd, you know why it’s good. As far as I know, this weapon does about the same amount of damage to a single target, but the sword offers a clearer approach (but you have to use loaded attacks for damage to a single target against a simple axe on the left). Hagben-Bubbock: It’s probably the most versatile weapon in the game. With the right skills you can easily turn the game, and it’s powerful. I throw power against the monster and power against the infantry like onions and charm. It allows you to make the bosses explode like a spam shadow: left click with the power pot on and roar with the bow, and let the waves erase with the ADS poison. It also surprises everyone under the boss (even whole chunks of enemies with ADS).
  4. Veteran Ranger: has a great vitality with an Ultra and supports his team with ammunition and other things. I’m waving an axe: It has an avoidance value of 6 and causes a lot of damage to a target. As far as The Wave is concerned, I’m clearly the weapon: The Furious Grader is the heart of this character; he can kill anything but Chaos Warriors (that’s why I use the Axe) and also has a range that’s surprisingly far (if something is really far away, you’ll have a hard time killing it). The most important thing you can do with thieves is stand in line; if you do it right, you can kill a whole bunch of infantry coming at you with 2 shots, piles of berserkers and piles of windmills. I throw force against the infantry and the charm that clearly makes them great for the wave. It also has a malfunction if you can hit it faster than normal by reloading it between blows, and this, combined with the force against the infantry, makes it clear like crazy (it literally hits everything in a cone in front of you, no matter how close the body is).
  5. Murderer: a duel of axes and picks. The pickaxe is the best target in the game for melee weapons (it goes through the chaos of warriors like oil). Dueling axes have amazing wave-freedom and 6 dodjams, allowing them to survive and dodge more (this applies to all characters with increased dodging abilities). You can use your Ultra on this character on 1/3 of a wave of infantry and have it on the next 1/3, then on the next 1/3, turning you into a de-mining machine. The only problem, of course, is the lack of range, which means that you can be crushed if you are attacked by shooting rats or multipurpose machine guns.
  6. Captain of the Witch-hunter: Has all the tools of a jealous player and with its ultra- and skill characteristics can do even more damage to his entire team. He falls for the Zealots, simply because he is not as immortal as the Zeloot and because he has a long CD.
  7. Craftsman: He has everything the traveler has, but no unlimited ammunition. At the best turn of the game when the taken talent leads to 35% + on your turn. It’s either a sword or the axe again. You can either take a little outing to clean the specials, or a Hagben for the reasons I mention in the Waystalker (only ammunition is a problem (bring veteran rangers)). He even has a better chance of survival than the traveler (it’s almost too much survival).
  8. The mercenaries: An amazing wave is created with the hangman’s sword and you can give your talented friends an extra attack speed. Unlike a two-handed sword, the executioner’s sword can spit good, simple damage to a target, even with a charged attack. Can remotely revitalize his teammates with talent or simply give each one a free health drink with a reduced CD every 30 seconds. You can manage special offers with a repeater and a normal pistol, or if you want to relieve the elite, take a musket. His biggest problem is his own survival. This is a problem with Cruber in general, because his highest avoidance weapon is one of his 3 avoidance weapons (avoidance is an operation because you can’t be hit during avoidance if you don’t avoid an attack on a teammate or if the avoidance was ineffective, and also, the more you can avoid, the more dps you can unlock, because you are 100% safe from damage during this time (if you don’t avoid, you have to block large groups in front of you).
  9. Pyromancer: People think it’s bad when a nerd is out of reach, but you can always shoot whole waves of fireballs in front of you, they just need to get in a better position. The fireball team is also great when it comes to destroying special offers. It is clear that a crowbar for close combat is the best weapon in Siena so far (probably the only weapon in the Siena kit that can reliably kill Chaos Warriors (you pay to win a lot)). Take level 25 talents to compensate for the inflated price, and you bake an unlimited number of rats. The problem is his survival: It is made of glass and has an escape value of 3.
  10. Hunter: You have seen that this class with rasknitt with blunderbuss (which is basically how you get the Skittergate challenge) can survive better, even with its ultra and can erase bosses like shadows. Blunderbuss with strength against monsters, fast shooting skills, and ultra with a strong pot of amazing killing bosses with it. I wanted it to be higher, but I had to give 6 or 9 love titles. cost: 3 apologies and are in glass.
  11. The Wizard of Struggle: I’m doing something cool about this: I’m switching from refrigeration to radiation with a double talent for firewalking. The radius of the rifle of the creatures on the waves immediately gives you ultra back, which means that there is more fire on the ground, which means that more things are burning (ultra in the wave towards you, and ultra back to indicate that they are going through). It means more survival, because we’re ultra-modern. Employees working with the beams can also clean special programs with the right button of the ADS mouse. Crowbar for the Chaos Wars. Contraindications: low power, and simply doesn’t have as much dps as the Pyro because it can’t clean from an overload of the Ultra (which ventilates anyway).
  12. Bounty hunters: I just have to say that I dare my bounty hunter with a crossbow back (/ scream). can be 1 warrior chaos shot with double ultra shot, or spinny gun shot, both with a passive upward. Has access to the axe / falcon. Against: has serious damage to the boss, made of glass, makes me nostalgic and then angry when I play it.
  13. Concrete beams : Maybe it should be higher, but I have no respect for tanks. Drakefire pistols, of course, have great power and are great: they can kill specialties and clean the waves pretty well. Canon Drakefar: He cleans the waves well. Could kill Chaos Warriors with an axe. Can save all his loved ones if he lifts and holds the block. Contraindications: little damage (fast and safe to make things disappear from the screen, better to dodge them than to block them to hit and kill them slowly), terrible damage for the boss, if he is alone, he will almost die, and why the shields are in the game
  14. Another tank: In a single fight she manages to kill Chaos Warriors well, especially with a crowbar. At higher charging rates, up to 60% (even greater damage), it attracts enthusiasts. I’ve put in firefighters who can literally shoot entire patrols with a right mouse click and perform special offers with the left mouse button. Opposites: she overheats too fast (literally faster than a pyro and a combat wizard when she uses her stick, which means less special killing), little escape, and her wave is clearly doubtful (it should never be a problem in the building), even if I see another person who gets blown up in an accident with this class, I put her under the foot of a knight.
  15. Foot Knight: has the initials FK, because that’s what we say when we play it, it literally does nothing, but maybe it saves people from its ultra, even from a level 25 power spike on the ultra it runs away from.

Sorry for the lack of respect for these knights on foot (but not quite).

The source: Initial reference

Message table here; now pleads for Warhammer:. Fault.

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